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Best Facebook Ads with Examples

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Best Facebook Ads with Examples

e Facebook advertising has proven quite effective for many brands and businesses that use the social platform for online marketing. But there is no surprise. At this point, Facebook’s user base is larger than the population of China. Competition is fierce for users’ attention, though, so it’s crucial to learn how to create some of the best Facebook ads and stand out from the crowd.

What any business can do to improve their advertising strategy is to learn from the best. Just observing what works for others and finding inspiration in their adverts is a good way to learn some tips.

Below you can find the top qualities of the best Facebook ads, together with examples to illustrate them. The examples we picked for this article will give you some helpful tips that you can use to create Facebook ads that feel at home in the users’ newsfeed and to increase the profitability of your business.

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#1 Use Appealing And Communicative Images


The image you choose for your ad is hugely important. A good image will make the difference between failure and success. That’s because around 5,000 images are shared every second on Facebook. The quality of your picture is paramount to the success of your ad.

Use high-quality, colorful images to grab people’s attention. Be bold and don’t shy away from choosing bright colors and high contrast. These are the properties that will catch the eye.

Given that good images can increase an ad’s visibility by 94% and the click-through rate by 80%, we would say that it’s worth taking your time to prepare or choose the best image for your ad. Also, make sure that you follow the recommendations in terms of size and quality for the pictures you are working with.

Take Slack’s Facebook ad below as an example. It’s colorful, it’s imaginative, it’s playful and makes you want to fly on a cloud too. It does a great job at visually illustrating what it feels like to sit in fewer meetings thanks to the communications platform Slack.

#2 Informative Headlines


Headlines play a very important role in creating the best Facebook ads. They give people the information they need about your offers. Without headlines, people who view your ads will not read or listen to what you have to say and won’t respond to your call to action.

It seems that using ready-made templates is the best idea for creating headlines. Take, for instance, this ad from Word Stream. They are clearly advertising a tool to an audience that is already familiar with it. A simple and direct message is the ideal approach – “Get a Free Now”.

#3 Use Action Verbs


Google’s ad below is a great example of a successful ad from various points of view: the image, the headline, the call-to-action, and more. But what stands out and makes a cleverly-designed ad is the use of simple yet active verbs that incite to action. Verbs like “start,” “get,” “build,” “sign up” combined with aspirational language are very effective at creating excitement about the product – Google’s cloud computing platform.

Also, the focus on the financial incentives makes viewers interested in the product advertised to want to try it out.

#4 Include Evidence Of Social Proof


Another tip for creating the best Facebook ads out there is to include other people’s testimony about the product. Usually, if a user’s peers like a product, they will be more prone to trying it out. This means that showing people using your product instead of just the product itself in the ad image or video will be proof enough that existing customers are pleased with it. This basically builds trust and confidence.

Moreover, take into account that Facebook ads are usually showcased in people’s newsfeed right next to posts from their family and friends. They tend to post a lot of pictures with people’s faces. That is why it’s important to create ads that don’t actually look or feel like ads, but rather like a familiar part of their social life.

Take a look at Sunnyside Bar’s ad below. It could easily be mistaken for a regular post from your friends. The ad just shows a group of women sitting at a table, chatting and enjoying an ice cream. It could be you with your group of friends.

#5 Great Value Proposition


Create Facebook ads copy with your customers in mind. Think about their needs and problems. Highlight how your product or service can uniquely solve their pain point.

Be straight-forward with what you are offering, like in the example below. Focus on the benefit your product will bring and the value the customer will get. Handmade Seller Magazine highlights the value proposition in the headline and clearly states what you’ll get with the September issue. It instantly reveals the value with the numbers used and promises much more.

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#6 Decide Whether You Want To Be Mysterious Or Reveal Everything


With ad consumers, you never know what they actually expect. This is why it’s important for the advertisers to set the tone and decide whether they want to leave things to be discovered or want to reveal everything in the ad. Let’s take a look at the two ad examples below.

The first one, from Obscenery uses a cliffhanger to grab attention, while the second one from Groupon uses spoilers and reveals exactly what users will get in the end. The first one uses teasers and hints at something too interesting not to click. The second one goes all in on a product image and shows everything. They are both great ads, though they use totally different approaches.


We hope that you will find the Facebook ad examples in this article helpful and inspiring. If you look closely and analyze the elements the advertisers used, you will realize it doesn’t take all that much to create ads that stand out from the crows with amazing creative, headline and a compelling message. You just need to take some time to do your research. Use your imagination and you are bound to create your best Facebook ads.