The Ultimate Marketer’s Guide to Spy Tool Native Ads 2023

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The Ultimate Marketer’s Guide to Spy Tool Native Ads 2023

Being an advertiser, you have utilized native ads or would like to use them. If you want to crack native advertising, you can rely on spy tool native ads.

Native advertising is a gold mine for marketers who want to improve their customer acquisition. However, most marketers don’t know how to use native advertising to attain the best results for their business. 

It is unfortunate for marketers that most Internet users can have access to ad blockers. And they can easily block those ads they don’t want to see. But that’s not the case with native advertising. The native ads are placed in a way that would mix up with the context of the surrounding content of the website. Instead of viewing it as an advert, viewers see it as a part of the content. And that’s what makes it more relatable to the audiences who show their interest and click on such ads.

However, the native advertising land space has been everchanging. And if you want to achieve some concrete results through native advertising, you need to be updated about the latest advertising trends. Nowadays, marketers rely on some of the best native ad spy tools to uncover the secrets of succeeding through native advertising.

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Why Do You Need Native Ads Spy Tool?


The reason native ads are getting quite popular among marketers is that it doesn’t seem like an ad. Native adverts appear in a cohesive form where it get easily mixed up with the website’s content. And if you know how to create quality native adverts, you might be able to attract more customers to click on them.

The thing is,- most people get bored due to watching irrelevant ads that don’t pique their interest. However, with native ad content, people find it relevant and find some value in it. That is why we can say that native ad campaigning can bring you better conversions. However,  to succeed with native campaigning, you must know how to put yourself in customers’ shoes and make a hit on their pain points.

How To Spy Competitor’s Native Ads?

Nowadays, marketers have options with spy tool native ads to discover. In such tools, you have premium features that let you spy on ads from top native ad creators. There you may also get to know about the analytical information and trends that you may imply in your marketing to ensure better results. If you are looking for a free native ad spy tool, then why don’t you try a free trial of PowerAdSpy (Ad Intelligence Software)?



PowerAdSpy is a spy tool for native ads that allows you to get a sneak at your competitors’ native ads. Also, it gets you the analytical ad engagement detail that you may check and optimize your native advertising campaigns accordingly. 

Here are the steps you can follow to spy on the native ads of your competitors

  • Login to the PowerAdSpy dashboard. A new user can opt for a 10-day free trial to check a thousand ads. After the trial, you can upgrade to better plans depending on their requirements. Make sure to opt for higher plans to spy on more ad networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Quora, Native, GDN, etc.
  • On the right-hand side, select the native ad network.
  • Mention a keyword on the search bar and click on the explore tab.
  • It will find you a native ad based on the niche of the keyword entered.
  • Also, there you have filters, using which you can sort out the best adverts.
  • First, you have the ‘Search by’ filter option, under which you can find ads based on the text on the image.
  • Along with that, you have options like Brand in the image, Object in the image, and Celebrity in the image.
  • Next, you have a filter option where you can search ads by country name, ad type, network, and language.
  • Under the landing properties, you have options like eCommerce platform, funnel, marketing platform, and source.

In the market, you will find many other ad spy tools that allow you to spy on social media. However many of such tools have limitations with native ad networks. PowerAdSpy gets you options with several native ad networks like Taboola, Yahoo Gemini, Outbrain, Bing, etc.


Thanks to PowerAdSpy- a spy tool for native ads, it has become easier for marketers to find high-converting native ads and replicate their strategies to optimize their campaigns.

Tips For Using Spy Tool Native Ads

Now you are ready to spy native ads from competitors. Here are some key factors that you must look over.

Find Competitors

The first thing you should do is identify your competitors. With manual search, it’s nearly impossible to spot your competitors’ native ads. While you can use spy tool native ads to find relevant ads from your competitors.


Target Audience

Next, you need to learn about your target audience. By analyzing the campaigns of your competitors, you can get information on what age group, gender, or region of audiences are interested in similar products as yours. Later you may target the same audiences in your campaign to ensure better sales.


Keywords & CTAs

By going through competitors’ native ads, you can also learn about the keywords they are targeting. There you may also check the high-converting call to action button that you can replicate in your campaign to drive more clicks and engagement.

Ad Engagement Factors

You may check on the other ad engagement factors that make a native likable to your audience. It could be a catchy tagline or an assertive pitch that aims at solving the pain point of your target audience.


Get Competitive Edge Using Spy Tool Native Ads:

As we all know native advertising can be effective. By surveying competitors’ native ads, you can surely learn about a few methods to optimize your campaign. While you can rely on Native ads spy tool. If you are a beginner, and you might be looking for a free native ads spy tool, then here your search is over. You can opt for a PowerAdSpy 10-day free trial to check on the relevant native ads of your competitors. After a trial, you can easily upgrade to a better plan to gain the most benefits out of this great native ads spy tool.

If you want more information regarding native advertising, mention your queries in the comments. We will revert you.

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