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How Does Dropshipping Work With Facebook & Google Ads

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How Does Dropshipping Work With Facebook & Google Ads

In the era of competition where no one wants to lag behind, it can be a tough row to hoe for drop shippers. It is tough enough to get your brand noticed and recognized, but how about convincing qualified customers to buy your products? That is entirely another challenge. It is like blowing up in one’s face. So, the question is, how does dropshipping work?

To blow away the cobwebs, you need to get rid of feelings of tiredness. In dropshipping, things work the same way. Customers will not appear out of anywhere and rush up to buy your stuff just because you have your online store ready.

Dropshipping and advertisement work hand in hand, and they have proven to be a treasure for people who are now sitting at home. It is one of the most effective ways to earn money online by leveraging your own social media account. Since there is no one-size-fits-all advertising strategy and where your buyers come from is strongly reliant on your niche. Dropshipping businesses typically use Google Advertisements (previously known as Google Adwords) and Facebook ads to sell their products.

Keep reading to learn about how Facebook ads & Google ads work along with your dropshipping business.

How Does Dropshipping work?

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Dropshipping is a type of B2C eCommerce (Business-to-Consumer). When a company sells products directly to customers via its own online shop, this is known as B2C eCommerce. Traditionally, eCommerce retailers would purchase merchandise, store it, and then send it to customers manually.

This is where Dropshipping deviates from traditional eCommerce. Dropshipping is when an organization collaborates with a supplier to store and send items to buyers.

So, how does a dropshipping business work?

Here is how the dropshipping works:

  • A customer makes an online purchase from the drop shipper’s store.
  • Further, by transferring the information to the supplier- the drop shipper fulfills the order.
  • The item is sent straight to the customer’s address by the supplier.
  • The customer receives the package from the drop shipper.

Now you must be in a dilemma- Why would I deal with a supplier instead of buying my own goods and delivering them myself?

Long story short- It allows the drop shipper to try out different products and promote them until they uncover one that is beneficial & profitable. Dropshipping businesses may achieve far more and actually be a rewarding endeavor since they are at low risk, have minimal initial capital commitment, are highly scalable, and provide an unlimited product variety. 

Creating a successful dropshipping store, on the other hand, is challenging and requires time. On the other hand, a good advertisement may work wonders for your dropshipping business.

Why Is Advertising So Important for Dropshipping?

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Many rookie drop shippers easily forget two facts about dropshipping: you do not become a success overnight, and success does not come to you by luck. Toot your own horn with the help of advertisements. 

Advertising is the process of drawing attention to a product or service through paid announcements made by a specific sponsor. It might be one of an organization’s most significant aspects. It is the most direct and crucial connection to the customer. Customers are more inclined to visit your business if they feel personally linked to an advertisement. Some companies wonder whether or not spending money on advertising is worthwhile, which is a massive blunder.

Here is a quick question, Would you buy from brand A, which has advertised how good their cosmetic product is at staying put for long stretches of time, or brand B, which has no advertisements and you have no clue; what are the core advantages of products?

Well! Keep in mind that, due to its low risk and relative easiness, this is a very competitive strategic approach. That implies that many online businesses are attempting to attract customers by boosting traffic to their websites. It is crucial to remember that the most critical aspect of dropshipping is engaging with customers. Online shops may accomplish precisely that by using Google or Facebook advertisements for dropshipping.

Introduction To Google Ads:

Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords in 20218, is a paid Google service that helps you push your links to the top of Google search results. The Google advertising network is a fantastic tool for dropshipping as most people utilize a search engine to get started on the internet. 

Let us take a moment to look over these figures:

  • The conversion rate of Google Ads is 50% higher than organic traffic.
  • 90% of Internet users view Google Display Ads.
  • 70% of mobile users call a business instantly after seeing an ad on Google.
  • Before making a purchase, 65 percent of online shoppers will click on advertisements.
  • With Google Ads, most businesses experience a 200 % return on investment, more than double their initial investment.

Google Ads offers five kinds of ads:

  • Search
  • Display Network
  • Video (YouTube)
  • Shopping
  • Universal Apps

Search ads:  You are paying for exposure when you use search advertisements. The categorization of other results is by organic SEO ranking. By purchasing ads- one can ensure that their products rank on specific search queries.

Display ads: Display advertising is image-based adverts that you can see throughout a display network based on your modified parameters. For new dropshipping shops that sell niche items, display advertisements are a great option.

Shopping Ads: Google Shopping Ads show the above search results and focus on targeting the customers that are in the decision stage of their buying process. Google Shopping Advertisements, unlike search ads, do not allow you to target keywords directly.

Video ads: YouTube is an unrivaled video platform with over 2 billion viewers globally, making it a fantastic place to get your product in front of your target audience. Google Ads presents video ads before, during, and after YouTube videos, including in YouTube search results.

Universal ads: The Google network provides a meaningful approach for mobile app owners to reach their target audience through universal app ads. When you upload ad copy and a picture to Google Ads, it combines them and shows them to your target audience.

Introduction To Facebook Ads 

Outside of PPC, the most successful advertising channel for dropshipping advertisements is social media, and none compares to Facebook. Facebook Ads allows you to segment users based on their interests, ideal for specializing in niche items and accessing consumers with similar interests. It is one of the quickest ways to promote yourself.

All Facebook dropshipping advertising comes into two categories: picture or video. To run successful Facebook advertising- you need some incredible photos or a quick video.

Image ads

These straightforward advertisements are an excellent way to start a dropshipping business. By boosting an existing post with a picture from your Facebook Page, you may create one in only a few clicks. Image ads may appear simple, but that does not mean they have to be bland.

Video ads

Video advertising appears in the News Feed and Stories. You can also include in longer Facebook videos as in-stream ads. Video advertisements can showcase your team or product in action.

Poll ads

This mobile-only Facebook ad format offers an interactive element to an image or video ad by including a two-option poll. For each poll choice, you may add a different link. The total number of replies to each poll choice will be visible to both you and those who respond.

Carousel ads

A carousel ad showcases your product or service with up to ten photos or videos. This layout is best to emphasize distinct features of a single product, several separate goods, or even all of the photos combined to produce a single big panorama image. You can create another link for each image or video. Each “Shop Now” button in the ad will take you to the sales page for the product in the accompanying photo.

Slideshow ads

Slideshow advertisements are a convenient way to create short video commercials from still photos, text, or existing video clips. Ads in slideshows have the same eye-catching motion as videos, but they consume five times less bandwidth. So, they load quickly, even on sluggish internet connections. They are a low-cost, low-impact technique to get people’s attention.

Collection ads

Collection advertising work in tandem with Instant Experiences. It allows users to purchase your items without ever leaving Facebook. When consumers are on the go, this makes internet buying simple.

04 Tips for Successful Dropshipping Ads on Facebook & Google

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Know your objective 

Because Facebook & Google are global platforms, you should define the goal of your ads before investing in them. What is your ultimate success? What activities open the door for your success? Do you want to increase the number of orders? Questioning such questions and answering them will allow you to assess the effectiveness of individual marketing activities. Brand recognition, local awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, app installations, video views, lead generation, conversions, product catalogue sales, shop visits, or communications are some of the goals you might pick.

Target your ads based on interest

Advertising will make no sense if you advertise it to the wrong audience. It will neither deliver good results for your business nor will increase your brand exposure. For dropshipping advertising, Facebook likes are a goldmine. If you are a drop shipper of travel equipment, one obvious idea is to target folks who enjoy travelling. You might also target customers who are interested in different airlines, prominent vacation locations, or users who are fans of well-known travel companies.

Put yourself into your customer’s shoes. The target audience searching for relatable products than an ad with your best prices can be a good start. Further, if you find a customer just starting to look for a new product, you can go for display ads.

Make sure they are visually appealing

All advertisements are photo or video-based, so you will need to include one of these along with some wording. If you choose a photo-based ad, make sure to highlight your unique selling features (high-quality, stylish designs, canvas fabric, etc.) and include a clear call to action. ‘Shop now!’, ‘Browse ballet flats,’ ‘Learn more,’ or anything similar might be a good call.

Leverage Ad Analytics Tools:

The stakes are too high, and many ads are accomplishing the objectives you hoped to achieve. Advertising spy tools are highly effective, and they demonstrate how advertisers may outperform their competition by thoroughly examining their strategies.

Out of all the ad analysis tools available, PowerAdSpy is the best option for your company. With PowerAdSpy, you can spend less time looking for new marketing methods that will work for your Facebook advertising, Google ads, or other social media advertisements, and more time focusing on your company plans. Let us have a look at some of its features.

Filter by Ad-positions

  • This filter will evaluate the optimum positions for your Facebook, & Google ads. And you will have total control over ad research depending on rankings like News Feed or search engines.
  • By investigating the advertising depending on position, you can evaluate ads to perform effectively for more conversions!

Crystal Clear Visibility

  • View real-time ad posts! That is why PowerAdSpy is the most effective conversion tool, allowing you to view live ad postings directly from the platform and providing crystal clear access into your audience’s reactions to the advertisements, allowing you to evaluate and understand their interaction!

Huge ads data

  • PowerAdSpy offers a massive database of advertisements that grows every day to give the best converting ads, and you can search for the top-performing ads from data collected from 15+ countries with millions of ads with only a few clicks!

Search with keywords

  • Expand your search using the PowerAdSpy “search keywords” feature, which allows you to look for advertisements based on terms in your niche.
  • You can look up advertisements, competitors’ websites, and top-performing advertisers to see how many advertisements they have running!

Bookmark Ads

  • With a single click, you can save your top ads and save time. Once you have bookmarked them, go back and customize the ad inventory for when you are ready to launch your new ad campaigns!

PowerAdSpy can give you a crazy advantage over the competition, whether you are a marketer, affiliate, media buyer, eCommerce advertiser, or ad agency. And the inclusion of 6 social ad networks is a feature that sets it apart from the competition, making it unbeatable for social ads marketers who work across multiple ad platforms!


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Which ad suits best for your business?

Google Ads and Facebook Ads, which appear to be analogous advertising platforms, turn out to be quite different in terms of effectiveness and cost.

So, which one is better?

Well! It depends on your business objectives. And now that you know how does dropshipping works, it is time to get started. It is a delicate art, and the only way to grow better is to get started and alter your campaigns on a regular basis. The ideal way to create successful dropshipping advertisements is through trial and error.

And, whether you are a drop shipper selling make-up products, shoes, travel accessories, homeware, or t-shirts, PowerAdSpy allows you to increase your ad performance with its seamless ad analytic features.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and understood what is dropshipping and how does it work. If you have any queries or any suggestions, keep them coming. Just drop them down in the comment section given below. I would love to hear them out.