5 Facebook Ad Tools for Marketers

  Social Media holds an ultimate power source that can help you boost your business in no time. Marketers and entrepreneurs leverage social media to achieve their marketing goals and attract an audience for their business.   Facebook having more than 2 billion active users and 1.47 billion daily active users enjoys being the main […]

How to use Facebook Messenger Ads for your Business

When talking about social media marketing, how can we forget Facebook? There is no doubt that Facebook has a better and bigger audience than any other social media channel. Furthermore, it also provides a better scope for targeting a specific audience.   But are you leveraging all the features of Facebook? Or you are still […]

Stepwise Guide to Facebook Retargeting Ads

  Did you know that 96% of your visitors don’t wish to buy from? All they do is enter your website, wander a little and then abandon it. Sounds quite depressing, right? Furthermore, they forget about your website, once they close the tab and that is even more depressing. So what to do for those […]

Different Types of Facebook Ads Marketers can Design

  Advertising has been the primary source of getting more customers and spreading words regarding your products or services for ages. And now that the internet era has come, a huge part of advertisements has shifted from print media to online platforms. Facebook being the biggest social media platform enjoys the majority of advertisements among […]

How to Target Audience for Facebook Ads

With the change in the Facebook algorithm and a sudden decrease in the organic reach, Facebook ads have become the last resort for the marketers to fetch traffic. Facebook’s revenue from ads has been exponentially increasing over the past years- from USD 764 million in 2007 to USD 39942 million in 2017.   However, merely […]