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Facebook Ad Costs: 7 Tips To Reduce CPC

Have you ever tried advertising on Facebook? If yes, then you can understand- How much you should be investing in your Facebook ad campaign?

If you are not careful enough, then there is a huge possibility that the CPC of your Facebook ads will grow and it will leave you with a few conversions only.

The fact of the matter is that multiple factors can have an impact on your Facebook ad costs.

Based on the various criteria like target audience, ad placement, optimization, aesthetics, scheduling, and how often people use to check your ads, which can affect the CPC for your Facebook marketing. Which means that you can also manipulate these factors into your advantage. 

Do you want to know how you could be able to turn these things in your favour? 

Here are shown some tips which can help you to reduce CPC on your Facebook ads. That way, you could be able to get more views and clicks on your ads without investing more.

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Tips to Lower Your Facebook Ad Costs:

Be More Specific With Your Target Audience:

By zeroing in your Facebook audience, you could be able to control the growth of your advertising budget. It also makes sense since people can be on the different stages of your marketing funnel. In such a case, it is better to target those people who are in your reach and can be easily convertible into potential customers.


Narrowing the targeted audience input in your sales funnel can help you to increase close rates. That way, you could be able to craft ad elements that would be more amusing to your audience. And it would help you to get more click-throughs and conversion from your Facebook ads.

Try Multiple Ad Campaign on Facebook

If you are running more than one ad campaign on Facebook, then you can run split testing (A/B testing) on your ads. That will help you to find out about what is trending content on Facebook. 


By comparing two ads with similar texts and CTA- Using a split test, you can find the ad which is performing better and getting more clicks.

Come With a Fresh Content

Your audience would get bored by viewing similar content on your ads. As time passes by, your audience would lose their interest in your ads, and you won’t be getting enough click-throughs. For retaining the impact of your ad, you need to spend more money.


The only solution for that is to bring fresh content to your audience. With new and trendy content, you could be able to attract more audience to your Facebook ads.

Are you facing difficulty in finding trending and highly engaging content for your ads?

If yes, then you can make use of one of the best Facebook ad-intelligence tools- PowerAdSpy. Using which you can analyse your competitor’s ads. Based on that, you can make changes to bring more engagement to your adverts.

What is PowerAdSpy?

PowerAdSpy is Facebook Ad Intelligence tool using which you can find and analyse your competitor’s adverts on Facebook. It has a massive database which contains more than 5 million ads from more than 15 countries across the world.

Why Should You Use PowerAdSpy?

In the marketing world, if you want to succeed, then you need to be updated about trendiest things. Otherwise, your competitors would make you outrun from the market. To catch up with your competitors, you need an ad intelligence tool using which you can analyse your competitors.

PowerAdSpy is a Facebook ad-Intelligence tool using which you find competitor’s ads which are trending in the market. That way, you can work on your marketing strategies and enhance it to create more sales opportunities for your business.

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Special Features of PowerAdSpy

Advanced Search and Filtering

This tool helps you to filter out the ads based on the keywords, gender, age and ad position also. You can check ads of your competitors in the news feed or sidebars location which can get better visibility to your Facebook ads.

Complete Visibility

It gives you the clear visibility of ad analytics of your competitors. As it has a feature which let you directly visit the live ad posts. From there, you can cross-check the real-time engagement and views on your competitor’s ads.


Huge Database

This tool has an immense database which millions of ads from more than 15 countries and it is still growing more and more.

Bookmarking Option

You can also bookmark some of the best Facebook ads having the same niche as yours. That way, you can analyse such ads, and work on your ad strategy to improve your performance.

Powerful Search Algorithm

It has a very advanced search algorithm which lets you target specific phrases, keywords or text in adverts. You can also categories your search results based on date, views, likes, shares and comments to find the best performing ads on Facebook.

Engagement Oriented Details

This tool also lets you check the engagement details of the best performing ads on facebook. That way, you could be able to find out ads in your niche, which has the most engagement.


You can also use this tool to search for ads based on the geographic locations where you want to target your business. It will help you to determine the audience which might be interested in your brand products/services.

Search for Call to Action

This tool will also let you find out the best performing Call to Action working on the same niche as yours.

Get Started With PowerAdSpy

Set Up Facebook Pixels

There is one thing which you shouldn’t forget to implement on your Facebook ad campaign, i.e. Facebook Pixels. It can help you to get a better understanding of the audiences’ activities on your webpage.

It is a code which allows you to track the activities of the visitors on your website. For example, suppose someone visits your website and select some products to put in the cart, but in the end, couldn’t purchase because of some reason. In such a situation, you could be able to track the information of that person while you can retarget such an audience to invest in your brand products. 


To start with Facebook Pixel, go to the Facebook event manager. There you will find an option pixel. It will ask you to name your pixel and your website URL. After creating that pixel, you just need to install that code into your website.

Make Use of Video Ads

Compare to still adverts video ads could help you to get more engagement on Facebook. Based on the recent analysis, more than 70% of people are interested in viewing online videos rather than watching still ads. 

We know that Facebook is a platform which contains a lot of information, and its audience is also growing its tendency to consume that information faster.

In such a scenario, by giving priority to video content, you could be able to bring more clicks and engagement on your adverts. It could also help you to reduce CPC.

Best Time To Leverage Facebook ads

Do you know how you could be able to gain more engagement on your Facebook ads?

The best solution is to schedule your ads. So that you could be able to run ads when most of your audiences are active on Facebook. While you can post ads on weekdays when Facebook users will be more likely to see your content.


You can also check the engagement of the audience in your ads using Facebook insights. It will help you to learn about the date and time when you could have better engagement. That way, you can schedule your adverts to leverage better from Facebook ads. 

Retarget Warm Audience

By retargeting adverts to warm audience, you could be able to generate hot leads for your business. Warm audience refers to the people who have been interacting with your brand in some way or another. Perhaps, they:

  • Subscribed on your website page.
  • Are interested in offers on your brand products.
  • Wants to try your products.
  • Have seen your video ads on Facebook.
  • Liked the Facebook fan page of your brand.


These people already have some interest in your brands. You just need to give them a little push which can help you to get more hot leads and sales opportunities for your business.


In a nutshell, I would like to conclude this article that by reducing the cost per clicks of your Facebook ads, you could be able to enhance the engagement on your content. By following the above-shown tips, you could be able to target the right content to the right audience at the right time.

If you have more suggestions regarding this subject, then you can share thoughts in the comment section given below.

I am looking forward to hearing your replies soon.

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