Why Spy On Ads and Best Tools to Do It

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Why Spy On Ads and Best Tools to Do It

In the marketing and advertising world, the competition is harsh. Everyone knows that. And in today’s era of digital advertising, at least one of the more than 5 million advertisers on Facebook is certainly your direct competitor. Don’t get me wrong, competitive advertising is good. But it’s always better to have leverage over your competitors. One way to obtain it is to spy on ads run by your rivals.

Facebook ads are valuable to your business, so you want to use them the right way. You are also curious about your competition’s Facebook promotion strategy because you want to be as good as them. If not better. By spying on your competitors’ ads, you can learn what works for them and apply their strategy to your own business. You can to try and replicate their success or beat them at their own game.

Maybe it’s not the fairest of tactics in the marketing world, but it has its benefits. So let’s see why it is good to spy on ads created and posted by your competition on Facebook.


Why Spy on Ads?

Firstly, it is important to understand that social media sites are the place to be nowadays. They can help businesses not only increase their brand awareness but also grow the number of people they reach through advertisements.

Your marketing can be different from the competition. It can be better if you have an advantage. That is knowing what they are up too, knowing their ad strategy and filling in the blanks they left unexplored in their ads.  For instance, your competitor might be a little bit slow in responses to customers. When this happens, you can step in and create an ad promoting just that – the fact that you offer superior-quality customer service and are more engaged with clients.

When businesses spy on ads, they basically gain some insights into their customers’ needs. Their leverage depends on how fast they are in catering to those needs and act on what they know when building their own campaign.

How to Spy on Ads?

Which brings us to the next point: how can you spy on ads fast and easily? The best way to spy on the Facebook ads of your competition is to use Facebook Ads Spy Tools. There are a lot of great tools that reveal a lot of details about Facebook ads. They can be really useful and help advertisers understand the targeting strategies of competitors.

Most of these spy tools will let you know:

  • what kind of ads competitors are running;
  • what audiences they are targeting;
  • what deals they are offering;
  • what content they include in their ads (whether they are using videos, pictures, links), and so on.

Also, these tools might reveal if the targeted audiences are drawn to the type of ads your competition is running and whether they are engaging with the content.


Here are the best Facebook Ads Spy Tools:


One of the best Facebook Ad-Intelligence tools designed for social media advertising, PowerAdSpy allows users to uncover all of the competition’s advertising secrets.  It is a paid tool that comes with a large database of more than 50,000,000 real-world Ads.

This easy-to-use and intuitive tool comes with a lot of useful features that enable users to create comprehensive social ads campaigns with powerful sources.

With PowerAdSpy you can: follow any number of competitors, filter ads based on interests, see the social interactions of an ad (likes, shares, comments), view ads live on Facebook, discover targeting and location data, bookmark the best ads, and more.

There are three options for those who are interested in purchasing this tool: the Basic plan which is available for $49/month, the Slandered plan for $99/month, and the Premium offer that costs $249 per month.


AdEspresso is another powerful Facebook Ad Management Tool that enables users to spy on ads and create strong ad campaigns. It is a free ads spy tool suitable for small and medium businesses.

Serving a dual purpose, of spying on competitors’ ads and creating sample campaigns for marketing, AdEspresso is a great tool which comes with a Facebook Ads Gallery that allows you to check out a large collection of real-world ads that updates itself every 30 minutes.

Social Ad Scout

Social Ad Scout is a leading tool for brands that want to launch powerful social ad campaigns fast and easy. It offers access to thousands of ad examples on social platforms, especially Facebook, from all over the globe (more than 21 countries, to be more precise).

It comes with some features that make it stand out from the crowd, such as: detailed search filters (search by text, type of ad, URL, landing page content,  geography, demographics, etc.), extensive info about interactions (how often an ad was seen, by whom, on what devices, how it ranked); ad screenshot, spy on both desktop and mobile ads.


Connect Explore

Connect Explore takes the task of spying on Facebook ads to a whole new level. It’s one of the best such tools available today and comes from Wilco de Kreij.

What differentiates it from other social ad spying tools is the fact that it helps businesses achieve a phenomenal ROI (return on investment), up to 300% or even 600%. How does it do this, you might ask? It basically enables you to discover the best interests and the most engaged Facebook audiences to then let you build your campaign on the interests that work best.

The built-in Automated & SMART Research Tool is responsible for uncovering the best interests, while the “Layering” feature lets you hyper-target the best audiences in your niche.


Advisor is a tool that not only allows companies to spy on ads but also to pick the best ones and replicate them with ease. In other words, this is a tool for Ads Research, as users will be able to find the most successful and profitable ads made by the competition and then adapt them to their own campaign. This way, they don’t need to think out social ads from scratch. It’s a simpler and more affordable way to build an ad campaign.


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