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Facebook ad image size-a guide to do it right

Numerous Facebook users are using ads to grow their business. But do they know how a successful Facebook ad should look like? Or what is the proper ad image size? In this article, you will learn about Facebook ad image size.

We will teach you what it is and how you can work on it in order to look fabulous and to attract your targeted audience. Examples of successful businesses that are using ads will be also provided.

So…what is a Facebook ad?

If you’re looking for an easy and fast way to grow your business, you might be thinking of using Facebook ads. They are basically paid advertising on social media. Before getting started, you need to set a goal for your ads and to ask yourself what you want to achieve through them.

Setting a goal for your Facebook ads will make their impact measurement easier. If you know what your expectations are, you will be able to make all the necessary adjustments in real time.

What is the best Facebook ad size image?


Now that you have the main idea of what a Facebook ad is, it’s time to move forward. We will talk about the proper Facebook ad size image. Below you will find Facebook ads best practices that will help your business grow significantly.

  • Always choose a picture that is directly related to your products or services
  • Use an enjoyable picture; even if it’s a small size one-it has to be eye-catching and bright.
  • Choose a simple image instead of one with many visual details or text.

Image size

A Facebook ad will have maximum results if you will make sure that it has the correct measure and size. Facebook has a recommendation when it comes to this: no smaller than 600 and with 1200 pixels wide.

Image Shape

Make sure that your ad image is landscape.

Happy, happy, joy, joy

Show happiness through your Facebook ads. Many successful businesses are simply showing people smiling or laughing in order to attract their targeted audience. And this seems to be working, as being happy is the most beautiful feeling, isn’t it?


When working out on your Facebook ad size image, also make sure that your brand logos will fit in your ad. Even if it will take some time for people to recognize your logo, this will become a powerful indicator of your business in time.



Facebook uses a blue and white color scheme. In order for your ad to be visible, you may want to use different colors. Otherwise, people will not notice your advertising even if you  use the right Facebook ad size image.

Funny or odd

Think about the specifics of your business when creating the ad image. You can use funny or odd images. It is proven that they will help you in growing your business. People are attracted by funny pictures and they will perceive you as being funny and sociable. Let’s keep it clear: only use these types of images if you think they are adequate for your business. If not, you may think of something else.

Test your images

After you set up the best Facebook ad size image, you can test some of your images to see which of them has the desired result through your online audience. You can use one of the online tools to measure the impact of two advertisements running at the same time and see which of them had the best performance.

Successful ads and successful brands

Seat has grown its brand awareness about a car launch through Facebook video ads.

Mars UK has significantly increased its sales for a new product by using Facebook video ads.

Nutella Germany is another example of using the proper Facebook ad size image. Chocolate sales were boosted through Facebook ads.


You may also want to know:

  • what your competitors are sharing
  • what brings them success
  • which of their posts are most liked
  • what the targeted audience is attracted in.

In this case, you can spy on your competitors and this is not a secret. If your competitors are running successful businesses and are visible in the online environment, you can learn many useful things from them. And it’s good to know that you can do this through an online tool called PowerAdSpy.

PowerAdSpy-the tool for you

PowerAdSpy has numerous features that will help you during your research activities. First, you will have an advanced search option. You will be able to find specific results for your targeted audience by applying a gender, relationship status, age etc. filter.

The main feature of this application is spying on your competitors. One single dashboard will allow you to check your competitors’ campaigns and keep evidence of their ads.

With PowerAdSpy you will be able to see the audience behind the ads that you are interested in. You will see the results through detailed statistics and analytics reports.

PowerAdSpy is available for $49 per month.

This article was a Facebook ad size image guide. You now have the information you need to create and run a successful ad. The online environment is changing continuously and only the ones who are up to date with everything that happens have real chances of growing their businesses and keeping them on top. Keep your content short, simple, and always make sure you only provide high-quality. Instead of over-promoting, make sure that you always provide positive customer experience. Let people see the person behind the brand and constantly ask for their feedback.

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