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04 Topmost Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategies You Should Try 

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04 Topmost Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategies You Should Try 

Nowadays, Facebook messenger marketing is growing like a tremendous source for businesses to gain exposure in different dimensions.  

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Every business wants to achieve high conversion rates. Right? You too! So, in this blog, I am going to offer you the best 04 Facebook Messenger marketing strategies that marketers are using these days to make the most out of their business. 

Comment Guard Or Private Auto Responders On Facebook Posts-


Comment guard is a type of bot that you can use for your organic Facebook posts. For instance, when someone comments on your Facebook posts, then they will automatically receive a Facebook message from your side. 

You can call it as a Facebook post autoresponder in following two cases- 

  1. A person comments on a Facebook post. 
  2. A said person automatically receives a Messenger reply. 

So, when someone comments on your post, they will get a Messenger message from a Facebook chatbot. However, that person hasn’t yet become a lead for your business. This lead loop gets completed if they respond to the chatbot. 

Only when they reply, they become a solid lead

You can access all the information and permission to send them messages. 

Three reasons why marketers admire comment guards the most:- 

  1. Everybody loves things that are free of cost. Isn’t it? So, comment guards are free. You don’t have to pay for lead generation for your business via it. Although with Click to Messenger ads, you’re paying per lead this is not the case with comment guards. 
  2. Comment guards are a list building maneuver. Anyone who comments and engages with the Facebook Messenger bot automatically get added to your list. 
  3. Comment guards are supported hugely by Facebook. As we all know, Facebook’s algorithm rewards high engagement rates. So, if you have created an organic Facebook post that’s getting lots of comments, then Facebook will prioritize it in the newsfeed. As a result, you will get even more engagement. 

Facebook Messenger Chat Blasting Process-  

Chat blasting is another best tactic you can use for Facebook Messenger Marketing. It is nothing but the sending of a Messenger Chat to everyone in your complete list. However, Chat blasting is not like email blasting. As, through chat blasting, you can get 70-80% of open rates in sixty minutes. Whereas in the case of email marketing, it is only 5% open rates. Before using chat blasting for your business, you have to achieve Facebook’s good graces via applying for the subscription messaging. facebook-messenger-chat-blasting

Don’t panic! It is easier than it sounds. To perform this, you have to go to Messenger Platform from Settings. Then, go to “Advanced Messaging features” and click on “Request”. Submission work gets handled manually, so the analysis process takes place a few days. The primary thing that you have to keep in mind here that you cannot send promotional content. Okay! 

Facebook also ask you to affirm the statement, “I confirm this Page won’t use subscription messaging to send advertisements or promotional messages and will follow Messenger policies and Facebook community standards.”

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Click To Messenger Advertisements-  

A Click to messenger advertisement is a form of Facebook ad where the chief conversion action is “Send Message”. In this tactic, the user sends you a message on Facebook Messenger instead of clicking on learn more or various offers. There you can see how the ad opens in Messenger, the buttons signify for “Send Message”. 


If you are second-guessing it, for your information, Facebook Messenger ads convert at 100%. Anyone who will message you is a part of your contact list. You have their email, name, photo, phone, likes, dislikes, and much more. Also, Messenger ads are cheap in comparison to other Facebook ads. 

Facebook Messenger ads have their amazing benefits. But, as we know, there is intense competition when it comes to Facebook advertising. 

How To Utilize PowerAdSpy  For Facebook Advertisisng?

To know in-depth about the best running Facebook advertisements of your business niche, you can make use of Facebook ads intelligence tool like PowerAdSpy. It can make you informed with all your competitor’s extraordinary performing ads. As a result, you can run the most successful Facebook ad campaign and optimize facebook ads for your business.


These are the steps you can follow to see the most workable Facebook ads of your business rivals- 

 1:  Click Login/Signup to your PowerAdSpy account.


 2:  After logging in, on the left side, you can see the search option, where you can set your priorities for your search results. 


 3:  You have to compute the keyword that you want to target for Facebook ads. You can also check the ads based on the different aspects like CTA, ad time, and much more. 

 4: You also have the choice to filter ads according to their location, demographics, behavior, interest, and many more. For this, you have to go to the filter mode


 Step 5: Hit the search button and glance at the ads of your competitors in no time. 

Coming back to the Messenger marketing, when people convert as an outcome of your Facebook Messenger ad, then Facebook chatbot coax down the target funnel according to your wish. Then, users able to form an interactive dialogue with you and the chatbot. This type of interlinkage is helpful in contrast to other conventional landing page offers. Additionally, you can also make use of the bot so that users can talk to a real person at any given point of time. 

Facebook Messenger Marketing has the potential to bring prosperity to your business. However, there are very few marketers using it currently. I have analyzed this thing practically. There are a lot of Facebook ads to learn more and all, but a few with “Send message”. 

So, I want to tell you guys more about Facebook Messenger Marketing. They can, without a doubt, work wonders for your business. 

Facebook Messenger Chat Widgets-

Many of you who are new to this term may wonder what it is all about. Right! Well, chat widget is a button on your website that permits visitors to message you. You might have seen this before. By clicking on “Continue as (name)”, the chatbot starts a messenger process. If people click on that button, then you can gain valuable leads for your business.

Do you know how brilliant live chat work? According to the study, websites which make use of live chat can foster their business leads by 40%. That’s amazing! However, you have to look at the drawbacks too

Drawbacks –

  • Live chat requires people to provide support to customers. They are expensive.
  • Live chat not available 24X7, but the customer can ask for anything at any time. 
  • Live chat usually works as a temporary touch, not as a permanent solid lead. 
  • Live chat is a slow process. It often takes 5-15 minutes to the response. As a result, questions get answered in a more extended period. 

Messenger Chat widgets destroy all of these downsides in a jiffy. How? Let’s find out! 

  • Messenger chat widgets run on bots that are totally automated and virtually free. 
  • Messenger chat widgets remain available 24X7. 
  • Messenger chat widgets consist of a contact list where it adds information about users that is a permanent lead. 
  • Messenger chat widgets respond in no time. 

These are the top 04 tactics that you should implement to gain a clear perspective of Facebook Messenger Marketing. People nowadays want a highly engaging and interactive experience when it comes to advertisements, so that understand what your business services are about. The ultimate answer to this is Messenger Marketing. It’s high time you should make the most out of it. 

Do you have any more tactics related to Messenger Marketing? If yes, then please comment in the section below. 


Facebook Messenger marketing is rapidly emerging as a powerful tool for businesses seeking diverse exposure and high conversion rates. By implementing strategies such as comment guards, chat blasting, Click to Messenger ads, and Messenger chat widgets, you can significantly enhance your engagement and lead generation. Tools like PowerAdSpy also provide valuable insights to optimize your Facebook ad campaign, ensuring you stay ahead of competitors. Embracing these innovative tactics will not only improve your marketing effectiveness but also help you understand how to connect more meaningfully with your audience. Have additional tips? Share them in the comments below!