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How Humor Ads Can Level Up Your Social Media Engagement

Social media has taken a stronghold on the online industry pretty well in recent years, and one does not need to throw down the gauntlet to know why. Witnessing the hike in the number of Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and many more, you might already decipher, the competition is ENORMOUS.

But despite all the efforts, advertisers seem afflicted with the results of their social media engagement. However, there is this one niche that has dodged the bullet and has won this battle.

We all know what I am talking about; what was the last advertisement you remembered you saw on Social media and stayed inside your mind since then? HUMOR ADS!!!

You ever wondered how humorous advertisements make people share them and keep them engaging?

There is just something about humorous posts that makes your social media more delightful and fun. Humor has the potential to be an effective tool for encouraging people to feel good as it fosters positive emotions in people. Engaging your audience through emotional triggers and humor ads are actually pretty strategic when it comes to Social media engagement.

Consuming humorous content is far easier than creating it. The skills behind such content always go under the radar. However, if you manage to conquer this challenge for your advertisements, it will seem like the tip of the iceberg.

So, do you want to fill your advertisements with pretty savage touches of humor? To offer ads that get people laughing and keep them engaged throughout your social media platforms?

Well, now you can!

Just stay with us till the end of this blog for some amazing hand-picked strategies, and you will find yourself drafting ads that are far too amusing to handle and gradually boost your social media engagement.

Get The Humor Started & Level Up Your Social Media Engagement!

1- Surprise Your Audience


Have you ever tried to sit down and jot down relatable humor ideas? If not! Go on, give it a try. The jokes and banter that flow in casual talks with friends are not the same as the ads prepared for an audience with a humorous touch.

So how do you do it? The answer is — BREAK THE EXPECTATIONS!
Your followers are already aware of the type of content you post, captions you add, and many more. Some might also foretell about the content you are going to add next.

Take a gamble and shake things up because the humor comes in the spotlight when the prediction is off the mark. The idea is to instill a specific expectation in people’s heads, then laugh them off with a good advertisement filled with humor.

2- Strategic Use Of Humor

What is your view on advertisements filled with humor from start to the end? It makes no sense, right?

I’ll get straight to this point.

It is necessary to draw a clear line with how much humor to use along with where to use it. There is no doubt that comedy goes well with grabbing the attention of the audience. In fact, it can make a pretty immense impact if you include your favorite or go-to humorous tagline at the opening part of your video.

While you also need to make sure you focus on the central message that your brand has to deliver. So here comes the brainer part! Blend your Intro part with the primary message of your ad in such a way that it does not seem witty throughout and fosters your advertisement. Adding a few sarcastic remarks can also do wonders for your social media engagement posts as it can make your audience chuckle and leave an indelible impression.

Oh, wait! There’s still more….^-^

Make sure you also add a final touch of humor at the end of the video to spark a concluding laugh and leave an overall good impression.

3-Understand What Makes Your Audience Laugh

There are a few points that you need to consider — the laughing point and the triggering point. It makes it necessary to analyze the taste of your target audience to determine whether your social media game is on point or not. You are gearing yourself up for a disaster if you inject humor into your advertisements without knowing the audience’s likes, dislikes, and attitudes. However, if done right, you will effectively pull the best response.

So rather stay away from controversial topics, complex ideas, and jokes in bad taste. Perplexing humor may divert some users’ attention away from the main point of your advertisement, resulting in an unwanted reaction.

Unfortunately, no social media engagement metrics can let you analyze the sense of humor of your audience. However, tools like PowerAdSpy can help you search for a popular hashtag, trending content on social media platforms, and many more. You can get complete engagement insights into your competitive marketers to let you analyze your ads and boost customer engagement on social media.

4- Relatable Content

Before getting any deeper, let me ask you a question. What is Social media engagement? It is not rocket science. It all comes down to likes, comments, and shares, and many other things.

Let me now ask you another question. What types of content do you usually share with your friends? Isn’t that what you and your friend talk about the most or relate to the most.

There you go. You got the point. Relatability is crucial for any social media engagement. The more relatable advertisement you draft, the more engaging your social media pages would be. Try to shed light on the experiences that are very relatable to the audience. Take a quick example of Netflix’s wittiness.


The wittiness that Netflix holds has immense power. So now you know how to use humor in your advertisement content for your social media platforms.

Let us give you a free ride to the downsides of humor in your advertisement content. But before that: It’s time for a bonus tip.

BONUS TIP:- The effective use of tools like PowerAdSpy can ease your tasks by assisting you in implementing the above four tips with its broad features. Some of its features have explained below:

  • You can search ads with keywords that are related to your brand.
  • Figure out the call to action that works best in your niche. (You can add a humorous call to action button to seek your audience’s attention).
  • With its social media analytics, PowerAdSpy can give very accurate information on your competitor’s Geo-targets. It will assist you in identifying audiences who are likely to be interested in your product or services.
  • With PowerAdSpy, you can receive social ad engagement details. Social interactions can assist you in determining the types of advertising that are most effective in your area.


Humor —- A Double-Edged Sword!!!

social media engagement

Advertisements with the humorous genre can serve you with truckloads of benefits. But everything comes with downsides. Likewise, humor entails an inherent element of risk. If not done right, audiences can get the wrong message of your ads and can react poorly. While the following drawbacks are easily avoidable, they are worth considering before seeking a humor-based game plan.

1- Humor Can Be Outright Offensive:

While the subjective nature of humor can easily offend any of the followers, the audience can also regard your ad as insensitive, unprofessional, cringeworthy! After all, the audience’s reaction will always be the sole true barometer at the end of the day.

The problem lies within diverse individuals. We are bound with different lines and with different experiences. One thing that you can do to avoid this issue is by determining what can go over the line. But how??? Analyze the intent of the joke and understand that what you find amusing may not be funny to others.

2- Perception Blunder:

Who said there can be no misunderstanding between the audience and the humor creator. The perception with which the message wants to spread can differ from individual to individual.

Being humorous does not always mean laughs and tears of laughter and laughing out loud. But it also takes small responsibility of being misunderstood along with few reactions of anger. It can mess up your years of hard work, and your social media engagement may drop like crazy.

Whatever reactions it may be, but in the advertisement industry, you cannot take the risk of leaving the audience being misunderstood about a brand.

So how do humor and spreading the right message go hand in hand?

Well, here comes my part. What if I say that you can handle these circumstances very easily by following a few hidden mysteries that any advertisers might overlook.

  • Punchlines with hints- Give few indications in your punchlines so that the audience understands what you are trying to say. And if your issue is a touch contentious, include this section in your ad to make it more understandable.
  • Pull out all the stops- It is always a good option to follow the signs, and being clear with your ideas prior to any concept is misunderstood. You cannot pull the ad out, but if you are so unfortunate and things turn out the other way, go out and fight tooth and nail and make your audiences believe in you. It is always better to win back your audiences than to maintain your sense of being misunderstood.

You’ve Got Your Work Cut Out For You.

Advertisers have stopped taking humor for granted, which is understandable. Using humor in social media advertising content has become a standard practice. In fact, 90% of the viral advertisements that stayed in the minds of people were ads that were too humorous to handle. Believe it or not, humor has a universal appeal for making your ad content go viral.

Humor has proved to be a marketing strategy that is unifying, engaging, and effective at reaching a target audience. Many brands have already begun to implement this strategy in their marketing campaigns.

So, how to increase social media engagement? Do you want to get more conversions? Or, Do you want to drive more traffic to your social media?

In order to fulfill any of these social media goals, you need to build a connection with your audience. And PowerAdSpy will help you get there by being a true assistant. Along with boosting your social media engagement, it will make sure to implement the ads for your brands to maximize your return on investment.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog with some intriguing puzzles that were solved. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any interesting thoughts to offer. I would be delighted to hear them.