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Facebook Lookalike Audiences – The Definitive Guide!

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Facebook Lookalike Audiences – The Definitive Guide!

To ascend any trade, it’s vital to fetch new faces into the sales channel utilizing prospecting ads.

These groups of onlookers that haven’t locked in with us before are known as cold traffic, rather than our Fb fans, leads, and patrons which have officially connected with us and are called warm traffic.

To choose a cool crowd to focus, there are essentially two strategies.

The first strategy is to comprehend the demographics, interest and several other parameters to target your audience.

Another option is to employ the Facebook lookalike audience, which is comparatively more efficient than the previous one.

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What do you mean by Lookalike Audience?


Facebook has provided a straightforward definition of this. Have a look!

“A lookalike audience is a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to your best existing customers.”

Thus, you give Facebook a source group of onlookers and Ads Manager will utilize all the accessible information to discover normal subjects and from this make a set of people of individuals will fundamentally the same as attributes.

While making a twin(or lookalike) you can pick the percentage, hence a 1% lookalike will specify the 1% of Fb clients in the nation that intently coordinates the source group of onlookers.

That implies you’ve immediately dispensed with the 99% that are the least perfect fit, in a split second, giving you a high performing group of onlookers to target.

I’ve got a prizewinning tip for all the Facebook users.

Interest-based Aiming vs Lookalike Audience

How accurate is interest based aiming?

In case you’d like to know, investigate what interest has been picked by Facebook for you.

Sign in to your Facebook account and go to Settings -> Ads -> Your Interests.

Take a glance on Your Interests.

You’ll come to know that some of the interests listed in the list are highly precise, while others are not even close to your preferences. Keep in mind, Facebook has been prevailing for a long time thus a ton of information may be obsolete or Ads Manager may misconceive certain cues.

Jon Loomer, a Facebook marketing coach, speaker, author, and strategist have numerous examples of this. If you’ve some time, you can consider reading the blogs written by the author and take a deep dive into this concept.

How to Create Facebook Lookalike Audience?


Do you know the best part of creating Lookalike audience on Facebook? They can be created at a blazing fast speed.

In the Business manager, tap on the Create Audience button, a drop-down menu will appear, click on the Lookalike Audience option.

On the next window, you will be asked to select a Source Audience, Location, and Audience Size. Fill all the required details and tap on the Create Audience button located at the bottom-right corner of the window.

In this window, you could also have tapped on the Show Advanced Options. Here, you can establish a vast array of the audience(1-6) at once. It’s completely free! So, use this feature of Facebook to the fullest and generate more lookalike audiences for your forthcoming advertising campaigns.

Add-on Tip

When we provide our Source Audience to Facebook, by what criteria it determines which group of individuals are a perfect match?

There is no absolute answer to this, but researchers have found that there are a number of factors responsible for this. Check it out!

  • Interests
  • User demeanor on Facebook.
  • User data updated on the platform.
  • The sort of pages liked and ad clicked
  • Pixel statistics

Apart from this, several other details of people are also utilized including likes, shares, comments videos watched, demographics etc.

More, over you can also use various Facebook ad spy tools like PowerAdSpy to spy on the audiences of your competitors. PowerAdSpy lets you have  closer look at your competitor’s Facebook ads along with their audience analytics in its mind-blowing dashboard.


Value-based Lookalike Audiences

All of you may be aware of this term, but hold on! There’s an update on this which is incredible and better than the conventional one.


Well, it is in reliance on the information extracted by the purchase pixel stats.

Events are seized and modernized online.

Firstly, the events are selected and the relevant data are conveyed. The frequency of the events is also considered so as to generate a precise range of consumers.

Customer value helps the system to locate an audience that is fairly similar to your high-value patrons.

This new version of finding value-based lookalikes customers are better than the usual one due to the following key points-

  • The novelty of data is considered.
  • The best and worst of your customers are split out.
  • Another prominent factor that is analyzed is the Frequency of acquisitions.

Formerly, we could only generate the lookalike audience based on either recency, value or frequency. Now, better results could be expected as all three factors are taken into consideration. Therefore, eCommerce store proprietors are recommended to utilize this tactic.

Initial steps to a new Fb advertising Account

In case you’re simply beginning with a fresh account there’s a strong probability that you do not have the desired 100 purchases, and also 1,000 website visitors.

Consequently, begin from the lowest section of the funnel and provide the system with a superior source audience as you step up.

If your brand is a certified one, but you haven’t done eCommerce of the site, you can utilize your Facebook leads or fans as the source audience.

What are the benefits of lookalike audiences?

I would love to share my personal experience. One of my very good companions was running an eCommerce store of jewelry. He thought of investing in Facebook advertising. Unfortunately, this technique doesn’t work well for him before I began to work with them.

All I did was to get the Facebook pixels installed on their website and generated lookalike audiences.

The outcomes were terrific. The ROI was increased by a number of times and improved the productivity of our business.

  • Finds future clients faster

Facebook has an enormous volume of data that are reported by the users themselves. There are millions of active users on Facebook and so it could be a wondrous platform to know your audience better.

This data can be utilized to find a group of onlookers that are similar to the existing ones in terms of interests, demographics, and traits. You can expect better conversions from the resulting audience.

  • Saves money and time

The lookalike audiences work great as a huge wealth of Facebook data is leveraged by means of artificial intelligence. AI does analyzes and computation faster than humans, thereby saving your precious time and money. When you attempt to do these tasks on your own, there is a scope of error. While AI always returns accurate results! This ensures less manual labor and more remunerations.

  • Gets savvier and powerful with iterations

Page fans indicate engagement and prospect list displays earlier purchases. However, the purchase intent could only be known by contemplating website traffic.

Facebook pixel is one of the keystones of triumph in Facebook marketing and that’s what lookalike utilizes.

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Summing up

Previously, creating cold traffic on a website was believed to be an extremely complex task. People were scrutinized on the basis of age, location, gender, interests, and similar other demographics.

Now, better outcomes could be hoped of with Facebook lookalike audiences. You can create this in no time and enjoy the benefits as it gets updated constantly.

There are some downsides also associated with lookalike audiences. The most prominent one being the inability of Facebook to understand a product or a business, all it understands is the comprehensive data it obtains.

On the whole, business organizations are highly satisfied with this strategy. You can utilize the time you’ve saved on performing other crucial aspects of Facebook advertising.