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Make the Brightest ads for Diwali 2023

Diwali is upon us! If you are reading this article, you work with social media and trends, and you know how important this time of the year is for us to put out our products for the world to see and buy! Let us take a look at the best ads for Diwali in past to draw inspiration for Diwali 2023!

Wondering when is Diwali 2023? It’s on 12th November! Diwali brings everybody closer together. Diyas, lights, colorful rangolis, and family constitute Diwali for the world that celebrates the festival.

Celebrations like Diwali give brands and organizations the perfect opportunities to bond with their customers with their advertisements. Companies pour big money into Diwali ads to sever or culminate a relationship with their audience to reach out to them and try their products.

For marketers and social media managers, Diwali is the perfect time to take advantage of how much people use the Internet to accomplish last-minute tasks for the festivities. Small businesses and brands should provide additional ways to reach out to them using every means whether social media marketing, mobile advertising to gain maximum reach. And make themselves more accessible on search engines and social media platforms.

Diwali time has always been a space for brands and agencies to advertise their products to a large audience. As a result, brands set no limits, develop long-form stories, and do not compromise on production value. The sentimental stories of homecoming and escape from home are associated with catchy songs that feature products and messages from various brands. Working with supporters along with some signature themes is part of a trend going on for years.

This year, brands are seeing beyond family and friends. After spending the first half of this year trapped in four walls without work, many are so busy looking for small ways to support their families that they can’t celebrate the Festival of Light. People with odd jobs and many other Indians continue their work, some tied to their situation and others bound to their obligations.

This year, common themes such as unity, compassion, positivity, generosity, mutual encouragement, and small business support have emerged and have taken over the advertising space. The brands remind their audience to bring light and joy to their homes and others by sharing a small part of their happiness.

If you are a furniture store or an appliance seller with an online website or an offline store, you must curate trending and relevant content that your audience would enjoy. It is the fun part! It is on the creativity of the content creator how they can infuse their products or services with the trend or the feeling they want to evoke in their audience to persuade them to make a purchase.

Here are some of the best Diwali ad examples that you should watch before starting your own marketing campaign.

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Sensodyne is a toothpaste manufacturing brand specializing in finding solutions for teeth sensitivity and has a successful dominance over its audience. Diwali is never complete without mouth-watering dishes that everybody loves! And Sensodyne had no problem with it!



Watch how they decided to bring in the element of video calls in these pandemic times to share a malpua recipe between families and enjoy it together in a safe manner. The advertisement is an apt representation of how festivities can be enjoyed in a safe manner even during a pandemic, together with your family! Search for #ForTheLoveofFestiveFavourties to find more!

HP India


HP India decided to play with our emotions while giving small local businesses a shoutout simultaneously! The tear-jerking ad is a wonderful inspiration for ad content regarding Diwali 2021 as it encourages interaction with local vendors and brilliantly promotes their laptops and printers!

To support this advertisement, they put out a hashtag #GoLocal and got it trending on popular social media networks. It puts out a good sentiment in the public and sends a message to be generous and grateful for the blessings in life. Brilliant work by HP India!

Amazon Prime Video


Amazon Prime Video decided to be sarcastic with their message by asking their subscribers and watchers to spend some time with their families instead of watching their OTT shows cooped up inside rooms all alone. The advertisement was a satirical play on how these TV shows will forever be there to watch, but family time is vital and should be cherished while they can.

They came up with the hashtag #ApnoWaliDiwali by spreading their message with an advertisement featuring Pankaj Tripathi as Kaleen Bhaiya from Mirzapur that advises the viewers to spend some time with their loved ones instead of watching TV inside our rooms all alone.

Vivo India


Vivo’s ad “Live the Joy with your family” is cleverly organized around the hashtag  #JoyOfHomecoming. Vivo Diwali’s ad shows a depressed grandfather about being lonely at the Festival of Lights. But the new resident of the house kept the old man company and posted his bittersweet moments online via his Vivo phone, which finally touched the hearts of his son and his daughter that left the next day. The ad ends at home on a warm and happy note, where the family reunites.

TVS Credit Ltd.


TVS Credit Ltd. put out a vibrant advertisement that encouraged people to buy two-wheeler and consumer goods availing the loan facility provided by the organization. During Diwali and other festive seasons, brands tend to put out more offers and deals to lure customers in to try their products out.

This advertisement had actors click selfies and pictures of the goods they purchased with the said loan facility and asked their customers to tweet out their purchase stories with #MagicalDiwali on their socials to generate quality user-generated content!

Celebrations’ by Cadbury


Diwali ads and Cadbury go hand in hand. It’s been so many years that we have seen at least one Cadbury ad during these festive times, and that’s because their Holiday marketing team puts in solid efforts in determining what caters to their audience!

Last year, when the pandemic took over, and half of the world’s small businesses shut down, Cadbury took it on themselves to give these local businesses a massive shoutout through their ads and named the campaign “Not just a Cadbury Ad.” The campaign gave small local businesses a platform to advertise their business through Cadbury’s advertisement, and it brought forth the true value of Diwali: Celebrating and uplifting others so everyone can enjoy a happy Diwali, thanks to Cadbury!

Cadbury promoted local businesses and small brands like they did last year. The new advertisement features the family reunion, just in time for the holidays to be the face of their campaign in Diwali.

TATA Motors


Tata Motors came up with a #SilentDiwali Movie that educates viewers to celebrate Diwali in a quiet, more civil manner. This video encourages people to protect the environment by choosing electrical mobility solutions to build a sustainable future for India.

The ad focuses on one of the most vital characteristics of  electric vehicles, the containment of noise pollution, and highlights the underlying message that “the biggest statement is the quietest.”

The video begins with a young girl laughing with excitement to launch fireworks. On the contrary, the second scene shows how the natural chakras rotate while the flowerpots are melting in the thin air, how human behavior such as the bursting of fireworks pollutes the environment around us is affected.

Amid the noise shown in the video, the final scene shows a recording of India’s best-selling electric vehicle, the Nexon EV. It drives quietly with a low hum without increasing ambient noise. One thing to keep in mind is that the sound of the crackers were covered up by natural sounds like birds, etc.



Paytm boarded the “get your audience emotional” train with its advertisement for Diwali 2020. The ad showed how families could not travel and come together in festive times due to the pandemic and solved the problem in their way!

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It revolves around the notion that Paytm isn’t only for transferring money but also to share happiness with your loved ones across borders. It features people from all walks of life, from a wealthy person to a day-wage worker appealing to several country demographics at once! Brilliant indeed!

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