Social Media Spy Tools – Find Out What Your Competitors Are Doing

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Social Media Spy Tools – Find Out What Your Competitors Are Doing

Many entrepreneurs say that in the business world cooperation and competition are exclusive. Running a successful business involves knowing your competition all too well. Indeed, the truth is that it’s important to explore your environment and find out what your competitors are doing so that you can gain the upper hand. Businesses worldwide can do so by using social media spy tools.

Nowadays, spying on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn not only provides you with a great opportunity to market your business but also with a strategic place. Here, you can monitor the activity of your competitors.

Social media monitoring consists of “listening out” for any conversations relevant to your brand that are carried out on social platforms. Businesses use this technique primarily to spy on their competition. But also to measure their social media reach, connect with their customers, and learn about the latest trends. By using spy tools to see what the competition is up to, businesses can learn what advertising strategies work for their niche and adjust theirs accordingly.

In this article, we will look at some great social media spy tools that can help businesses get comprehensive insights into their competition’s social activity. Find out where they stand and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

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Best Tools for Spying on Social Media Ads

Here, we are providing you with some of the best ad spy tools for your business.



PowerAdSpy is a powerful and comprehensive ad intelligence tool that allows marketers to spy on their competitors’ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other platform ads. It is designed to analyze ads and allows users to spy on social media competitors’ ad campaigns and uncover their advertising secrets. 

Users can search through the database of more than 50,000,000 real-world ads and analyze the activity of their competitors. They can discover their weaknesses and use the newly acquired information to create comprehensive social ad campaigns.

With a vast database of ads, PowerAdSpy provides valuable insights into ad creatives, ad copy, targeting options, and more. Here are some key features of PowerAdSpy:

Ad Tracking  

PowerAdSpy goes beyond ad monitoring; it continuously tracks and analyzes ads from thousands of advertisers. This ongoing tracking provides marketers with not only real-time data on ad performance but also historical trends.

Advanced Search Filters: 

The tool for spying on social media offers advanced search filters, allowing users to fine-tune their ad searches. Marketers can filter ads based on various criteria, including keywords, advertisers, and affiliate networks. 

Ad Analytics: 

PowerAdSpy’s analytics capabilities provide an in-depth view of ad performance. This includes detailed insights into ad reach, engagement metrics, and the demographics of the audience being targeted. 

Ad Alerts: 

Keeping a vigilant eye on competitors’ actions is made easy with the ad alert feature. Marketers can set up alerts to receive notifications whenever a competitor launches a new ad or employs a specific keyword in their ads. 

Search Ads With Relevant Keywords: 

One of PowerAdSpy’s standout features is spying on social media ads with exact and highly relevant keywords. Marketers can use this feature to pinpoint ads that precisely match their criteria, ensuring they find inspiration and uncover winning ad strategies that align closely with their campaign objectives.


BigSpy is a comprehensive ad spy tool that covers a wide range of spying on social media platforms, including popular ones like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Marketers can harness its diverse features to gain insights into their competition and discover effective advertising strategies.

One of its key features is the Ad Search function, which enables users to efficiently find ads using keywords, advertisers’ names, or publishers. This streamlined process simplifies the task of locating relevant ads and campaigns.

BigSpy doesn’t stop at locating ads; it also provides detailed analytics on ad performance. It includes a wealth of metrics related to engagement, audience demographics, and estimated ad spending. Such analytics empower marketers to make data-driven decisions.


Adspy is a well-known and highly-regarded spy tool, primarily appreciated for its comprehensive coverage of spying on social media platforms and e-commerce websites. It stands out for its user-friendly interface and a wealth of features that empower marketers to effectively monitor and analyze their competitors’ advertisements.

Adspy’s scope is impressively broad, encompassing various tools for spying on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, YouTube, and more. Additionally, it caters to e-commerce sites like Shopify and WooCommerce, ensuring marketers have a 360-degree view of their competitors’ ad strategies across multiple channels. 

To streamline the process of finding relevant ads, Adspy offers robust ad filtering capabilities. Users can apply filters based on diverse parameters, including ad type, ad network, keywords, and affiliate networks, enabling them to pinpoint the most pertinent advertisements for their research.



Adplexity is a specialized spy tool tailored for monitoring mobile and desktop ad campaigns, rendering it an invaluable resource for affiliate marketers and individuals engaged in mobile advertising. This tool boasts several features that cater to the specific needs of these marketers:

Adplexity’s domain of expertise spans both mobile and desktop ad campaigns. It encompasses various mobile ad networks and desktop advertising platforms, enabling users to gain insights into a wide spectrum of ad campaigns operating across these mediums.

One of its standout features is its provision of in-depth insights. 

Adplexity equips users with comprehensive information about ad campaigns, which includes details about ad creatives, landing pages, affiliate networks, and more. This information empowers marketers to make informed decisions and enhance their advertising strategies.


Spyfu is a robust competitive intelligence tool for spying on social media that places a primary focus on both organic and paid search advertising. While its specialty lies in Google Ads Spy and SEO, it extends its utility by offering valuable insights into competitors’ strategies and keyword research. Below are some key features that make Spyfu an essential tool for marketers:

Spyfu provides comprehensive information on competitors’ Google Ads strategies. It includes valuable insights into the keywords they are bidding on, their ad copy, and a historical perspective of their advertising efforts. This data empowers marketers to refine their advertising campaigns for better results. 



Anstrex is a specialized spy tool purpose-built for native advertising campaigns, positioning it as an indispensable resource for marketers aiming to excel in this unique advertising medium. There are key features that make Anstrex a must-have tool for native advertising professionals, like comprehensive coverage of native ad networks, including prominent platforms such as Taboola, Outbrain, Revcontent, and more. This expansive reach provides marketers with invaluable insights into a spectrum of native ad campaigns, aiding in competitive analysis and strategy development. 

Users of Anstrex can gain access to ad creatives, landing pages, and ad copies employed by competitors in native advertising campaigns. By studying these elements, marketers can gain a deeper understanding of the strategies of their rivals, allowing them to refine their campaigns for greater effectiveness.


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In today’s online environment, businesses must build a complex and multifaceted online brand strategy. It also involves staying up to date with everything their competition is doing. Spying on social media is the best way to learn what other brands are up to. Choosing the right spy tool depends on your specific needs and objectives. Whether you want to spy on social media ads, search engine campaigns, mobile advertising, or native advertising, these tools provide a comprehensive suite of features to help you gain a competitive edge and craft winning marketing strategies.