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All You Need to Know About the Ad Copy

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving world. Businesses need to adapt their strategies on the go. But despite the technological advancements and innovations we see daily, there’s one thing that remains constant regardless of the many changes around us: writing ad copy.

Learning how to use ad copy effectively on Facebook and on any social media platform actually, is crucial for the success of your social media advertising campaign. Although on Facebook the focus is on images and the message conveyed by them, pictures alone are not that compelling without a powerful message. A good ad copy will increase the reach and potential of your business and will help you get more customers.

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How ad copy works

Facebook ad copy is a very important element of any ad campaign and is a specific type of content. Its aim is to get the reader to respond to your message or take action. It is, basically, the first interaction between the advertiser and the customer. More precisely, it is the former’s attempt to convince the latter to make a purchase.

The purpose of ad copy is to increase the odds of making a sale by highlighting the key features and benefits of a product or service. Via the ad copy, the customer must find out what they will get by making a purchase.


Used properly, Facebook ad copy can be very effective in increasing the conversion rates and, subsequently, the profitability of a business. The easiest way to achieve this is by showcasing the benefits of a product in a way that appeals to customers, in a way they can relate to.

In just a few words, a great ad copy must draw attention, pique people’s interest, generate desire, and invite them to take action. And there are three elements any ad copy should have: keywords, present the benefit, and a clear call-to-action.

Best practices for effective ad copywriting


Answer a need or solve a problem with your copy

The most successful ads usually respond to a need or problem a potential or existing customer might have. Every advertiser must design the ad copy by asking some questions regarding the audience. What are their interests? Which are their problems? What do they need? How can my product solve those problems or cater to those needs?

In short, businesses must sit down, think about what the user wants to accomplish. Based on this, phrase their ad copy in a way that appeals to that specific desire.

Trigger emotions with your ad copy

It has been proven that powerful ads include emotional triggers. Human emotions can provoke an incredibly powerful response.  The emotional responses you will try to obtain depend on what you’re offering and what effect you want these emotions to have on your prospects. Both positive and negative emotions can have great results. The use of connective language (“Tell us what happened,” “We can help you,” etc.) and clever phrasing can be very effective in getting your message across.

Be simple, short and authentic

When writing Facebook ad copy, keep in mind that this is a social platform. Users scroll through an endless feed and only stop when something really sparks their interest. Less is more so don’t overload your ads with information.

To be effective, an ad should be short, clear, informal, and use natural language. Try to create an authentic voice for your brand through your ads. An ad that sounds like a real person is more likely to be successful. So keep it simple and tell people what you’re offering, how it can help them and why they would want it, and what they need to do now.

Use other users’ testimonials


Successful Facebook ads tell a story and people usually need some proof or confirmation that the product/service advertised is trustworthy. That’s why client testimonials are very useful in social ad campaigns. Businesses advertising on Facebook can include success stories involving their products in their follow-up ads and can use comments or messages from existing clients.

If you are using testimonials, focus on the benefits of your products. People are always interested in how you can make their life easier.

Write keyword-rich display URLs

Many advertisers overlook the importance and potential of the display URL. And that is very wrong. It can have a great impact on the success of their campaigns. The display URL can serve two purposes: it can be relevant to the copy of your ads and it should include your top keywords. This increases the chances of your ad to appear in search results.

Make sure the ad copy goes with the visuals

Matching your text to the image or video you are using for your ad is paramount in designing a successful ad campaign. If the copy and the image don’t line up, viewers will be left wondering what the ad is actually advertising. This obviously makes them more unwilling to click on your ad.

Focus on a clear call-to-action

The most effective Facebook ads have a clear goal and this is reflected in the call-to-action. Decide whether you want to increase brand awareness, get a lead, drive traffic to your site or sell a product. Based on this, choose the appropriate call-to-action. Without this, those who see your ad won’t know what to do next.

Lead with the numbers

Advertisers who want to promote a product must be upfront about the numbers. Clients usually want to know how much they have to pay for what you are offering, or if it’s a sale, what’s the discount, and so on. So be honest and offer them the information right away.


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Facebook ads can be very effective in increasing the profitability of your business, as long as you offer a great ad copy for your ads. A catchy and compelling ad copy complements the attractive image you use and tells customers everything they need to know. The image is the first thing they see, but the ad copy is where you have the opportunity to convince them you have what they need.