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Facebook Canvas Ads: Specs & Tips

Facebook has recently launched a new mobile-friendly ad format which is commonly known as “Canvas”. It is also known as Instant Experience, but I prefer it calling Canvas, for the sake of conciseness.

Canvas Ad acts as a very powerful tool, especially for brands hoping to capture their mobile-only-audience attention in a very creative way. According to an early survey, which showed nearly 52.99% of beta viewers used to watch more than half of the ads, out of which some were about more than 70 seconds long.

To gain more audience through ads, Canvas ads are said to be the snappiest and easiest way for you to implement mobile promotions. But, before moving forward, let’s check out what are canvas ads.

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What Are Canvas Ads?


In technical terms, Canvas is basically a full-screen ad occurrence, which is built for getting the products and services back to life on mobile.

It enables publicists to convey completely vivid, intuitive ads that are hosted totally on Facebook.

Though it might be mistaken at first glance as a regular news feed ad, but when you click on it to open, the entire mobile screen gets covered. Connecting photos, GIFs, videos, calls to action, etc. It really conveys an experience like a microsite which allows the users to swipe, scroll, tag and associate with different brands on this social media platform.

Tips To Make A Good Facebook Canvas Ads

These Facebook Canvas ads are very easy to design and are completely free of cost (excluding promotional costs). This layout offers a complete full-screen experience with a progressively vivid collaboration with your associated brand. Canvas ads commonly utilize mobile-amended content, fully facilitated within the Facebook app. Viewers can interact with photos and videos, check carousel ads, and experience quick-loading, full-screen occurrences in no time.

Complete the videos with images and texts.

Use every detail that this new feature brings to the table! Think about Canvas as an augmentation of your site, and post similar videos, photos, articles, and other related items.

Make the most of your first picture.

In contrast to the Carousel ads, Canvas ads appear on one slide at once, which means the main slide includes — the pictures, videos, a line of content, and so on — it decides whether a client will keep on drawing in with your advertisement or look to something all the more intriguing.

Use customization choices.

Make clients inquisitive about what will occur if they continue looking over. No one likes to see page after page of just content! Thus, add some videos, and pictures in your Canvas ads, if you wish to show detailed information about the data.

Include a free ‘call to action’ — and include it in advance.

Rather than trusting that clients will drop off before achieving a CTA catch, coordinate your steps effectively with open CTA buttons to have all through the experience.

Try to keep it simple.

Though there are loads of whistles and bells you can include, you need to make it very appealing and interesting. However, keep your message uncomplicated. Ensure all the videos and slides integrate to make one obvious point.

These are some of the simple tips for you to create the best Facebook Canvas Ads. Now, Take a look at the Ad Specifications.

Facebook Canvas Ads Specs To Deliver High-End Ad Experiences


Presently, developing your first Canvas Ad is possible using Facebook’s self-driven tool called Power Editor. With this tool, Facebook enables you to relocate a wide range of media to make a smart fight different from the things that you’ve done previously. Here are a couple of things to do with Canvas:

  • Set Up a header in bold with a logo that heightens your brand.
  • Use high-quality images to capture users’ attention.
  • Add several text boxes to give your users complete information.
  • Include different kinds of CTA buttons to compel users to click through your website.
  • Make a video to share the story of your service or give individuals a look at it in real life.
  • Consolidate a carousel ad to give clients a chance to swipe through various images
  • Upload an item set to inform clients about your new offers

Usually, you can easily arrange the above-mentioned presets in various dimensions based on your needs. However, here are a few primary design Ad dimensions that you should consider before creating Canvas Ads.


The available picture size is about 150px high and 400px wide, maximum is 1080 px wide (instead up to 5400 px of width), or else you utilize the Tilt to pan alternative) near 1920px high. Pictures may contain close to 20% content as a section of the picture.


Usually, may attach to 500 words in each content segment available, which almost guarantees that nobody needs to peruse that much, so it’s presumably good to keep it short and smart.


We recommend video specifications of at least 720p, with a 1.78:1 ratio (1334px high by 750px wide) for a full-screen view on mobiles. Videos can vary, ensuring they not only look great. Acceptable document types include only .mov or .mp4 formats.

Introducing PowerAdSpy: Supercharge Your Facebook Canvas Ads


In today’s competitive digital landscape, creating effective Facebook Canvas ads is essential for capturing audience attention and driving engagement. That’s where PowerAdSpy comes in. This powerful Facebook ad spy tool revolutionizes your advertising strategy, offering invaluable insights and resources to elevate your campaigns to new heights.

With PowerAdSpy, you gain access to a wealth of data and analytics that enable you to:

  1. Uncover Winning Strategies: Dive deep into successful Canvas ads within your niche, allowing you to identify trends and strategies that resonate with your target audience.
  2. Generate New Ideas: Explore a vast library of ads across various industries, sparking creativity and inspiration for your own campaigns. Poweradspy’s ad library consists of all types of Facebook ads and ads from various other social media platforms, providing comprehensive insights for your advertising strategies.
  3. Optimize Performance: Analyze key metrics and performance indicators to fine-tune your Canvas ads for maximum impact and ROI.
  4. Stay Ahead of the Competition: Keep tabs on your competitors’ advertising efforts, allowing you to stay one step ahead and maintain a competitive edge.
  5. Cross-Platform Availability: PowerAdSpy doesn’t just limit itself to Facebook – it provides insights and analysis for multiple social media platforms, offering you a comprehensive view of your advertising landscape.
  6. Advanced AI-Enhanced Filters: Leverage advanced AI technology to apply customized filters and refine your search criteria, ensuring that you find the most relevant and actionable insights for your campaigns.

With PowerAdSpy, you can unlock the full potential of Facebook Canvas ads and achieve extraordinary marketing results.

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Facebook Canvas Ads provide a clear, simple, and powerful way to engage your audience. By adhering to best practices and utilizing tools like PowerAdSpy, you can create compelling ads that drive exceptional marketing outcomes. Ready to elevate your Facebook ads campaigns? Let’s get started with PowerAdSpy!

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