How Facebook Marketplace Ads Can Boost Your Business?

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How Facebook Marketplace Ads Can Boost Your Business?

In this ever-evolving digital world, the world has transformed into a global village, bringing people closer to each other.

It has opened new windows for businesses to market and sell their products to a broad range of consumers.

Thanks to that, it has become easier for sellers to market their products and services by minimizing the concern of distance.

If any seller establishes its online presence, it will gain several opportunities to sell anything and become virtually limitless. However, even if you don’t have an eCommerce website, there are free platforms, using which you can sell your products or services online.

Facebook marketplace is a similar e-commerce platform developed by Meta, designed to connect sellers and buyers in a unified marketplace.

In this blog, we will discuss more about the Facebook marketplace and some tools that can aid you in upscaling your business.

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What Are Facebook Marketplace And Facebook Marketplace Ads?

Facebook is a leading social media platform with a growing user base contributing to increasing market size. Following this, they introduced the Facebook marketplace. As for now, it records 3.05 billion monthly active users with massive buying potential that can benefit businesses.

The Facebook marketplace is an e-commerce platform where you can enlist your products to sell them online. On the other hand, sellers can also use Facebook marketplace ads using Meta Ads Manager to place their advertisements on its marketplace.

Facebook users can easily access this marketplace platform to search for the relevant products they want to purchase. Thanks to that, it creates a massive opportunity for sellers to list their products on the marketplace and gain more exposure for their business.

Here, sellers can offer diverse ranges of products, from clothing to shoes, smartphones to vehicles, whether new or unused. Also, you have an option to sell real estate properties.

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Benefits of Facebook marketplace ads for a business

There are some exclusive features of the marketplace that you should be aware of for your business.

With 1 billion monthly visitors, strategic and precise targeting can bring you more conversions within a decent budget.
Facebook marketplace ads are cost-effective and budget-friendly compared to traditional marketing strategies, as they cost less per impression and click, improving your total ROI and maximizing returns.

Facebook marketplace ads bring your customers closer to your business. It enables your customers to directly connect with you via messenger, establishing direct communication between you and your customers and ensuring transparency in your deal.

Selling on Facebook marketplace allows businesses to enlist their products for free, but some features are paid for business only.
It allows you to target your customers precisely by their interests, behavior, and demographic factors.
Businesses can retarget their customers based on their previous purchases, interest, and website visits.

Tips to Run Facebook Marketplace Ads Efficiently

To run a successful marketing campaign, here are some tips that can be helpful for your marketing campaigns.

Create a customer persona for precise targeting

Customer persona means creating a customer profile to research the customers’ interests, buying patterns, problems, and demographic details. Precisely targeting is selecting the right audience so that your ads reach a potential customer, not an irrelevant audience. Facebook helps to deliver your ads to its target audience.

Optimize your budget for maximum ROI


Running ads on Facebook requires a budget. Proper utilization of budget delivers better performance of ads. You can allot budgets depending on your goals and campaign performance. Though Facebook’s algorithm helps you optimize your budget, you should make some decisions manually. Let us discuss some strategies for budget optimization.

  • Ad set budget optimization – If you have a limited budget. Perform test ads with minor variations of location, audience, etc, to determine which ad performs well. Facebook automatically allocates the budget to each ad set as per their performance. It gives you more control over your ads. It is called Ad set budget optimization.
  • Campaign budget optimization – If you have a big budget, you can go for campaign budget optimization. Adding a single budget on a campaign level optimizes the overall campaign at the ad set level.


In the digital market, visuals create first impression. Creating visually appealing Facebook marketplace ads attracts customer attention. High-quality visuals help to create a brand identity and convey your message clearly to your audiences. Create high-quality images and graphics to acquire audience attention as they scroll through the marketplace.

Designing high-quality creatives, compelling ad copy, targeting relevant audiences, and drafting strategies are some of the most necessary aspects of marketing that require a lot of time and resources. Sometimes, you need a tool to assist you in these various aspects of marketing, so here we will learn about such tools.

Tools To Enhance Your Marketing Campaign

Marketing is about engaging your audience and converting them into customers using unique ideas, strategies, and creatives. To cover these aspects, We will discuss two powerful tools that can make your marketing journey easier.


canvaCanva is a free tool used to create visually appealing creatives and graphics. Through Canva, you can create presentations, social media posts, images, and videos and design YouTube thumbnails with some easy clicks. You can find several free templates, designs, and creatives available, so you do not run out of ideas. Using Canva, you can play with texts and colors, add mockups, and design ad creatives for your campaign.

Another exciting feature of Canva is that you do not need to search for images, Canva has integrated DAll-e AI to generate high-quality images with appropriate prompts and descriptions.



PowerAdSpy is an AI-powered Facebook ads spy tool that brings 360-degree solutions for your marketing campaigns. It encompasses data of millions of ads across 100 plus countries. With this powerful tool, you can spy on your competitors and track their performance. This tool empowers you to spy on Facebook ads on real-time live ads and their creatives in images and videos, so you get inspired and take ideas from that successful ad campaign. Using PowerAdSpy, you can find ads based on your niche keywords and can sort those ads by dates, shares, likes, and comments and know about your competitors. Another mind-blowing feature of this tool is that you can bookmark your best ads and analyze their data like engagement, reach, likes, etc.

Facebook ads library

The Facebook ads library is a free tool by Meta, comprised of a database of ads from different countries that allow users to go through active and inactive ads on Facebook and Instagram. You can find data related to advertisers, names, ads spent, demographic details, and impressions. Meta designed it to promote transparency so that users can know different types of ads. It is a good tool for social media marketing.

How To Enlist Your Products On The Facebook Marketplace

One of the best features of the Facebook marketplace is that it allows you to enlist your products for free. Note enlisting your products is a free feature, but running ads on it is paid. Here are some simple steps that you can follow to add your products.

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Select the marketplace tab.
  • Click sell.
  • Select your category.
  • Add price, category condition, and description.

How To Post Ads On Facebook Marketplace

If you are confused about how to place your Facebook ads on Ad Manager, here is a step-by-step guide to help you how to post ads on Facebook marketplace.

  • Go to your Facebook ads manager.
  • On your Facebook ads manager, click Create.create-ad-campaign
  • Then select any of your objectives that define your goal, from awareness, traffic, engagement, leads, app promotion, and sales.campaign-objective
  • For the campaign level, set your campaign name and Special ad category level, if applicable.campaign-name
  • Next, move on to the ad set level.
  • Select your performance goal.performance-goal
  • Select the Facebook page where you want to advertise and add bid control if applicable.
  • Set a budget and schedule a time and date.schedule-budget
  • At audience controls, select location, age, and language.
  • For more precise targeting, go to the advantage audience. It allows you to narrow down your audience for more accuracy.
  • Here, you can select age and gender and include custom audiences if you have created them earlier.
  • You can narrow down your audiences through detailed targeting based on demography, behavior, and interest.
  • Next, go to the placement option, where you have to place your ad.placement-option
  • In the placement section, select manual placement and go through it. Select Facebook
  • Moving on to the ads level, you can add your creatives for Facebook marketplace ads.
  • Finally, you can publish your ads. Click on the publish button, and your campaign will be live.publish-button


Although selling on the Facebook marketplace is free, some of its features are paid. Businesses can sell their products organically or by paid means. Facebook marketplace ads are a placement option by meta, which can boost your conversion rate with a decent budget. You learned how to post ads on Facebook marketplace.

Running ad campaigns on social media involves various efforts. If you are worried about such lengthy work, we have discussed some tools to simplify your marketing problems.