Facebook Ads Research Tips & Ad Spy Tools For Best Performance Of Your Media Buying Campaigns

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Facebook Ads Research Tips & Ad Spy Tools For Best Performance Of Your Media Buying Campaigns

Are you struggling to get organic visitors to your website through Facebook? So, you might be considering investing in Facebook ads?

You are not alone.

There has been an exponential increase in the Facebook’s advertisement revenue from 2009-2017.

You can’t argue with numbers. The figure shows that marketers are increasingly investing in Facebook ads.

After the last update, the organic reach on Facebook is tending to almost zero. Therefore, marketers have no other option but to spend on paid ads to get traffic from Facebook.

Now, you might be thinking of how you can also reap the benefits from the ads. Let me tell you; it is not as easy as it was before the update. The competition has become so dense that the marketers are trying to add all their skills even in designing the ad.

Creating ads that can beat competitors and get the maximum engagement rates can be more than just tough.

You need to up your game.

How do you do that?

You need to do a lot of work before getting your hands dirty with the actual creation of the ad. Here is a stepwise process of researching for your next Facebook advertisement in an organised way:

  1. Target Audience– First thing first, creating the audience persona is the preliminary step to any marketing campaign. It holds right here as well. Before you decide to create an ad, you’ll need to know who you are targeting. Building an audience persona involves understanding their likings, dislikings, challenges and motivating factors, etc.
  2. Your Ad Idea– Now you need a clear picture of what your ad needs to convey. Research about what your competitors are doing and what is working for them.
  3. Create Your Ad– Now that you’re ready with all the necessary stuff; create an ad and start experimenting.

These points may sound easy at first but when you dive deeper, be prepared for the hiccups. After you have created your audience persona, the first challenge is the competitor analysis and finding out what works for them.

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Keeping An Eye On What Works And What Not

In-depth research is required to understand what works and what not. Your competitors are not going to tell you that, and so you are on your own.

Moreover, most of the other competitors (the other smart ones) might also be doing the same. So the question is what is going to help you stand out from the crowd.

The answer is the level of smartness you’re going to put in in your research. The better you understand your competitor’s strategy more are the chances of you beating them in their game.

Are you ready to put on your Sherlock’s hat?

So, here is a list of questions that you need to focus on while spying and gathering information about your competitors (after you create a list of your competitors)”-

Whom Are They Targeting (Industry And Audience)?


Female or Male? Children or Adults? Your audience is your priority when it comes to creating ads. You need to know who is most engaging with your competitors via advertisements because they are going to be your targeted audience as well.

Which Kind Of Ads Are They Using The Most?

There are indeed a lot of ad types like Video Ads, Lead Magnets, Multi-Product Ads, Offer Ads, etc. You need to know what kind of ads they are using the most because that is going to be the most popular kind of campaign in your niche.

Engagement Rates

Without any doubts, we create ads to engage our audience. Therefore, engagement metrics becomes a vital parameter to focus. Study all their ads and find out what kind of ads are getting maximum engagement.

What Are The Keywords That They Use?

Keywords act as the soul of any marketing strategy. To make the best ads, you’ll need to know what keywords work the best for your niche. Take a look at your competitor’s ad units and create a list of best keywords.

What Are Their Pluses And Minuses?

Every company is different in a way, and so are their products, you need to know what is your competitor’s plus points and minus points. Think about what value can your brand add to the same kind of ads and get more engagement.

On What Are Your Competitor Focusing?

Is it leads or email ids or direct sales? What is the goal of your competitors that they want to achieve through the ads?

Landing Pages-

The second place where your audience would go after clicking the ad is the landing page of your competitor. You need to check out what is that page conveying and how your competitor is leveraging it?

I understand that with each point you were reading, the question “How” was haunting you at each stage. How to know whom your competitors are targeting, which kinds of ads are working for them etc.

So, the above information can be collected using FB ads spying tools.

There are plenty of tools out there intended for spying on competitors, but not all of them are worthy enough. Choose the tools wisely.

PowerAdSpy: The Best Tool For Analyzing Your Competitor’s Ads


Just like a warrior needs a sword, you also need a perfect tool to keep an eye on your competitors. PowerAdSpy is what you need in the quest. Through PowerAdSpy, you can track all activities of your competitors related to their ad campaigns (like creative angles, landing pages, engagement stats, etc.) through a single dashboard.

Here Are Few Key Features Of PowerAdSpy-

PowerAdSpy is the most promising Facebook ad spy tool in the market. The perfectly designed dashboard help the user navigate smoothly thereby providing an excellent user experience. Some of its key features are:

Search & Filtering Options

With PowerAdSpy’s advanced search and filtering option, you can search by

  1. keywords,
  2. advertisers or
  3. domains

and classify them by likes, shares, comments and date.

Lander Properties

This is yet another unique feature of PowerAdSpy, designed explicitly for affiliate marketers. It enables you to spy on your competitors and see which affiliate offers they are promoting.

Filter By Ad Positions

You can quickly research the ads of your interest and categorise those ads by the position in the News Feed and Side Locations to know what works the best for your industry.


PowerAdSpy allows you to check out the ads live, directly through the platform and analyse the real engagement and your audience’s opinion on the advertisement.

Decide the Call to Action

Without a specific call-to-action, an ad is incomplete. PowerAdSpy lets you check and analyse what kind of call to actions work best for your niche/ industry.

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With more than 2 billion active users and ability to micro-target, Facebook becomes the preferred choice of marketers. However, without a proper strategy and competitor analysis, it is difficult to break the dense clutter of competitors.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree; I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”- Abraham Lincoln.

Such is the importance of a spy tool in your marketing efforts. Therefore, choose a smart tool for more intelligent analysis, so that you create the best ad.