The Ultimate Cheat Sheet Of Reddit Ads Specs And Size

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet Of Reddit Ads Specs And Size

Are your Reddit Ads causing more frustration than fascination? We get it. The struggle is real. In a world where every pixel counts, navigating the maze of Reddit ad specs and sizes can feel like an uphill battle.

If you’ve ever found yourself staring at lackluster results, feeling the pain of missed opportunities, you’re not alone. Get ready to rewrite the rules and break free from the ordinary.

In this blog, we’re not just decoding Reddit ad specs and Reddit ad sizes; we’re unlocking the potential for your brand to become a legend in the vibrant tapestry of Reddit’s diverse communities. Let the cobwebs of doubt fall away as we make your Reddit Ads the legend they should have been all along.

Are you ready to transform pixels into poetry?

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What Are Reddit Ad Types?


Reddit offers various ad types to cater to different marketing objectives and engage with its diverse user base. Some of the popular Reddit ad types include:

Text Ads: These simple text-based ads display your message on Reddit. They are easy to create and can be highly effective in reaching a wide audience.

Image Ads: These ads feature an image and a call to action button, making them more eye-catching and engaging than text ads.

Video Ads: Video ads allow you to engage your audience with compelling video content, driving awareness and encouraging action.

Carousel Ads: Carousel ads enable you to share multiple images or gifs in a single ad unit, maximizing ad space and building a deeper relationship with your audience.

Conversation Placements: These ads drive incremental reach beyond the Reddit Feed and engage users when they’re most leaned-in.

High-Impact Offerings: These include high-impact Reddit Takeover, which maximizes your impact with a wide-reaching package, and Category Takeover, which owns top communities in your target category for 24 hours or more.

Reddit’s targeting capabilities are interest-based, allowing you to reach subscribers and visitors of a subreddit based on topics they engage with. You can also choose from various targeting options, such as locations, interests, community, device, and time of day

To create a successful ad campaign, it’s essential to research and become familiar with relevant Reddit ad specs, tailor campaigns to resonate with subreddit subscribers, and test different ad formats, targeting options, and ad copy to see what works best for your business.

5 Reddits Ad Specs For You To Understand

Image|Reddit Ad Specs

  • Headline: 300 characters
  • Supported formats: JPG, PNG, GIF (GIF files are accepted but will be converted into an image)
  • File size: 3MB max
  • Recommended aspect ratios: 1:1 square; 4:5 portrait; 4:3 landscape; 16:9 landscape
  • Recommended resolutions: 1080×1080 square, 1080×1350 portrait, 1440×1080 landscape, 1920×1080 landscape
  • Thumbnail: Displays at 400×300 pixels
  • Thumbnail file size: 500KB max
  • Destination URL: Required
  • Display URL: Optional
  • Comments: Enable or disable
  • Call-to-action: Choose from available CTAs (optional)

Carousel|Reddit Ad Specs

  • Headline: 300 characters
    To avoid truncation across placements & devices, Reddit recommend limiting the headline to 90-100 characters across feed and conversation placements
  • Caption: 50 characters, appears under card image
  • Images: 2–6 images, 1200×1200 pixels, for desktop-only campaigns we also support 1200×628 pixels
  • Supported formats: JPG, PNG, GIF
  • Aspect ratio: 1:1 or 16:9
    *It is recommended to use uniform aspect ratios for all images when targeting feed placements for best performance
  • File size: 20MB max each, (3MB for GIFs, 3–10s in length)
  • Thumbnail: Displays at 400×300 pixels, recommended for classic mode viewing
  • Thumbnail file size: 500KB max
  • Destination URL: Required for each card. The URL can be the same across cards or different. Note: URLs must start with HTTPS and can’t end in a semicolon.
    *For carousel ads in conversation placement the first card destination URL will also be the CTA button and headline URL
  • Display URL: Optional
  • Comments: Enable or disable
  • Call-to-action: Choose from available CTAs (optional)

Video|Reddit Ad Specs

  • Headline: 300 characters
  • Supported formats: MP4, MOV (ProRes not accepted)
  • File size: 1GB max
  • Recommended aspect ratios: 1:1 square; 4:5 vertical; 4:3 classic; 16:9 full landscape
  • Recommended length: 0:05–0:30s
  • Maximum length: 15:00 minutes
  • Frame rate: Up to 30FPS
  • Autoplay: native video (direct upload) will autoplay and third-party videos will be click-to-play
  • Thumbnail: Displays at 400×300 pixels, select from the video or upload your own

        *We recommend uploading a thumbnail that has the same aspect ratio and resolution as your video for optimal user experience.

         *When adding your thumbnail, you can choose to upload a high-resolution image. This is recommended to avoid pixelation when the thumbnail is expanded in card view.

  • Thumbnail file size: 500KB max
  • Destination URL: Optional
  • Display URL: Optional
  • Comments: Enable or disable
  • Call-to-action: Choose from available CTAs (optional)

Text|Reddit Ad Specs

  • Headline: 300 characters
  • Body: 40,000 characters
  • Comments: Enable or disable

Conversation Placement|Reddit Ad Specs

  • Headline: Headlines will be truncated to 100 characters on mobile/mobile web and 250 characters on desktop.
  • Thumbnail: We strongly recommend a 400×300 thumbnail which renders best in conversation placement. If a 400×300 thumbnail isn’t provided, we’ll use the standard 1200×628 image, but resizing may impact image quality.
    For carousel ads, you can choose to run multiple aspect ratios. The height of all cards will be the same but there can be varying widths for each image.
  • Not supported: Text-only ads. A placeholder image will be added if no image/video post is uploaded to the conversation.

Premium Takeover units|Reddit Ad Specs

Premium Takeovers are reserved for managed advertisers on a CPM model. If you’re interested in a Takeover, reach out to our managed services team. Most of Reddit Takeovers utilize the Promoted Post specs above (image and video).

  • Supported formats: JPG, PNG
  • File size: 150KB max
  • Top banner resolution: Above the fold, 300×600 pixels or 300×250 pixels
  • Sticky banner resolution: Below the fold, 300×250 pixels
Trending tile on Popular & Search pages
  • Headline: 15 characters
  • Sub-headline: 50 characters (desktop only)
  • Mobile card image: 219×96 pixels
  • Desktop card image: 237×178 pixels
  • Supported formats: JPG or PNG
  • Thumbnail: Displays at 105×105 pixels in the Steady State search unit
  • Thumbnail file size: 1MB max
Promoted Post on Trending page
  • Headline: 300 characters
  • Supported formats: JPG, PNG, MP4, MOV
  • Image resolution: 1200×628 pixels
  • Image file size: 3MB max
  • Video frame rate: 30FPS
  • Video displays at: 1.9:1 aspect ratio
  • Thumbnail: Displays at 400×300 pixels
  • Thumbnail file size: 500KB max
  • Destination URL: Optional
  • Call-to-action: Choose from available CTAs (optional)
Vertical video placement
  • Headline: 150 characters
  • Supported formats: MP4, MOV (ProRes not accepted)
  • File size: 1GB max
  • Recommended aspect ratios: 9:16 vertical; 4:5 vertical; 1:1 square
  • Accepted aspect ratios: 4:3 classic; 16:9 full landscape
  • Recommended length: 0:05–0:30s
  • Frame rate: Up to 30FPS
  • Autoplay: native video (direct upload)
  • Thumbnail: recommended
  • Thumbnail file size: 500KB max
  • Destination URL: Optional
  • Comments: On or Off
  • Call-to-action: Choose from available CTAs (optional)
Video spotlight unit
  • Headline: 150 characters
  • Supported formats: MP4, MOV (ProRes not accepted)
  • File size: 1GB max
  • Recommended aspect ratios: 9:16 vertical only
  • Recommended length: 0:05–0:30s
  • Frame rate: Up to 30FPS
  • Autoplay: native video (direct upload)
  • Destination URL: Optional
  • Comments: Off (default)
  • Call-to-action: Choose from available CTAs (optional)
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Read More:


How Much Do Reddit Ads Cost?


The cost of Reddit ads is determined by a bid-based system, offering flexibility for advertisers to set budgets based on their preferences. This system operates on a cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) or cost-per-click (CPC) model.

Advertisers bid on the maximum amount they are willing to pay for their ads to be displayed or clicked. The specific factors influencing Reddit ad costs include the bid amount, targeting options, ad type, geographic targeting, and ad placement. Advertisers with higher bids increase their chances of securing ad space but may incur higher costs.

Additionally, the specificity of targeting, the chosen Reddit Ad Specs, geographic focus, and premium placements can all impact the overall cost of running Reddit ads. On average, Reddit ads typically range between $0.75 and $2.00 CPM.

It’s important to note that these figures are general estimates, and actual costs can vary based on campaign specifics. Advertisers can set daily budgets to maintain control over spending, and monitoring performance metrics allows for adjustments to bids and strategies over time.

In conclusion, understanding the bid-based system and the factors influencing costs is essential for advertisers aiming to make the most of their budget while effectively reaching their target audience on Reddit.

Best Practices And Pro-Tips

To optimize your Reddit advertising strategy and get the most out of your campaigns, consider these best practices and pro tips:

Don’t Rush:

Take the time to thoroughly research and understand your target audience and the subreddits they frequent. Rushed campaigns often result in suboptimal performance. A well-thought-out strategy pays off in the long run.

Broaden Your Targeting:

While precise targeting is crucial, don’t be afraid to broaden your audience slightly. Experiment with different demographic groups and interests to discover new pockets of potential customers.

Find the Right Subreddits to Target:

Identify subreddits that are relevant to your brand and products. Additionally, engage with niche communities where your target audience is active. Tailor your content to fit the interests of each subreddit for better reception.

Creative Is Key:

Reddit users appreciate authenticity and creativity. Craft compelling and shareable content that aligns with the platform’s culture. Visuals, headlines, and messaging should resonate with the Reddit community for maximum impact.

Monitor and Adjust:

Regularly monitor the performance of your Reddit ads. Analyze metrics such as click-through rates, engagement, and conversion rates. Use this data to refine your targeting, adjust bids, and optimize your ad content for better results.

Utilize Ad Intelligence Tools:

Explore Reddit ad spy tools and ad intelligence platforms to gain insights into competitors’ strategies. Analyzing successful campaigns in your niche can inspire creative ideas and inform your approach.

PowerAdSpy| AI-based Ads Intelligence Tool

The PowerAdSpy is a powerful ads spy tool for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge in online advertising. PowerAdSpy allows advertisers to gain valuable insights into their competitors’ ad campaigns, tactics, and strategies.

Competitor Analysis:

PowerAdSpy opens the door to thorough competitive analysis, thereby enabling users to unravel the advertising strategies of rivals. By scrutinizing successful campaigns in their niche, businesses can extract valuable insights into effective ad creatives, copywriting techniques, and precise targeting strategies.

Creative Inspiration:

Explore a diverse array of ad creatives across industries with PowerAdSpy. Additionally, marketers can tap into this extensive database for inspiration, helping them craft compelling and innovative ad content that stands out amidst the digital noise.

Precision Targeting:

Unleash the potential of precise targeting with PowerAdSpy. Moreover, access information about the demographics advertisers are focusing on, allowing businesses to refine their targeting parameters. As a result, connect with the most relevant and receptive audience to enhance marketing effectiveness.

Ad Performance Monitoring:

Stay ahead of the curve by tracking campaign performance over time. PowerAdSpy equips users with the tools to identify trends, monitor engagement metrics, and evaluate the effectiveness of different ad elements. This information is instrumental in optimizing campaigns for maximum impact.

Time and Resource Efficiency:

Bid farewell to manual competitor ad searches and scattered insights. PowerAdSpy streamlines ad analysis, offering a centralized platform that saves time and resources during the critical research phase of advertising campaigns.

PowerAdSpy stands as a beacon among ad intelligence tools, providing marketers and businesses with the tools to unravel advertising insights, fuel creativity, and outshine the competition. Embrace the power of advanced algorithms and AI to elevate your digital advertising strategy and achieve unparalleled success in the dynamic landscape of online marketing.

Experiment with Ad Formats:

Reddit offers various ad formats, so don’t hesitate to experiment. Test different formats such as promoted posts, videos, and takeovers to identify what resonates best with your audience.

Engage with the Community:

Participate in the communities where you advertise. Respond to comments on your ads, join discussions, and build a positive brand presence. Authentic engagement can enhance your brand’s reputation on Reddit.

Set Realistic Budgets:

While Reddit advertising can be cost-effective, it’s crucial to set realistic budgets aligned with your campaign goals. Test with smaller budgets initially and scale up based on performance.

Stay Informed About Platform Changes:

Reddit regularly updates its features and ad offerings. Stay informed about platform changes, new ad formats, and best practices to ensure your campaigns remain effective and up-to-date.

By incorporating these practice tips into your Reddit advertising strategy with the best and most appropriate Reddit ad specs, you can enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns, connect with your target audience, and achieve your marketing objectives with Reddit ad specs on the platform.

2 Reddit Ad examples


Reddit communities have proven to be a valuable source of custom Pokémon-themed EV design inspiration for MINI. This engaging prompt struck a chord with EMEA Redditors, resulting in over 1,600+ comments and 35+ awards.

It successfully fostered interaction between the brand and Redditors, spanning across diverse interests such as Pokémon enthusiasts, gamers, and auto aficionados.

Discover (US)

Discover does it again (and again), with an iterative approach to Reddit-y creativity.

Finance. Discover Financial Services partnered with Dentsu and their Reddit team to craft ads specifically tuned to the Reddit audience. Their Reddit ad specs deployed a healthy shot of humor and demonstrated the brand’s knowledge of Reddit, delivering huge results.


In wrapping up our exploration of the Reddit Ads universe, think of this cheat sheet as your secret weapon. Armed with the perfect Reddit ad specs and sizes, you’re now equipped to create eye-catching ads that stand out in the crowded digital space.

PowerAdSpy makes your life easier. With this cheat sheet, you’ve learned how to create ads that not only match Reddit’s style but also grab your audience’s attention. Remember, every detail matters in the digital world, and with PowerAdSpy, you’ve got the ultimate companion to outshine your competition.

It’s not just a conclusion; it’s the start of a new chapter where you take center stage in the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing. So go ahead & engage with your audience and make your brand stand out on Reddit.