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06 Simple Steps To Get Started With B2B Native Advertising

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06 Simple Steps To Get Started With B2B Native Advertising

B2B Native advertising is one of the best means to enhance business. Especially if you consider B2B marketing, native ads give you better options to reach potential customers. One has the option to use various elements and tailor effective ad campaigns that bring conversions for their business.

Compared to other ad types, native advertising seems to be more effective. Through some research, we have found that 25% more people look at native ads than any other ad formats, and their conversion rate also seems better.

The reason for these stats is also quite simple! Native ads don’t look like advertisements. These ads can easily get blended into the web page content, making it closer to becoming an informative part of that content. To get more clarity on that, let’s first understand what native advertising is.

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What Is Native Advertising?

The thing that makes native advertising different from other paid ads is that it becomes malleable with editorial content. You can place these ads on websites, blogs, Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook, or even send them through newsletters. It is an ad type that easily mixes up with the content around it. That is what makes it “native” to the domain where it was placed. All the more, you also have various options with native adverts.what-is-native-advertising

Social Media:

For marketers, social media advertising is one of the easiest means to reach their target audiences. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Instagram, you will find advertising on these platforms can help your business come in front of your potential customers. That is also the reason why social media is considered at the forefront of native advertising. Based on research conducted on Facebook, native ads have better click-through rates (49 times) than any standard ads.

Native ads are designed in a way so that visitors can’t differentiate an ad from the whole site. For instance, on Facebook, it may seem like a post done by a friend or someone you know. Besides Facebook, marketers can use native campaigns on other social media channels like LinkedIn or Twitter.

Based on research, we found that roughly three-quarters of US ads spent on social media are on native display ads only. Instead of purchasing placement on popular web platforms like Forbes, BuzzFeed, or other sites, most B2B marketers are looking forward to investing in native campaigns on social media. Especially on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, they have better chances to gain potential leads for their business.

Search Ads:

Nowadays, marketers have another option to run their native campaigns on Search ads like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Like in the Google ads, you may utilize GDN to reach your target prospect using native adverts. Besides, you can also use Bing and Yahoo for native ad placements. These ads work on the intent signal to target the interest of users. Based on the search query, it shows relevant ads to the audience.


Along with that, there are other paid platforms like Taboola, Reklamstore, AdPushup, Nativo, etc, where you can concentrate on targeting potential customers to generate leads for the business.

Tips To Create Effective B2B Native Advertising

Now that you are ready to start your native ad campaign, you have to come up with some interesting ideas that can engage your target prospects. If you have a shortage of ideas for your new ad campaign, make use of PowerAdSpy – an ad intelligence solution that allows you to sneak on the most successful ads created by your competitors.

PowerAdSpy also gives you the option to filter native ads. And along with that, you can also search on Facebook ads, Google ads, GDN, Instagram, etc. So have you been ready to start your native ad campaign? Before you start, here are the tips you must look at.


Match To Environment-

Matching your ad style based on the placement is essential, especially when you are working with native adverts for B2B marketing. People check native ads because they seem more relevant to the overall content of the web page. If a user can find your ad that might be useful for them, they might even click on it and make a purchase.

So, you need to be careful while selecting the placements for your ads. Although you have several options with the platform, the one that gets you the better reach is the only better placement for your B2B native ad campaign.

Compelling Content-

Whenever someone sees your native ad, they must feel the desire to click on it. Don’t you think so? But if your ads are not having such an impact on the audience, then your native adverts are not effective enough.


At the end of the day, people only pay attention to the type of content that fulfills their interests. That is the reason why marketers do a lot of research before creating their campaign that could satisfy the curiosity and intent of their potential users.

In such a case, you need to make use of your creativity to make lucrative content. Otherwise, you may also have to look at the compelling ads of your competitors to get more ideas. That would inspire you to create the most effective native adverts.

Focus on Targeting

Your native ads should target businesses that have an intent to intersect with your marketing ideas. In the case of advertorial, targeting won’t be essential since you have the option to be selective with publication. However, when you are investing in paid ads, you need to be specific about your audiences. Otherwise, you need to pay more than what you can gain from native advertising.

On different platforms, you have the option to reach a specific group of audiences. Mainly when you are trying to gain the attention of potential business prospects, you have to make sure that your ads reach them.

To check on that, you may also use ad analytics to figure out the intent and behavior of your target audiences. And accordingly, create a plan for your native campaign to get their attention.

For example, Facebook has a feature called Lookalike Audiences that may help you find people with similar intent and behavior compared to your existing customers.

Quality Over Quantity


The quality of the content is one of the most important aspects of native advertising. Instead of focusing on the number of ads, it is better to work on the quality of ads, making them more consumable for audiences. To overcome this challenge, marketers need to go through what’s trending in the market.

Specifically considering B2B marketing, they need to be certain about getting engagement on their native ads. And for that, B2B marketers do a lot of research and studies on the current marketing trend. However, to overcome the barrier of quality in your native advertising, use PowerAdSpy as it would help you to get ideas for creating the most engaging native ads for your business.

Clarity In B2B Native Ads

Usually, people often open clickbait ads. But after opening, they feel disappointed and cheated. With native advertising, you must avoid such tactics to gain traffic on your business site. It might help you deliver traffic on your website while you won’t be getting any ROI.

Make sure that your content says what you can deliver to your clients. Based on a recent survey, we found that native ads with clear labels are most effective and increase the chances of conversion by at least 50%.


Once you think that your potential clients have taken an interest in your services, you may try again to chase after them using native ads. The simple way to accomplish that is by placing cookies in the browser of your potential clients. As it might help you to learn about the buying behavior and intent of your clients. And accordingly, you can retarget them to generate revenue for your business.


Native advertising gives you the advantage of better targeting features. However, for most beginners, it may not seem as effective as it is. At the initial level, it would be quite tough for marketers to create a strong customer base from just scratch.

Indeed there are also tools like PowerAdSpy native ad spy tool which might help you to analyze the campaigns of your competitors, targeting the same audiences as yours.

B2B native advertising is quite challenging, as it may require experimentation with different elements which can be costly. But if you are lucky to get the right formula for your business, you can attain success with native advertising.

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