Victorious Thanksgiving 2021 Ideas To Nail Marketing Strategies

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Victorious Thanksgiving 2021 Ideas To Nail Marketing Strategies

Thanksgiving 2021 is around the corner, and people celebrate it with an extra drench of gladness and happiness. Besides 2020, this year’s shine and fluorescence of the holidays are rearward. Therefore, marketers are rolling their sleeves to reap the most profits through their emphasized thanksgiving day 2021 marketing campaigns and sales.

25th of November 2021 is Thanksgiving day. A superlative occasion to rejoice with the families and friends, embracing a day to thank and pray. However, when it comes to the marketer, the turkey time is over! Now is the big time to jump-start the well-planned marketing approaches to knock the holiday aim supremely. 

But, if you are still last on the card and puzzled by the dilemma of marketing strategies. This piece of the article has all the ingredients for Thanksgiving-themed marketing approaches to heighten returns and outcomes. 

But before that, let’s time travel to the origin of the Thanksgiving tradition. Like what is it? Where does it come from and all the related terms? Don’t worry! It’s not a long tale of history, just a minute brief.

History of the Thanksgiving Day

What Day is Thanksgiving 2021?

Thanksgiving originated in 1789 when the Former president George Washington announced “a day devoted to the public thanksgiving and prayer” and claimed it an official holiday “sincere and prayer.” Then in 1941, official legislation was passed signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt marked the 4th Thursday of every November officially Thanksgiving Day. 

Fundamental Thanksgiving was the initiative for interaction between American Indians and immigrants, which further represents the celebration of togetherness.

We hope that this quick brief of the history behind Thanksgiving acknowledges why it is celebrated every 4th Thursday of every November.


For marketers and advertisers, Thanksgiving 2021 is the supreme opportunity to allure a vast range of audiences. Because this time, unlike last year, the market is booming and packed with good fortune.

Thanksgiving 2021 remains the best instance to sit back and have a relaxing time with families and friends. Although, it is also one of the knock-down moments to retarget the audiences with the propelling marketing campaigns. So hook tight with us to get the strategically gathered tactics to tickmark to get the better ROI ( Return Of Investment). 

07 Best Marketing Tactics For Thanksgiving 2021 To Get Better Outcomes 

07 Best Marketing Tactics For Thanksgiving 2021 To Get Better Outcomes

01- Thankfulness to the Customers

Remember it’s the Thanksgiving you are engineering for, preeminent be thankful to all your customers, suppliers, businesses partners, and representatives for this season. Take influence from social media and practice high-quality visual graphics to thank all. 

Today one of the foremost techniques to convey your message to the vast spread audience is the social media platforms. Supplement your personalized message with appealing graphics with the brand name. It will broadcast your branded message all over the advertising world.

02- Formulate a Thanksgiving 2021 Hashtag Campaign 

thankgiving-2021Emphasis on the branded hashtags for Thanksgiving 2021, not the generic ones like #happythanksgiving or #turkeyfeast, create the hashtag campaign precautionary that will eventually improve the engagement. 

Although, before engulfing the social media platform with the hashtags, investigate and research the trending hashtags about which will provide value to your customers. 

Alternatively, Questioning and answering customer questions is a proven and tried way of boosting engagement and better conversions. Strive to retain the Thanksgiving hashtags concise, simplistic, and understandable.

03- Produce Relevant Blogs for the Holiday Season

This Thanksgiving 2021 season, blogs provide the best value for those in need on the internet. Content like preparations, cuisine, table settings, decorations, outfits, inspiration, and the list is long. It will drive traffic and boost engagements.

04- Online Giveaways 


What an occasion of thanksgiving 2021 will be when there is no giveaway, free dinner, or any in-store freebies. Designing the social media contest makes your guest happy this season with the giveaways and extending the social media field. 

Social media contests with the announcement of the giveaways expand the brand awareness and excite audiences to participate. 

05- Engage the Social Media Audience 

engage-social-mediaSocial media is an inevitable component of every marketing campaign. Almost every channel can spread high-quality and well-crafted content like the wildfire desirable for every brand to outreach. Suppose, create posts to let your audience know how your brand came this far, the brand storyline, and behind-the-scenes heroes.  

Social media is technically all about new initiatives, and Thanksgiving day 2021 is the best shot your brand could have to thank the support pillars for your brand, the cause, and the customers.

06- Offer Exclusive Deals via Emails

Email-campaign-for-thanksgiving-2021Proffer thanksgiving 2021 a promoter for your email marketing campaign too. Offer exclusive deals and discounts to the customers, guests, and target audience and take advantage of the holiday season. 

Thanksgiving 2020 deaden due to the unfortunate circumstance the world suffered. Although, this year brings smiles and happiness with the Happy thanksgiving templates. Sending the thanksgiving templates for email invitations also informs customers about your exclusive offers for the entire holiday weekend.

Last but not least, the constituent is;

07- Seek Out Different Advertising Ideas for The Holiday Season

thankgiving-adsAdvertisements work best when they are scrutinized and monitored. Social media platforms leverage skilled ads due to their vast spread audiences from distinct countries and continental. You have an infinite advertising battleground to conquer. But as you might have heard, the more advantageous the advertising platform, the more challenging it is.

Invest in marketing and advertising software, analyze the ads that are already well performed in that area. Seek new upcoming advertising trends to implement for the holiday season. So, your campaign serves you the best.

A well-gathered data and user-generated content is the treasure that allows you to create profitable and appealing content. However, in our recommendation investing in ad intelligence enables you to discover the varieties of the ads and can test the ads before investing the money in them. Sounds outstanding. Right? 

With an ad intelligence tool, you can utterly check and examine the best running and outcome-giving ads. Like competitors analyzing the ads which are already a winner, to implement on to your marketing strategies. One famed name when it comes to competitor analysis of the advertising world is PowerAdSpy.  

So, hook tight for the upcoming section of this article to acknowledge how PowerAdSpy can be the best assistance for better-accomplishing strategies.

PowerAdSpy- Built By Affiliates, For Affiliates 

Poweradspy-dashboardPowerAdSpy is the first and magnificent software database of Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, GDN, NATIVE, Reddit, and Quora ads with 50 million ads listed from over 100+ countries and 50,000 ads added daily.

Poweradspy’s extraordinary features respectively designed for the advertiser and marketers to supreme are;

?Explore all the current and past social media ads that are already the winners in any niche. Like heroes of the ads world and you get the power to analyze their power drink.
?Analyze the targeting countries, group, age, marital status, etc.
?See precisely where the ad traffic of the winners is going.
?After discovering and analyzing, replicate the winner for your business. Search all the ads running to click funnels, lead pages, or investigate the engaged demographic and landing page.

All these features make PowerAdSpy a perfect choice for advertisers, businesses, and marketers. Why hassle here and there? When you can get the best ads examples in just a few clicks. Try it yourself!

To know more about PowerAdSpy, here is the introducing video tutorial we dropped down for you.

With PowerAdSpy, you can search the ads and get the accurate result of whether the ads will serve the brand or not. Or the campaign will hit its peak or not. To know how these impossible questions can be possible. Dive with us through the upcoming section of this article.

How to Search Best Running Ads for Thanksgiving 2021 Using PowerAdSpy?

PowerAdSpy dashboard has full and easy functioning with the Search panels on the top, the searching platforms on the left side, and other easily accessible tools on the right side. 

Foremost coming on the above section where all the searching panels are there; 

✔️You can easily search the keywords, advertiser, and domain on the above search panels. Like, we have added the thanksgiving ads as a keyword search. PowerAdSpy will show ads from all over the world with each detail and analytics. 


Down below, there are 04 options which are; 

✔️ Search By – Under this section, there are options to additional optimize your search like ; 

  • Text in Image, 
  • Brand in Image 
  • Object in Image 
  • Celebrity in Image 


✔️Sort by – Under this section, there are 03 prospects to optimize the ads;

  • Likes, 
  • Shares and 
  • comments


✔️Filters- Under this section, there are options to optimize the search like; 

  • call to action 
  • Search ads by country 
  • Ad type 
  • Ad position

thanksgiving-ads✔️Lander properties- Last option that further optimizes the searching of the ads are;

  • Ecommerce platform 
  • funnel 
  • Marketing platform 
  • Source

thanksgiving-adsAt last, there are options to sort the ads according to the date-wise settings. These options are ; 

✔️Sort by Under this setting, there are options like; Newest, last seen, running longest, domain registration date 

✔️Ad is seen Between: Under this setting, there are options like; All, Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, This Month, Last Month, and Custom Range

✔️Then comes the Post date Between options: Under this section, there is the option to optimize the precise date like; All, Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, This Month, Last Month, and Custom Range.

✔️and The last option is; Domain Registration Date: Under this section, optimization options are like; All, Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, This Month, Last Month, and Custom Range.

✔️One of the alarming concerns is that the platform will show the Facebook ads for this search by default. To change the setting, select the desired platform option given on the left panel. 

✔️In each ad shown below, there is an option called “Show Analytics” which allows seeing the analytical data for that particular data. 

The detailed data consist of ; 

?Ad Analytics – This section consists of – Basic info, Redirect s URLs, Outgoing links, and Fb Post links.
?Lander page
?Target profile
?Social Engagement
?Similar ads 

thanksgiving-adsOnce you get all this detailed data and analytics for each thanksgiving ad, the probability is pretty high that the ads campaign will surely give better outcomes. PowerAdSpy is one of the infinite ad database software that is an ironic tool for the marketers and advertisers to supreme their advertising campaign. So make this Thanksgiving 2021 a tremendous impact on your business using PowerAdSpy. 


Thanksgiving 2021 is an undoubtedly conspicuous opportunity for every marketer to grasp for boosting reach and engagements. To end this article, we found a better way rather than just saying bye. 

And the better way is, we have listed some of the best thanksgiving 2020 ad campaigns that mark the special place in the heart of the audiences. So enjoy the upcoming minutes with this incredible ad campaign for thanksgiving 2020 with the kindful messages to convey to humanity.

Publix Thanksgiving Commercial

Meijer Thanksgiving Commercial

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What Day is Thanksgiving 2021?

Thanksgiving 2021 drops on the 4th Thursday of November month. That is 25th November 2021. We hope that this occasion will enlighten every heart with an abundance of happiness, love, and prosperity.

Thanksgiving 2020 taught the entire world the significance of family and friends. This Thanksgiving, let us join our hands and thank all the front-line workers and the supreme heroes who battled against the deadly pandemic. Thank the family and friends we have in our life. Thank every living species that holds an epicenter role in our survival. Happy Thanksgiving!