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Facebook Intelligent Search: 09 Tips And Tricks

Facebook is the most popular social media that gives people the strength to build community and bring the world close together. Millions of people use Facebook every day, and more than 3 billion people around the world empower their products to share ideas, offer support, and make a difference. More than 1 billion stories and […]


The Complete Guide To Native Ad Networks

Native ad networks are a type of paid advertising network that provides the same feel as a standard advertisement. Yet it is not exactly like the typical advertisements that you see. It generally gets posted on social media platforms and the content of the websites. It is different because it does not pop up or […]

05 Things I Wish I Knew About In-page Push Notifications

The ad format of push notifications is rocking the boat since its release, a few years ago. Many advertisers all across the world stated that these push ads would not last for a long time, especially from the time when Google proclaimed the use of ad blockers and pulled down the apps that push ads […]


How Facebook Marketplace Categories Help You Stand Out?

The marketplace is a space where customers can discover new products of their interest and initiate a purchase. It also facilitates customers to sell their products as well. So basically, the customer can both ways sell and buy new products. The online marketplace provides the same facilities on a social media platform or particular websites. […]


YouTube Ads Spy: The Definitive Guide To YouTube Marketing

In terms of marketing, video content is emerging as the next big thing. In fact, many of the marketers have realized the power of video marketing to bring more success to their business. Being a social media marketer, you can’t overlook the influence of YouTube. As you may also know that YouTube is the second […]