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5 Excellent Tips To Create Best Pinterest Advertising (With Examples)

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5 Excellent Tips To Create Best Pinterest Advertising (With Examples)

While most marketers focus advertising on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, if you are looking for an alternative channel to promote your brand, then Pinterest could be your choice. Pinterest is a one-of-a-kind social media platform where you can easily reach your niche-based audiences. Fortunately, many big brands and retailers are not interested in Pinterest advertising, which lowers the competition for small and medium-level enterprises. And it also brings them a great opportunity to develop a sales funnel using Pinterest adverts.

Based on research, we found that almost 50% of social media users in the US check Pinterest to look for their favorite brand products. Often, regular pinners do online shopping after getting inspired by the pins created by their favorite brands on Pinterest.

Looking at the stats, you might also want to leverage Pinterest marketing for your business. Right! Still, to develop a winning profile on Pinterest, you need to apply proven strategies and best creative practices. 

But you don’t want to invest most of your valuable time doing research. Isn’t it? Then, what you need is the best Pinterest adverts spy tool (like PowerAdSpy) that can help you analyze the most relevant Pinterest ads.

This blog post will show you some of the best Pinterest marketing ideas with examples. So, here we go!

But before that, you must know- why advertise on Pinterest?

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Why Advertise On Pinterest?


Compared to other social media marketing platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you will find less competition with Pinterest marketing. And that brings immense opportunity for business owners to use Pinterest for their brand promotion. Although most popular brands are active on Pinterest, still, as a marketing platform, it’s still underutilized.

The good thing about Pinterest advertising is that most regular pinners often check pins from their favorite brands before purchasing any products. And it helps them in making the right decision. 

During the holiday season, more than 9.7 marketing ideas pop up on Pinterest, and most of them are from popular brands only. Pinterest adverts are slowly but steadily growing its popularity among marketers. It is the best platform to search for high-quality visuals, especially if you are looking for some great visual ideas. 

You can publish Pinterest ads in several formats:

  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • App Install Ads
  • Collection Ads

As we can see, Pinterest advertising has proven to be effective for digital marketers. And it delivers 2.3 times better cost per conversion than other social media platforms, which makes it one of the most suitable platforms for promoting your business.

5 Effective Pinterest Advertising Practices You Must Try


Pinterest users know what they want, and the best thing is that they can afford it. That’s why it is the perfect place for marketing. Here are some analytical data that we have confirmed about Pinterest advertising.

  • Half of the US population with annual income over $100,0000 are active on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest confirms that 60% of its overall global audience is women only.
  • 90% of Pinterest users often purchase while checking pins from their favorite brand. Thus compared to any social media marketing platform, it has a high conversion ratio.
  • More than 80% of Pinterest marketers get their new advertising ideas from the pins generated by other creators.

Seeing these intriguing facts may have triggered you to start Pinterest advertising. If so, here are some tips and Pinterest ad examples that might help you with your marketing campaign.

Pinterest Ads Examples

Vertical Format Pinterest Ads

If you are looking for the best format to add your pins on Pinterest, we suggest you try the vertical format. It gets you the maximum space to communicate your message to audiences. Since most people use their mobile devices to access Pinterest, a vertical image fits the best considering the viewers’ point of view.

According to Pinterest’s recommendation, create a pin with an aspect ratio of 2:3, or you can make it even taller (From 600×900 to 600×1560 pixels).

Optimize Meta Data of Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is more built like a discovery platform where users can search for pins of their interest. So if you want to promote your business on Pinterest, you need to publish organic pins. And after that, you can promote them. Even after you stop promoting them, these regular pins will still appear on the search engine. So it’s a win-win deal.

However, winning a long time space over the organic search is not any easier. Many popular brands and SEO experts are trying to enhance their pins’ visibility. You need to play smart to gain more engagement on your pins. That’s where you need to optimize your pins using metadata. There are more than 40 metadata fields (like alt text, title, product description, stocks, and pricing), and Pinterest allows you to create the most engaging pins.

Overlay Text With Pictures

You can make images more impressive using text on them. Also, this makes it easier for audiences to understand your ad message at a glance. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, there is no rule to have only 20% text on Pinterest. However, we recommend keeping the text part a bit less in your images as it may cause fading of the appealing side of your pins.


Use Video Pins

Just like on any other social media platform, video ads get better engagement when compared with image ads. Pinterest video advertising has been getting quite popular, as pinners love the video content on Pinterest since it’s a fun and engaging way to interact with audiences. While publishing video pins, make sure that it should be short and crisp (straight to the point), which could help you to get the audience’s attention.


Offer Valuable Content

Most people look for content that brings the solution to them, like – ‘How to’ and inspirational content. If you use a Pinterest advert to sort out audiences’ problems by hitting on their pain points, you may increase your chances of getting a better click-through rate for your campaign.


So here we have shown you some of the popular Pinterest ad types that you can use to enhance your Pinterest marketing. Hopefully, after going through this blog post, you may have found some amazing ideas for your Pinterest advertising. Compared to other marketing platforms, Pinterest is still in its developing phase. However, it also brings you the immense opportunity to survive the competitive social media marketing space.

If you want to find more engaging Pinterest advertising ideas, use PowerAdSpy to check pins from top brands and creators. While you can also replicate their strategies and implement them in your marketing to ensure success in your Pinterest advertising.

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