Facebook Affiliate Marketing: How To Use Facebook Ads For Affiliate Marketing

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Facebook Affiliate Marketing: How To Use Facebook Ads For Affiliate Marketing

With more than 2 billion monthly active users (MAUs), a robust ad platform, and a domain rating of 100 in Ahrefs, Facebook ads for affiliate marketing are the first choice of every marketer.

Despite the recent iOS update, Facebook will remain to be an effective marketing tool for marketers. If you know how to use Facebook to your advantage, understand market trends, and forecast what’s next, you can still reap huge success.

Facebook is the world’s biggest website, and has multiple profiles, areas, pages, groups, etc., to promote services and products in front of a large customer base. Additionally, you can partner and build a sustainable business online, followed by Facebook affiliate marketing to expand your business.

Through affiliate marketing, Facebook is changing the way people buy products & services. For an extensive reach in the market, you don’t have to look much further than Facebook itself ( one of the most visited websites).

It allows users to interact with you, see your posts & updates, comment, like, and share the posts. More a post is seen, you get genuine interaction which is very good for the Facebook algorithm.

And we are very well aware that a well-crafted post, ad, and updates automatically result in profitable affiliate sales!

For beginners in affiliate marketing- it is a strategy to promote other products on your website and earn a commission when someone buys that product through your affiliate link.


It is a very popular business model among marketers to earn money by earning commissions through promoting a product on your website.

What is Facebook Affiliate Marketing?

Facebook ads for affiliate marketing allow advertisers to leverage the power of Facebook to drive more traffic to an external website besides their own Facebook page. It is a fantastic way to promote your product and boost income through organic traffic from search engines.

Although scaling Facebook ads for affiliate marketing to a full-time income takes several years, you need to start building up your niche among billions of people using Facebook and make the best use of a built-in audience of 2.7 billion people to market your product.

How to do Affiliate Marketing On Facebook(Facebook Affiliate Marketing)

Representing your affiliate marketing on Facebook is equally necessary to get access to targeting tools. The visibility that a Facebook Page or Group creates for your affiliate business is unmatchable.

It’s easy to reach the target audience through the largest social network worldwide, where billions of people scroll through your Facebook feeds monthly, providing decent organic traffic.

Affiliate marketing is all about trust, and Facebook allows building brand credibility through its free tool. It helps you identify target customers who would like to hear about your products and provides a platform for your referrals to interact with you and each other.

Here are some small tactics to grow on Facebook that may pay off big-

  • Post regularly (ideally, 1-2x per day)
  • Engage with your customers through comments, likes, and shares.
  • Provide value as a trusted advisor
  • Share others’ content.

Roadmap to Success through Facebook Ads for Affiliate Marketing

1. Create a Facebook Page

To start your Facebook ads for affiliate marketing, start by creating a Facebook page. There are some main differences between a profile page on Facebook and a business page- a business Facebook page is more like your website page.

Your business’s Facebook home page contains all the details of your business – name, address, phone number, description, and email. Also, there is the main feed where you can share the content, posts, videos, and pictures with your users.

Other Page sections are Reviews, Jobs, Events, and Insights.

Get familiar with your Business page by spending some time daily and understand how it works to your benefit in Facebook affiliate marketing. Start exploring menu options and other page settings for complete understanding.

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2. Build a Facebook Group

To avoid spammy practices, create a Facebook group for your business, where you can build a community with trusted people. You can use this group to share events, and launches and to promote your products through blogs, videos, contests, etc.

In addition to stopping spamming practices, it will boost your sales and organic reach as well. Having your own Facebook group is a cost-effective natural way to grow through Facebook affiliate marketing.

Facebook Group Tips for the Experts-

By creating your Facebook Group private and adding a few questions to answer for users before they join, you can include a field to enter their email addresses and build your affiliate email marketing list effortlessly.

Here are a few more Facebook Group tips for Facebook Affiliate Marketing

  • Go live once in a while-

You can go live once or twice a week or month as per your campaign to drive huge engagement and share some tips with the group.

This simple interaction can do wonders for brand building and can connect you at an emotional level with your audiences.

And you don’t have to discuss business, have a normal conversation.

  • Restrict promotions to once per week-

Constant sales pitches could alienate people and damage your brand, so decide one day per week when other people can do their pitches to sell to the community you built with your sincere efforts.

Besides these tips, you must engage with your community regularly, vary the content (through attractive pictures, videos, and shorter effective posts) on Facebook groups, and make an effort to discover what your audience loves to comment on and read for better success in Facebook affiliate marketing.

3. Run Facebook Ads


You need a Facebook Business Page and an ad account to run ads on Facebook. After fulfilling these two requisites, you can set up your first ad through Facebook Ad Manager.

You can always modify your strategy according to affiliate marketing goals by gathering enough data to analyze target groups, and keywords performed through analytics tools like PowerAdSpy.

If you need only sales, narrow targeting is the way, but for wider reach, expand your goals and adjust your campaigns.

PowerAdSpy extension can help you find successful Facebook ads by providing insights and progress on your competitors’ ads to gain success in Facebook affiliate marketing(Refer to the image below)


Calculate the progress of your competitor create better ads resonating with your clients’ requirements and publicize your business at a lesser price to gain an upper hand.


How does PowerAdSpy Extension Work?

Open your Facebook profile on Chrome to activate the PowerAdSpy Chrome extension, and it will show you all ads on your NewsFeed, ad insights, and publishers’ ad history.

Is the PowerAdSpy extension easy to Use?

As soon as you Install, it automatically gets added to your browser making sure that you will be running in seconds. Just click on the PowerAdSpy icon in your browser and turn it ON to get the best suggestions.

Request a free personalized demo today!

4. Use Split Testing

Split testing is a method to find the perfect combination of headline, copy, and creativity for your ad. For running a split test, there are many methods, but we are telling you about A/B Testing.

A/B Testing

Log into your Facebook Ad Manager and select the campaign you want to test by clicking the ‘A/B Test’ button. You can choose how to compare separate or duplicate campaigns by filling in the information.

You can choose how Facebook will determine the winner. Once you have the results, you should know which ads are working well and which are not working.

5. Maximize Post Success

Always consider what kind of content your connections want to see on the Facebook Group page and create a content calendar so that you can plan your posts. Pay special attention to popular formats such as visual content like images, graphics, and videos is the way to gain success and engagement.

For consistency in your output, prepare your content in advance and schedule it for posting at specific times by publishing the tools tab in Facebook’s page setting or using a scheduling tool like Socinator that lets you auto-publish and schedule your posts on multiple networks at once.

Post Success Tips for the Experts

To gain organic traction after posting on Facebook, you can use the ‘Boost post’ button that appears at the bottom of your post after publishing.

The idea is to boost the post for more people to see after publishing, but this is not always very effective, so focus on a more targeted campaign to increase the reach through Ads Manager.

Ads Manager allows you to customize the audience by selecting the demographics and where and when the ads will appear. It lets you refine your ad process and audience very effectively for affiliate marketing on Facebook.

Advanced Tip- Use the post itself as an ad! Yes, that’s right.

While creating an ad, Facebook will provide the option to post from your page, find the ID number from that post and put it into your Facebook Ads dashboard, and use it as an advertisement.

This is a great way to increase post visibility & engagement in a targeted way!

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Best Practices to Generate Leads Through Facebook Affiliate Marketing


1. Promote Blogs

Writing blogs and promoting them is the best practice to grow your affiliate marketing on Facebook. Pick the best posts with the most leads on your website and share them on Facebook.

It will help attract more readers to your page. Always add CTA to your posts, encouraging readers to comment, share, and like.

2. Publish Videos

Videos are considered one of the best Facebook affiliate marketing practices to generate leads and convey critical information in a fun way. Although it takes more effort to create a video than a blog, it captures the user’s attention as no other medium does.

Always try to make videos with subtitles as many people will be watching your videos without sound.

3. Pin your Most Popular Post

Facebook allows pinning your posts to the top of your page, use this to draw more attention to your content. Try pinning your best posts and see how you can boost their performance even more.

4. Run a Contest

One of the best practices for Facebook affiliate marketing is to grow trust with your audience and engage in some fun activities or contests. You can create a separate landing page for the contest with terms and conditions and details about rewards on your affiliate website.

You can publish your posts on Facebook promoting your affiliate marketing contest with descriptions and links to your landing page.

5. Add Affiliate Disclosure

Any post promoting a product on the Facebook page must have an affiliate disclosure stating you may receive a commission from any purchases through your links.

These affiliate disclosures must be visible and placed close to affiliate links, failure to comply with disclosure regulations may have legal consequences.

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Affiliate Marketing for Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a great platform to promote your products and services but take the time to study every program and find the best option for your business.

Sharing below a list of top verticals in no particular order for Facebook that increase your success chances and help you earn big.

Liquid Web


Liquid Web(Facebook affiliate marketing)offers an affiliate program that can be promoted through Facebook. Its cookies last 90 days, providing affiliates with a long conversion window; payout minimums stand at $150, and affiliates can also make up to $7000 from one conversion depending on the product they promote.



Besides being a leading online educational platform, Udemy provides a 20% commission for affiliates. The conversion window is 7 days, but the popularity of the vertical makes it easy to convert.



PowerAdSpy’s affiliate program is for everyone and offers real-time conversion tracking with free registration. Here you can convert your visitors, readers, and mailing lists into your income.

Also, you don’t need to possess any special skills to earn money from PowerAdSpy- share your link on your website, blog, emails, or social media.

Build a residual income with this affiliate model. When someone clicks your affiliate link, they get tracked, and you will earn for the life cycle of the customers.

The main features of this Affiliate Model for Facebook Affiliate Marketing

  • 30% revenue share for the life cycle of the customers.
  • Recurring commissions, not just initial purchases.
  • Easy withdrawal process to get your cash.
  • Monitor clicks, conversions, and your payout with an intuitive dashboard.



Amazon lets you monetize traffic from your site as well as Facebook affiliate marketing without difficulties.  Undoubtedly, they have one of the most well-known affiliate programs in the market.

Amazon rewards marketers with a basic 10% commission on all types of products.



Alienware is amongst the leaders in the industry that offer the best affiliate programs. Its affiliate programs are available through various networks, and the company sets a commission of around 6%.

The company sells gaming computers of superior quality.



Despite Netflix and Disney+ ruling the game, Hulu remains the single best streaming affiliate program advertised on Facebook. (Facebook affiliate marketing)

Affiliates can take advantage of Hulu’s affiliate program and get as much as $10 per new sign-up.



UnbeatableSale has emerged as the one-stop destination for affiliates looking for great electronics offers. They offer commission payouts between 10% and 12%, a 90-day conversion window, and regular new offers.

Key Points to Take Care of Before Choosing an Affiliate Marketing For Facebook Advertising

  • Evaluate your options, and consider your requirements before choosing one, as all affiliates are different- what works for one may not be suitable for another.
  • Take a gradual approach- test out one program and then the next if you don’t get the desired outcome.
  •  Don’t rush into an affiliate program just because some of its verticals perform very well test as per your specific requirement.
  • Ensure that the offer allows promotion through social media, as it may change depending on each advertiser.

How PowerAdSpy Help you Earn Passive Income through Affiliate Program for Everyone?


PowerAdSpy is an influential online Facebook ads tool that allows you to locate the best advertisements running on Facebook! As the name suggests, it spies on the Facebook ads of your competitors and empowers you with the winning ad for your business.

It is a smart, powerful social ads advertising analytics tool that can improve your content creation experience for social ads and advertising campaigns by finding hidden niches & lucrative opportunities.

PowerAdSpy is the only tool offering the Advanced Search and Filtering option to help you search relevant ads. Also, you can use these ads according to your niche to create your Facebook Ads for affiliate marketing by using all of your competitor’s ads data insights to build your unique brand statement, totally different from others.


How PowerAdSpy Works in 3 Easy Steps on Facebook Ads for Affiliate Marketing

  1. Target Audience
  2. View Results
  3. Copy & Implement

PowerAdSpy Features

  1. Filter by Ad positions
  2. Complete Visibility
  3. Data of millions of ads from 15+ countries
  4. Narrow down searches
  5. Bookmark the Best Ads
  6. Powerful Search Algorithm
  7. Engagement Oriented Details
  8. Combination of Videos & Image ads
  9. GEO-Targeted
  10. Call to Action Based Sorting

Some of the Key Products of Poweradspy are-

  • Google PPC Spy tool
  • Native SPY Tool
  • YouTube ads Spy Tool
  • Mailgaze

Furthermore, you can search Shopify ads of your competitors and search ads with relevant and exact keywords.



Start building your residual income today through PowerAdSpy’s powerful affiliates that give you real-time conversion tracking through its intuitive dashboard.




Final Words

  • If looking to gain success with Facebook ads for affiliate marketing, it is all about creating value for your visitors. You need to put customers on priority to build trust and then grow your affiliate marketing.
  • Facebook being the leading social media platform for affiliate marketers, offers many ways to grow your affiliate marketing, but never forget to complement your marketing on other channels as well.
  • Always test a few affiliate programs for your business as per your needs and invest time and patience to have an edge in Facebook affiliate marketing.
  • If you work with an analytics tool like- PowerAdSpy- it is even simpler to earn passive income through affiliate marketing.

We tried sharing a complete guide on Facebook ads for affiliate marketing to achieve more success in your affiliate future.

For more information on PowerAdSpy, click here- and Share your views on Facebook affiliate marketing in the comment section below!