The necessity of Facebook Ad Spy and how do you spy on competitors’ Facebook ads?

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Necessity of Facebook Ad Spy

The necessity of Facebook Ad Spy and how do you spy on competitors’ Facebook ads?

Organizing effective Facebook ad campaigns is quite tough. Checking your competitor’s marketing preference on Facebook carries distress. Simultaneously, how do you place your advertisements to focus your viewers? Facebook Ad Spy does both. You get a complete idea about your Competitor’s Facebook ads and understand their ad art.

If you’ve ever questioned what your competitors are doing to make innovative Facebook Ads, you have several possibilities to discover hints about their approach.

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Why do Marketers need to watch their competitors’ Facebook ads?

Research says, nowadays Facebook Ads have a significant role in the progress of several B2C and B2B businesses. As a matter of fact 93% of marketers are familiarized with using Facebook advertising regularly.

So now marketers try to reach the top. For that, they continuously spy on competitors’ Facebook ads because Facebook is undeniably the most used social platform in the whole world. Consumers are active on this network, and especially, it is super easy to focus on a specific consumer group.

The difficulty is that a social platform like Facebook is fascinating to marketers, and the competition is tough. Thus, you are searching for a way to understand the marketing policy and communication approaches of your opponents.

Being capable of watching your competitors’ Facebook ads will permit you to understand which texts are suitable for your prospects. You’ll be capable of investigating your competitors’ ads and finding the relevant ones among them to start a fresh beginning. Hence, you enhance your possibilities of success for your advertising events!

Though, the fastest research could provide marketers fresh ideas on where they can boost sales.  

Similarly, checking competitor’s ads is crucial because it supports marketers to:

  1. Understand what works for their target users based on their requirements. So, they invest less money and time.
  2. Recognize what type of advertisements are beneficial for them and how they work.

How do competitors spy on Facebook ads?


Visit Your Competitor’s Facebook Business Account

Another way to keep an eye on your competitor’s Facebook ads is to visit their Facebook business account.

There you’ll get to know what kinds of ads they are running. When you are done with your investigation, see the left-hand section.

You’ll notice a section titled “Page Transparency”. Tab on the “See All” option.

Then you will see a popup notification display on your screen; move forward till you view Ads From this Page.

Here, you can get data if your competitors are actively running ads. The only thing you have to do is tap on “Go to Ad Library page” and you’ll be forwarded to your opponent’s Ad Library page.

Facebook ad library to spy on ads

Earlier, Facebook has added a “library” that contains all the running advertisements. You can get advertisements only you need to type a specific company’s name or enter a respective keyword in the search option and show advertisements according to that respective keyword.

It helps you get the information about the posted date of your ads. If a broadcast has been running for a very long  time, it is undoubtedly that the advertisement is money-making. It is the best sign for your business.

By pressing on the “View publication details” page you will find certain necessary data that you may consider as valuable. A graph will come out from the left corner of your display and point out the focus age groups and the portion of circulation to women and men. Additionally, you will gain a percentage of distribution based on the various sections. You will also have an impression of the whole sum of publications and the money invested.

By pressing on the attachment links of the broadcasts, you will be capable of viewing the landing pages of your opponents to study extra about their marketing approaches and deals. It’s an excellent method to keep an eye on your competitors’ Facebook ads.

Understand well how to handle criticism

Social media is a network where you are capable of practicing several things, and criticism is between them. 

There is either an optimistic or a bad experience to be taught on social media platforms. If users show affection and support to your company or product, then there can be possibilities that some might dislike your company or product too. So, it’s up to you, like how well you manage to hold that condition. 

Investigate more about what they claim and how your competitors react to their feedback from their customers. Search for different sectors where others might be capable of progressing yourself. It is a process but a well-organized method of calculating how your consumer service positions are compared to those in a similar segment. 

One significant benefit of Facebook over different networks, for example, Twitter is that you can check how to fix a criticism by chasing a single thread rather than looking for distributed emails.

Browse your home page for challenging advertisements

The primary and easiest way to fix this is just day-to-day competitive intellect. What do we understand by that? You probably also use Facebook every day. All you have to do is intercept and analyze the various advertisements you are targeting.

The primary and easiest way to fix this is just day-to-day competitive intellect. What do we understand by that? You may even prefer Facebook daily. All you need to do is capture and investigate several types of advertisements you are focusing on.

The difficulty is, you may not focus on the best one for your brands and those of your opponents. Thus, you may go through very few exciting ads to investigate your company. But don’t need to take anxiety: every problem comes out with a solution.

So to be focused on the best business and to view on your homepage screen ads associated with what you sell, it’s too easy. All you need to do is relate with posts, Facebook sites, or groups linked with your business. You can even go to competing sites to check their remarketing tactic.

When you give information about your interest to Facebook in a specific topic, the more you will be notified by ads sponsoring goods or services similar to this topic. So it is a top method to get competing ads.

FACEBOOK search section, one of the top methods to check your competitors’ ads

FACEBOOK search section

Additional suggestions for watching competitors are to find their advertisements easily in the Facebook search section. To make this happen, you can focus on the “Video” section, for instance, following specific keywords. 

It is hence, significant to understand the language and pattern usually preferred in advertisements in your marketplace.

If you sell a physical product, possibly competitors will sell a similar product by giving a free delivery facility. It’s a vending tactic for them. It is imaginable that they mark it inside the contexts of their advertisements. You can then write “free delivery” in the search section and search for all broadcasts where that exact word is specified.

You can even find advertisements from different countries by writing, for instance, “free shipping”. It even permits you to search extra or fewer fresh advertisements by picking the posted dates, which are located on the left corner of the display.

Paid software to watch on advertisements

There is additional inclusive but paid software available on the market. Tools like PowerAdSpy make everything super easy and find all the data you want to know about your competitors’ marketing approach.

These are wide-ranging software that permits you to find out new competing ads on the marketplace or other things that you aren’t aware of before, for instance. You only need to find a product preferring relatable keywords to that product. It will show you all significant advertisements according to keywords.

You can even search for innovative concepts for goods or advertisements. For this, many search sections will support you. You will have the chances of implementation searches by place name or by date in specific. It will permit you, for instance, to find broadcasts advertising new and fashionable products in many countries.

They are usually simple to practice and especially create searching for what you are searching for much easier and quicker. If you have enough money, then it will be like a one-time investment for you. Understand that most of the tools offer free trials. It can permit you to take tests before debuting your advertisement in the market.

Click on the ‘Why Am I Seeing This Ad’ section

The “Why Am I Seeing This Ad” asset provides more intuition about why you are viewing a specific ad on your homepage.

You can prefer the data to investigate what your opponents are doing.

To view this asset, whenever you get to know an ad form of your competitor, tab on the three-dotted menu option present on the upper right side.

After that click on “Why am I seeing this ad?” below, you can find Google Ads is focusing users involved in SEO, Web search engine, and more things.

Sometimes it is tough to figure out who your competitors are targeting and can support you by modifying your ad approach and focusing on a particular group of users or increasing your marketing to their Facebook consumers.

 PowerAdSpy Features


The most powerful Social Ads advertising analytics tool. PowerAdSpy will adequately improve your Social Ads Advertising Campaigns. It can find hidden niches and lucrative opportunities for you, removing the hassle of content creation, identifying campaign targets, niche research, and more.


Filter By Ad Positions

You have the control to research through as many ads you like, segment the Social Ads based on positions as News Feed and Side Location to analyze which performs well in your niche to best conversions.

Complete visibility

To show you crystal clear visibility of Ads analytics, PowerAdSpy allows you to visit the live ad posts directly from the platform. You can go and cross-check the real-time engagement along with the audience’s opinion over the ads.

Data Of Millions Of Ads From 15+ Countries

PowerAdSpy has the fastest-growing data with Millions of Ads from over 15+ Countries so far. It empowers you to find the latest successful ads in just a matter of a few clicks. We add thousands of new ads to our database every day.

Narrow Down Your Searches

You can search ads based on your niche keywords, advertisers, and even the domain of your competitors. Also, you can visit the top-performing advertiser/competitor and see almost all the ads they are running.

Search Shopify ADs Of Your Competitors:

PowerAdSpy helps you to find the most engaging ads run by successful Shopify store owners. It provides you full engagement details of these ads, which can be analyzed and create your upcoming ad campaigns and maximize profits.


These are a few tips that help you recognize who is focused on your competitors’ ads. You might have a consumer preference in mind, but it may consume a lot of testing before you get the potential buyers that will purchase your product or offers. For this, you will have permission to several different benefits within the “business manager” of Facebook. If you can catch a particular group of buyers that appear to be fruitful for your competitors, you will only need to save time and more necessarily, money.

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