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How To Create Perfect Facebook Ads Frequency In Minutes

Facebook Ads frequency refers to the number of times the advertisement of a brand shows up in the news feeds of a user. The ad frequency helps the company calculate its engagement with the audience. It also shows how relevant the ad campaigns are because these ads also get placed in the news feeds of […]


Facebook Retargeting: Best practices for 2024

Facebook retargeting enables marketers to connect with users who visited their website but left without initiating a purchase. Facebook displays relevant company advertisements in the news feeds of users who share similar interests or visit similar websites. Retargeting helps marketers increase engagement by delivering notifications and ads to users’ news feeds, redirecting them to the […]


Facebook For Business: 8 Marketing Tools You Must Know About

There is no doubt that Facebook is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. But just because of its reputation, you can’t assume to have an easy start. There are so many business and marketing features that Facebook offers you may not even know where to begin. To harness the power of Facebook for business, you must […]

Amazing Facebook AR Ads To Try Out Now

Have you heard of augmented reality? Well, who hasn’t? Augmented reality has become a powerful word in the world of technology. It is because the use of AR in the technological field is widespread. Till now, we were only aware that AR gets used in the field of entertainment and gaming. Hit The Play Button To Listen […]

07 Ultimate Strategies For Mobile Advertising Campaigns This Diwali Season

mobile advertising… makes it so feasible to target your customers… various ways to personalize your advertising campaigns…