How Can You Optimize Facebook Stories And Its Related Aspects According To Your Marketing Goals?

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How Can You Optimize Facebook Stories And Its Related Aspects According To Your Marketing Goals?

Facebook has always been the most influential platform for marketers. Therefore, they give utmost importance to each and every aspect of Facebook when it comes to marketing their businesses through Facebook competitors ads.

As we all know, visuals are the most popular form of media, which get loved by social media users to the fullest nowadays. So, visual marketing has become a silver bullet for marketers in order to revive their business value in the market.

However, competition in the visual marketing landscape has increased immensely within the last couple of years.

The creation of visual content on platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat is already ruling the roost. Hence, making an unforgettable brand impact on viewers by using visuals is challenging.

Well, Facebook stories are yet not invaded the market. They are getting accepted by people, but competition in this specific panorama is still less fierce. So, as a gesture is more than enough to the wise, Facebook stories can be a perfect fit for your business marketing tactics in 2020.

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Holding this thought, in this blog, we will read about the most prominent marketing strategies for optimizing Facebook stories for your business.

Also, we will discuss a bit about how to drive inspiration regarding your Facebook stories adverts from your competitors ads. But, before that, just read out a few statements about what are Facebook stories and when they came into action.

What Are Facebook Stories And When They Came Into Action?

Facebook story feature got launched on March 28 in the year 2017. It was an initiative of Facebook for boosting more visual content on its platform. Like Instagram and Whatsapp stories, Facebook stories also remain live only for 24 hours after posting.

Facebook stories is a substantial way to enhance the visual credibility of your business on Facebook. So, you should make the most out of them for your brands and services.

According to the report by Marketing Land, now, you can also use Facebook stories ads to start a conversation on Messenger. Great! It’s like killing two birds with one stone. Isn’t it? Because, as we all aware, how absolute presence on Facebook messenger is a big deal to make and break your business. To know more about the marketing tactics to up your game on Facebook messenger.

Why Should Businesses Make Use Of Facebook Stories To Market Their Brand?



No wonder, Facebook is the biggest social media platform of this eon with 2.41 billion monthly active users, which are increasing every now and then. According to the Global Digital 2019 report, there are about 3.48 billion monthly active users in the world. In accordance with this, 70% of social media users make use of Facebook. That’s a huge number!!

The dominance of Facebook has become inevitable in the social media world. So, it’s time for you to optimize every single aspect of your business on Facebook, be it stories, ads, messenger, and all.

According to the latest statistics, Facebook stories has 500 million daily active users. So, by showcasing your brand with the help of Facebook stories, you can strengthen your marketing tactics as a whole at a much more extended level.

Best Strategies To Optimize Facebook Stories For Your Business Marketing: 

Content is the ultimate king as far as storytelling is concerned these days. Facebook stories are the best form of media you can use to combine visuals with a compelling story. It takes the attention of viewers in a very less amount of time. As a result, generate better engagement rate on your Facebook business page. Right!

These are some of the best ways you should use to channelize your marketing strategies with the help of Facebook stories. Have a look!

1. Know Everything About Your Audience:


Every kind of Facebook marketing somewhat starts with understanding your audience inside out. If you don’t know what your audience will like and whatnot, then I’m sorry, but you’re way behind in this race.

Before starting creating content for your Facebook stories, you should know all the inside details about your viewers. Such as their area of interests, passion, aptitudes, and more. Thus, you can seamlessly create Facebook brand stories according to all the insights of your audience.

There are a lot of Facebook analysis software available in the market, which you can use to know your audience. However, Facebook Insights & Facebook Analytics are the best tools that I would like to recommend to you.

By using them, you can look after all the interactions of your business page. Besides, you can also track likes, views, reach, and more.

With the use of the Facebook Analytics tool, marketers get to know insights about the engaged audience. Also, the ways by which they are interacting with your business page.

Well, you can use any tool as per your wish. However, always make sure you get exact and reliable information regarding your audience. So that, you cannot end-up assuming things, which are not authentic according to your business point-of-view.

2. Think Out Of The Box: 


As we can see, the ways of brand storytelling have changed drastically in the last few years. It’s not wrong to say that content has really taken the front seat in every possible manner.

If your content ideas don’t offer people to see something unique and creative, then they will definitely shun your Facebook engagement metrics. Got it!

There are tactics you can use for creating new and approachable content for your stories like brainstorming. It’s like a gathering of creatives to come up with something fresh and unique.

Yes, always coming up with new ideas regarding making compelling Facebook stories is difficult. But, not impossible. The art of digging deep down on the web can really provide you with new ideas for the content of your Facebook stories ads.

You can look up to your competitors for taking inspiration concerning more and more fresh ideas. I hope you agree with me on this. Your competitors ads can help you greatly in relation to this.

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3. Track Your Competitor’s Facebook Ads: 


No doubt, Facebook advertising has become an essential source of revenue generation for businesses. But, making the most out of it is difficult. Because there’s a lot of competition amongst marketers, advertisers, and companies as a whole.

So, putting your best foot forward is challenging when it comes to Facebook advertising landscape. But, the best you can do here is tracking your competitors ads.


Here we have one of the best Facebook ad intelligence tools with us called Poweradspy. By using this tool, you can look after your competitors ads like a professional.


By using this Facebook ads spy tool, you can track insights about Facebook ads on the grounds of CTA, Location, Keywords, and much more.

So, in this way, your competitor ads can give you new perspectives and ideas, which can help you immensely in creating the best of the best content for Facebook stories adverts.

4. Adapt Problem-Solving Approach:


It’s a fact that nobody wants to see content that only revolves around your business. It’s one of the biggest mistakes, which marketers do while creating Facebook stories. In order to promote their business via Facebook stories, they end-up creating content that starts with the praise of their brand and ends with that only.

So, you can adapt problem-solving approaches regarding not making your content sound overly promotional. So that people can feel a sense of relevancy while watching your Facebook brand stories.

Businesses with extraordinary content marketing strategies, at first, discover the pain points of their audiences and accordingly create content. And do brand promotion by offering solutions to the problems of their audience.

Hence, Facebook stories, which will get created by keeping this perspective in the first place, never make your audience feel annoyed.


These were some of the best strategies you can follow to foster Facebook stories for your business marketing.

Facebook stories are reaching more and more audience with time. And as I have discussed above, it is still not that shadowed with the competition. That’s why it’s the right time for you to grab the nuances to make attractive Facebook stories for your brand.

Do you have some tactics to improve Facebook stories optimization for businesses? If yes, then comment in the section below. I’m waiting for your response.