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The Untapped Marketing Power of Facebook Emojis

No doubt, the picture is worth a thousand words, but have you ever been influenced by emojis that deliver the same level of emotion that a single picture does? 

Well, of course, You would have. Emojis have a place on different marketing platforms regardless of age or interests of your audience, whether they are young and into the newest Interest Facebook trends or prefer a more conventional approach.

Have you ever wondered why a few words can not capture the essence of a brand as an emoji can? Well! Emojis are prominent tools that help your brand’s messages stick with your audience. It makes your messages memorable and hits your audience in a more fun way. 

They are good at conveying the proper emotion to a flat and lifeless message. It is no surprise that corporations have jumped on the emoji rollercoaster and are using Facebook emojis in their marketing campaigns.

Because many people are staying indoors during the current coronavirus pandemic, Facebook has become a convenient way for individuals to check in with their friends, family, and neighbors. And needless to say, Facebook is just perfect for marketing. 

With that stated, companies should use Facebook emojis if there is a genuine marketing benefit in doing so. When it comes to expanding your Facebook reach, every little bit counts.

So, here I am with this blog that will help you cast a secret spell of Facebook emojis in your marketing campaign to get your engagement right.

So, are we ready? Helllll YEahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! 

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Why use Facebook emojis in marketing?

Before we get into the crux of the situation, let us look at the Emoji marketing stats. 

  • Emojis in Facebook posts get 57 percent more likes, while 33 percent get more shares and comments. 
  • Every day, Facebook users send about a billion emojis
  • The use of emojis on Facebook increases reach by 48 percent.
  • In over half a million posts, Facebook post emojis were a common factor in predicting social status and influence.
  • According to a survey, 51% of Facebook users indicated they are more inclined to interact with a brand’s posts if they contain emojis.

Now that we have the facts- let us understand how emoji marketing has led to a rise in engagement. Always remember, if you are in the marketing business, you should take every element of Facebook into account for better exposure to your brand. So even a simple question pops up like, why and how to use emojis on Facebook comments- consider it, because each effort counts regardless of its contribution percentage.

Readers respond differently to a regular text message versus an emoji message. Emojis may convey the correct purpose and tone, which might not be apparent in a text message.

Here is a picture of what emojis can serve you a great deal.


Ah voilà, you now understand that emojis bring emotional content to digital interactions. Continue reading to know more about how Facebook emojis are effective for marketing and increasing engagement.

Humanizes Your Brand

It is always a give-and-take relationship with your customers. They get your product, entrust your brand, and are most likely to recommend you to others and turn into potential customers. 

Emojis may personalize your brand by adding a human touch to your messaging. It may give your brand an extra layer of personality and relatability. In simpler words, it adds a rich flavor of youthful vibe. 

Workaround cultural barriers: 

People have embraced emojis for a long time, and they have become a part of our contemporary culture.

We all share the same emotions expressed by emojis, making them a universal language. Your messages or advertisements are therefore more likely to be understood by a distinct audience.

It can reach those audiences who do not understand the textual language you used while writing them completely. But, with the help of emojis, they can grasp a bit of your writing.

Better engagement With your audience


There is something about emojis that keeps the audience or viewers hooked up. They stand out despite all odds, have a pleasant aspect, and have a firm presence amid the text posts.

With that said, let me ask you a question. Why do people use emojis while communicating with their friends and families? 

The solution to this question does not even require a second of your time to think about- Emojis are popular because they are entertaining and engaging. When utilized appropriately, emojis may give your business a significant boost in engagement.

06 Dos and Don’ts of Using Facebook Emojis


Research the most used Emoji 


The only way you can ascend into the hearts of your customers is by understanding them. What emojis your target audience uses online and how they use them is essential to know. Would your consumers accept or even comprehend emojis? Answer these questions if you want to win over your audience. 

Furthermore, leverage software that can help you identify the most used emojis by your target audience. Also, make sure to look at the other side if there is any potential misinterpretation before uniting the emojis into your posts or message. 

PowerAdSpy, out of all the tools, stands out as one of the most amazing tools with tons of features in hand. With millions of ads, you can search for ads of a particular type. 

The fun part is you can even search the ad by emojis. It offers you a clear picture of what will and will not work. PowerAdSpy can also assist you in strategizing your emoji choices for Facebook advertising. Here is how you can search for ads with Emojis.

1- Login to your PowerAdSpy Dashboard using your login credentials.

2- You will see a PowerAdSpy dashboard with the top-performing ads on the screen. 


3- On the left side of the screen, you can see different ad networks- Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit, Pinterest, and many more.


4- Suppose you choose Facebook. You will see top-performing ads on Facebook on the screen.

5- Furthermore, You can search relevant ads of your competitors through Emojis by going to the search box that you can find on the top of the dashboard screen.


6- Click on Show Analytics to analyze the ads and examine how you can use Facebook Emojis at their best.

That’s it! You will now get the best of all ad campaigns in just a few clicks.

Use Sensible Facebook Emojis for Your Product

So your brand voice and market have room for Facebook emojis. But as we already know, emojis are a visual form of communication that has to resonate with the voice of your brand.

Saying that Just because your brand utilizes emojis does not mean you have to use them all of the time – and when you do, they should be appropriate for the product you are selling. The reason is simple- emojis may appear to be nothing more than charming tiny yellow smiling faces, yet they pack quite a punch!

Therefore, by using the wrong emojis for Facebook ads, you will most likely screw up the tone of your brand’s message.

Do Split Test Using Emojis in Ads 

Without moving any further, do emojis even make sense for the area in which you work? If your answer is yes, Then select where and how often you will use them! 

Furthermore, there are times when the emojis do complete justice for your brand, messaging, audience, and product. However, that also brings us to the fact that you should not go emoji-mad without doing the test work. 

Testing your posts with and without emojis on Facebook is just as essential as your reach on Facebook. The idea here is to test emojis for different segments based on age groups and many other factors. 

Data-driven approach

As I already mentioned, PowerAdSpy is a prominent tool for analyzing the success of your emoticons. This tool offers you a detailed and complete analysis of the terms you use in your advertising.

In addition, it provides a list of the top-performing advertisements, allowing you to not only learn about their methods but also determine where they went wrong in their execution.


Overuse emojis

Too much of a good thing can lead to irritation among your target audience. And when it comes to Facebook emojis, less is always more. When you add emojis to Facebook ads or posts, make sure you are not over-stuffing them with emojis. 

Emojis in Facebook advertisements come with a cryptic riddle that only a select few marketers have been able to crack yet. Quashing the headline of your Facebook advertisements with a small quantity of emojis is one way to solve that problem.

Because too many emojis will not only distort the messages but will also make them seem annoying and spammy. On top of that, it can further diminish your brand impression. 

Following The Crowd

It’s pointless to add emojis if other major businesses are already doing it. As I previously stated, understand if there is a need for an emoji for your brand and message. If you just decide to follow the herd, it will not take you much longer.

Furthermore, it won’t hurt you to add a bit of emojis in your Ads, But you just need to make sure that your whole message does not consist only of emojis.

In fact, according to our data, the right emoji may boost your Facebook ad conversions by up to 50%, but if overdone, it can cost you more damage than you can not even imagine.

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What’s Next?

Emojis have always been a fun way of communication, adding a fun tone to any story or picture. However, their current surge in popularity among consumers and advertisers is very recent.

The good news is that you still have time to be a trailblazer and utilize Facebook emojis before they become too popular to be effective.

However, make sure you analyze your advertisements’ effectiveness with and without emojis to perform better in your niche. 

PowerAdSpy is the ideal solution for you to analyze your emoji use and make data-driven decisions. Connect your ad account to PowerAdspy and check for yourself if emojis are effective for you. This tool can help you create marketing strategies for holidays, festive seasons, or major events.

So, ending up with my favorite emoji ❤️. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and learned something new. Feel free to leave a remark if you have any recommendations. Your feedback is much appreciated.