Turbo Ad Finder: The Ultimate Guide and Alternatives

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Turbo Ad Finder: The Ultimate Guide and Alternatives

For every marketer, the upfront task is to discover potential competitor ads that become cumbersome with time. A Chrome Extension such as Turbo Ad Finder comes to the rescue and helps filter your Facebook feed to display all posted ads. 

Turbo Ad Finder is a free Chrome Extension helpful in blocking usual posts on Facebook and keeping only Facebook Ads. After its sudden halt in 2019, Turbo Ad Finder has evolved in 2021, making it the only tool for finding ideas and products on Facebook. The extension is easy to install, find, and sell profitable products that are a perfect option for marketing and dropshipping professionals. 

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Turbo Ad Finder

The amazing plug-in for Google Chrome can disable entire organic content in your Facebook feed with a single click resulting in an organized and clean area to visualize your ads. Hence, this ad finder is perfect for easily finding your competitor’s ads or gaining huge inspiration from other advertisers. 

Turbo Ad Finder Features

This is a simple-to-use tool that is easily downloadable and effortlessly filters only Facebook ad posts on Facebook by clicking just the switch button. It is helpful to advertisers in the following ways,

Discover the best ad

Regularly filter out ads on Facebook to find recommended ones and select the best ad. This implies saving money on finding unwanted ads and directly picking from the desirable result.    

Analysis of rival advertiser style

Facebook’s advertiser center comprises several competitor advertisements. The industry’s trending tendency can be viewed clearly and used to compare various competitor advertisements. Additionally, we can also discover new niches and follow them.

Search creative inspiration

Creativity and strategy can be built by observing and comparing other marketers’ advertisements that excel in the industry. With the help of such comparisons, advertisers do find creative inspiration and come up with ideas that can be applied to their ads to find an outstanding position. 

Turbo Ad Finder Limitations

Though Turbo Ad Finder is a convenient tool, it has a few limitations. As it shows ads only in the newsfeed, when each ad is placed, it targets an audience suitable for the product. The performance of your Facebook account affects the ads displayed to you.

Best Turbo Ad Finder Alternatives

Due to the limitations of this tool, there are few alternatives available for Turbo Ad Finder that surpass its performance, though it does not sort only Facebook ads. Let us check some of them:


PowerAdSpy reveals the trending world of advertising marketing. Existing in the marketing industry marketers must be always updated with emerging technologies at all times. The tricks and tactics of marketing keep changing with time and one has to be attentive enough to keep up with the current pace. This way marketers can create powerful Facebook Ads with more optimization than their competitors. 

PowerAdSpy comprises the world’s largest database of Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Google, and Quora ads with almost 50 million ads already listed from 100+ countries with more than 50k ads added daily. PowerAdSpy allows you to,

  • Witness current live and past Facebook, Instagram, Quora, etc ads that win in all niches.
  • See their targeting countries, age groups, marital status, etc. 
  • See exactly where ad traffic of winners is being sent off.
  • Replicate other business winners.

Here is how PowerAdSpy is going to make your ad search easy,

  • It shows you exactly which ads are working so you don’t waste money on non-working ads.
  • Highlights the best-performing ads in your niche.
  • It shows you any competitors running ads with their landing pages so that you may see what works and replicate.
  • Gives you the largest ads library.
  • Search ads with the most likes, shares, or comments to see what users engage with most.
  • Allows you to better identify the audience you are targeting.
  • Shows you the best video ads working for your niche in today’s market.
  • Allows you to filter ads accordingly and shows you the right call to action for your campaign and niche.
  • Provides ad position filtering showing if ads perform better in the news feed or sidebar.
  • Funnel breakdown which shows you the winning ads.
  • Let’s find, select the winners, and copy the strategies. 



There are two versions of BigSpy: Chrome Extension and Website. It is an upgraded finder tool for Turbo Ad Finder. The digital marketing tool is a remarkable utility solution and a one-stop solution for ads across multiple social media platforms. They are useful for various internet user genres who wish to market their service base to a broad audience.

The multi-utility of BigSpy can handle multiple elements of digital business like spy on competitor activities across numerous platforms, getting inventive ads created, and tracking their performance.  

It can be integrated with various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, AdMob, Yahoo, and YouTube. It also helps users obtain product reviews, ad insights, and daily performance trends generated through the platform’s spy data and intelligence. BigSpy is an ultimate solution and a must-have tool for digital marketers to unearth competitor ad secrets with a limited budget plan.

BigSpy is also helpful to,

  • Download creative
  • Find various affiliate ads
  • Discover landing page analytics
  • View rival advertising strategy
  • Analyze best advertising copy, etc.

Hence, BigSpy can also be a wise alternative to Turbo Ad Finder Chrome Extensions for its powerful functions, huge database, and ease of use. 



Myadfinder is a Chrome Extension that helps refine ads viewed in the Facebook newsfeed. It lets you collect, save, and hunt trending ads automatically from the Facebook newsfeed. It shows only ads on your Facebook news, tags your favorite ads, and supervises reactions on ads that are tagged. 

Myadfinder is not automatic and requires manual refreshing of Facebook pages. It allows you to aggregate ads into one list, tag your favorite ads, and get back to your list anytime. It can also hide organic posts, so you need to keep scrolling to aggregate and add more ads to the list of your collected ads.

Myadfinder Features:

  • It is free to use.
  • The tool breaks down a Facebook ad by its structural data, allowing you to see FB collection ads, page links, ad copy, headlines, comments, likes, views, and shares.
  • It presents all sniped ads in one list allowing you to compare ads.
  • This tool allows you to hide all organic posts and hunt ads quickly. Hence, you need to scroll and refresh to find more ads.

To get the best of this extension, like and comment on each product that interests you and shop. Try to like more pages that promote your products if Facebook does not show ads for the first time. 

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Final Words

As a marketer, marketing a product does not involve a single strategy but an amalgamation of diverse techniques and tactics. The rise of new communication channels and digital transformation has paved the way to chase potential customers. 

Marketing strategies have changed drastically over the years. PowerAdSpy focuses on creating a database of ads that facilitates customers to use these ads to build their business based on their niche. Thus, you can now create ads for various social media channels compared to what your existing competitors are doing.