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Facebook Ad Types to Try Out

Many businesses want to increase the effectiveness of their social media advertising campaigns after a while and are looking for new strategies to implement. A good idea for maximizing the impact of your content is to try out new Facebook ad types. If you’re planning on creating some special offer ads for your audience, read on as you’ll find some valuable suggestions.

Facebook ad types are constantly evolving and new formats are being added from time to time. And this is a good thing considering that using the same ad format over and over again could become boring for the viewers. If you are still boosting your posts or only using image ads to promote your products and services, you are doing it wrong.  In what follows, we will present to you some of the newest and most innovative Facebook ad types to try out.

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#1 Facebook Carousel Ads

The carousel ad launched back in 2015, is one of the most effective Facebook ad formats. Especially for product promotion and remarketing. They have become quite popular because they are more interactive and more engaging than the single image or single video ads.

For those who don’t know, carousel ads allow businesses to show up to 10 images or videos in a single ad unit. This makes them a great fit for brands that want to highlight various aspects of their products or services. Similarly, brands can use them to cleverly tell a story.


#2 Facebook Canvas Ads

Canvas ads are not exactly new or special offer ads, but certainly, many businesses shy away from using them for whatever reason. And that’s a pity considering this type of ad is quite a game-changer and can drastically improve your ROI.

These are full-screen advertisements designed for mobile device. They are capable of captivating viewers with beautiful images, videos, slides, maps, carousels, and other interactive features. The advantage of these ads is that they load instantly, even if they include complex videos. Moreover, they don’t suppose any additional cost for your business.


#3 Facebook Messenger Ads

Messenger ads can successfully be used for special offer ads. They are quite effective at engaging existing customers, via a channel that builds greater consumer trust. That’s because they appear directly in the Messenger home screen. Additionally, they are effective because they provide a one-on-one customer experience.

Facebook offers three types of Messenger ads, which allows you to personalize them depending on what you want to accomplish. Messenger ads are those that appear right next to your customers’ inbox, Sponsored messages can be used to deliver a message directly to people you are already in a relationship with (these are perfect for special offer ads), and Click-to-Messenger ads appear in the Facebook News Feed but have a “Send Message” button that allows users to open a chat feed.


#4 Facebook Stories Ads

Facebook Stories Ads are one of the newest ad formats introduced by Facebook. They give brands the opportunity to create new experiences for users via the social network’s Stories option.

Given that no less than 68% of social media users say they use stories on at least three apps and 38% confessed they talked about products they saw in a story ad with other people or even went to store to see and buy them, it’s no wonder Facebook Stories ads are taking off.

This is also a type of full-screen experience and they support almost all ad objectives, including brand awareness, video views, reach, app install, conversion, traffic and lead generation. Facebook’s targeting and measurement settings will also be available for stories ads. As it can be seen, nothing is stopping you from using them.


#5 Augmented Reality Ads

Facebook’s Augmented Reality Ads were just announced this year and the tools for creating them are now in the early stages. That doesn’t mean brands cannot plan ahead and look forward to what’s to come.

This new ad type will enable advertisers to build a deeper connection with potential customers. Users will be allowed to interact with, visualize, and virtually try on different products directly within their Facebook News Feeds. Facebook users will be able to try on make-up or sunglasses, for instance, by accessing the Facebook camera to test the offerings via a “Tap to try on” call-to-action. Now, that’s a great idea for special offer ads.

It’s true that AR ads won’t become so advanced as to fully replicate the in-store shopping experience. However, Facebook promises that this ad format will be able to fill the gap between online and offline shopping.


#6 Playable Ads

Playable ads are a new type of special offer ads especially designed for gamers, but not only. People usually would like to test out a game or app before they install it, but that’s not always possible. This has now changed with Facebook playable ads. They allow gamers to experiment with a game or application first. Basically, playable ads for game apps will enable users to “try before they buy”. This should lead to an increase in app installs given that gamers will know beforehand what to expect.

Facebook playable ads are already available to all advertisers who create ads for Facebook News Feed. As well as for those who are using the app install objective for their campaigns. Game developers like Bagelcode and Rovio have tested this kind of special offer ads. They reported that they are already seeing results.


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In conclusion, staying ahead in the realm of social media advertising requires businesses to embrace innovation and explore new Facebook ad types. By incorporating dynamic formats like carousel ads, canvas ads, messenger ads, stories ads, augmented reality ads, and playable ads into their marketing strategies, businesses can captivate their audience and drive engagement.

As technology continues to evolve, leveraging these cutting-edge ad formats can provide businesses with a competitive edge and help them achieve their advertising goals effectively. So, don’t hesitate to experiment with these innovative ad types to enhance your brand’s presence and reach on Facebook.