Emojis, GIFs, & Memes: The New Marketing Language

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Emojis, GIFs, & Memes: The New Marketing Language

One of the most challenging responsibilities for many marketers is the ongoing requirement to track, test, and improve on industry trends for social ads. It is most likely one of the primary reasons you are reading this blog.

So, how to make money with social media advertising? It’s no rocket science; all you need to do is add some refreshment to your posts with interactive post ideas. Today, we’ll look at emojis, memes, and GIFs to see if they’re worth being a part of the best social media ads and should you include them in your social media marketing efforts.

While these “visual emotions” have been there since the first emails were sent, we have only recently witnessed a significant increase in their use for commercial objectives. The fundamental reason for development is pretty simple: companies and organizations have recognized that this may be an excellent method to interact and engage with millennials.

Furthermore, there are many graphics visual material, and social media ads examples that thrive on visual content that you can take inspiration from- but enough of my rambling. Let’s go through what are their new trends, how you may take advantage of them, and how you should implement them because there are several traps.

What Exactly Are Memes?


A meme, in its most basic form, is a hilarious picture, video, or text circulated on the internet. It was initially used to describe a unit of cultural knowledge conveyed by imitation. These units might be words, talents, concepts, or specific styles.

The term “internet memes” first appeared in the early twenty-first century, referring to media containing cultural information that is often spread via social media, email, and numerous websites. Although the original picture may have been purposefully changed by the originator, memes are applied with no further adjustments.

Memes are becoming increasingly common in our culture. It’s how many people like to communicate—not just with their peers but with the rest of the globe. Here are some guidelines to remember while incorporating meme marketing:

Be Authentic:

While many individuals are sharing memes that aren’t their own on the internet, corporations don’t have this luxury. Brands must exercise caution when utilizing existing intellectual property from movies, television, and other media.

Show Some Heart:

Not all companies can use comedy as a marketing tool. If this does not describe you, consider making memes about helping others, self-care, or societal change. Remember that brand coherence is more essential than pop culture references.

Keep It Simple:

The most OK memes aren’t arrogant. Memes often have a sarcastic, world-weary tone packed with inside jokes and pop culture references.

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What Exactly Are GIFs?


GIF is an abbreviation for Graphics Interchange Format. In layman’s terms, you have a collection of photographs stuffed into one file that is presented in sequence, resulting in animation.

GIFs have better engagement than photos and are far less expensive to generate than videos. It is a terrific resource if you want to make animated GIFs for marketing purposes.

We love GIFs and memes so much that we made a website called things to gripe, where we post memes in the form of GIFs and channel our everyday frustrations as content marketers in a helpful way.

Tell A Tale:

Storytelling is an integral part of marketing. Stories are a simple approach to demonstrate to a consumer why your message is necessary and relevant to them. Customers’ short attention spans, on the other hand, might make it challenging to present the tale. GIFs are a quick and easy method of using graphics to tell your marketing narrative.

Be Aesthetically Attractive:

GIFs take a bit more effort to create. Make sure you’re utilizing memorable photos that represent your business and are of sufficient quality to make the most of the additional time you’re putting into marketing.

Set The Tone:

Students are already using GIFs to express sentiments or emotions. Consider what feeling you want to elicit while producing social ads. Perhaps you have a bargain on game-day attire. A GIF commemorating the school spirit may be a fun way to social ads that helps with the transaction.

What Exactly Are Emojis?


Emojis may be simple, humanizing, and straightforward to incorporate into social media posts. It is crucial to understand whether an emoji has a hidden meaning for college students. Do a brief web investigation before incorporating emoticons into your social media marketing. Once you’re sure of the image’s meaning, utilize it to enhance your article’s reach and engagement.

Don’t be excessively complicated: the message you’re attempting to express must be simple to grasp. Not everyone is patient enough to comprehend your signals.

Analyze Situation Before Using Emojis:

Because emojis are essentially lighthearted, cheeky, and casual, they should be avoided when dealing with serious matters or talking in strictly official settings.

Less Is More:

Using too many emoticons might be distracting and shift the attention away from the message you want to communicate. Worst-case scenario, your audience may find it irritating.

Keep It Simple:

Too many emojis can be distracting and divert attention away from the message you wish to communicate. Worst-case scenario, your audience may find it irritating.

But don’t you think that knowing what your target competitors are doing will undoubtedly come in helpful when developing content with GIFs.

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03 Best Tips For Using Memes, GIFs, and Emojis for Social Ads


When these tools are used effectively in your branding strategy, they may influence your brand. Among these advantages are:

Making Use of Psychology

You may think GIFs and memes are amusing and superficial. However, there is a science to employing them. Like GIFs and other video forms, video allows your brain to comprehend a message 60,000 times quicker than text. Memes dealing with current events frequently have an inside joke aspect to them. This “allows for some camaraderie among individuals who share them.” You want your audience to understand that you’re in on the joke.

Simple to Consume

When the material is easy to consume, it can reach more people online more efficiently. GIFs and memes are visually appealing, resulting in a “wow factor” that attracts viewers while communicating your message. People will likely make the most of any GIF or meme that corresponds with your content, whether it’s hilarious, clever, sarcastic, intelligent, urgent, or neutral in tone. This content marketing trend stays if you can establish a compelling context. Indeed, memes and GIFs are virtual presents that pique people’s curiosity in seconds.

Simple to Share

The internet has made sharing so much simpler, and most users constantly seek things to share. Memes and GIFs are easily shared as posts, comments, messages, and even greeting cards. The wonderful thing about memes and GIFs is that they have a unique ability to catch you off guard and have an immediate impact. When you discover something intriguing, you will most likely share it with your primary group. People share what they find fascinating, whether a text-based meme or a visually striking GIF.

Off You Go!

As our digital culture evolves, the boundaries between the real and online worlds will become increasingly blurred and fluid, with one exploiting the power of the other to generate more compelling consumer content.

Emojis, memes, acronyms, GIFs, and other digital languages for social media ads are more popular than one might imagine. They help us communicate more quickly and provide more emotion in our replies. It’s no longer a generational thing- we use emoticons at work, and every political decision becomes an instant meme.

All of this raises the question, will you follow the crowd or leave your mark?