Best Methods To Spy YouTube Ads Of Your Competitors

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Best Methods To Spy YouTube Ads Of Your Competitors

Why does someone need to spy Youtube ads from your competitors? It is revealed that on average calculation, a user invests 3 hours a day viewing Youtube videos. So it is clear that millions of brands spend a lot to gain consumers through Youtube ads.

If you are planning to run Youtube ads, you should do it with preference so that you don’t fall behind your opponents and lose capital. To look at your competitor’s Youtube ads and ensure you are doing them even better, you will require the top spy tools.

With the support of these Youtube ad viewing tools, one can get all the relevant, and leaderboard advertisements, short video ads, and banner ads for your Youtube video content. It is difficult to identify that there are many investigative apps on Youtube that may guide you in watching your competition. I suggest using one of the most efficient ad finder tools like PowerAdSpy.

It has several features that can really ease up the process of searching for niche-based ad creatives. You just need to add your keywords and select filter options to find the ads you are looking for.

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What do you understand by Youtube Ads Spying Tools?

If you are an advertiser, you need to understand how operative Youtube Ads spy tool is. While you can manually spy YouTube ads, it can be quite time taking process. With the support of the Youtube Ads spy tool, anyone can find engaging ad creatives simply by utilizing keywords or marketer’s names. Utilizing such tools, you can easily learn about the most influential competitor’s promotional campaigns. 

Now the question arises:

The Most Valuable Question Is How To Utilize Youtube Ad Spy.

It is a serious topic; the new advertisers may not find it easy to use ad intelligence tools. And they might not even know how to look after the most relevant ads even using an ad spy tool. Although there are also a few tools that are quite simple to use. But it may not help them narrow down their search. 

That’s why many platforms also offer tutorials for their customers so that they can get no trouble while using their products. Furthermore, there is always an option to search for relevant YouTube videos created by professional YouTubers.


Crucial assets of YouTube Ads Spy Tool

When it is about what you are gaining from the Youtube ads spy tool, we have to talk over it deeply. Nearly every network has its assets.

Top competitor Youtube Video Ads by View

It is the general feature of ad viewing software where it permits recognizing the top competitor on YouTube by straining all the results according to the parameter of the viewer. If one video has more watchers than another one, it replicates that the video of the primary one has the best context for its view. In a world of data, we need to search which video is best for the viewers. Giving incorrect data will show you the wrong image.

Best marketers on Youtube Ads

It is one of the assets of all the Youtube ad viewing tools it indicates that you will understand who the marketer is by seeing their names accessible in the dashboard. Even you can find which marketer is investing more in ads.

How to spy on a target Performer

Watching over your opponent is the most crucial segment of your advertising approach. You can do it on your own, but you know what; if you are a clever advertiser, you must use your third instinct to look at your top performers.

Spy YouTube ads not only support you to look at your opponents but also investigate their tactics. You can view what ad events are currently running by your opponents.

How to Spy Youtube ads?

If you are using PowerAdSpy to search for relevant ads on the YouTube platform, you won’t be facing any trouble, unlike other complex ad finder tools. It has easy to use UI where you just need to add your keywords to search for relevant ads. Also, it provides several filters, which you can use to narrow down your search results to the exact target you are looking for.


PowerAdSpy is an ad intelligence solution using which you can find ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, and Quora and find out & check millions of Youtube ads in your marketplace. Discover “private” Youtube ads from your opponents. And view day-to-day ad performance evaluations. Find by keyword and see thousands of live Youtube ads streamlined every day.


Top competitor Youtube Video Ads by View-

If you are looking for the YouTube ads with the most views and engagement, PowerAdSpy gets you the option to sort your ads based on the number of views. You just need to select the sort by and select the view count. Accordingly, it will showcase the most trending videos on YouTube. 


Best advertisers on Youtube Ads

Another excellent feature of this tool is that it allows you to search ads based on advertisers or advertising brands. Under the filter, you can search ads by the advertiser’s name. It will show you all the relevant ads created by the particular advertiser mentioned in the search panel.


Steps to spy on a target advertiser


Watching over your opponent is the most crucial segment of your advertising approach. You can do it on your own, but you know what; if you are a clever advertiser, you must use your third instinct to look at your top performers.

Spy on competitors’ Youtube ads not only helps you get new ideas for your campaign. But it will also help you learn about current trends and engagement strategies. It will help you to learn about what are current trends. And accordingly, you can run your ad campaigns.


Spy YouTube Ads Using PowerAdSpy

Follow these methods to discover your opponents and look at them effortlessly.


Step 1: Select YouTube ad network

After opening the PowerAdSpy dashboard, it gets you the option to search ads on several social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google ads, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, etc. There you need to select YouTube.


Step 2: Search For Relevant Ads

Now, you need to type your keyword on the search bar. You also have a drop-down option using which search ads by domain name or advertiser name.


Step 3: User Filters to Narrow Down Search Results

Below the search panel, you have the filter options to sort your ads. In the first section, you have the search by filter using which you can find the brand’s name, any object, or celebrity in the ad creation.

The second filter is a sort-by option where you can select the number of views, likes, and comments to find the most engaging YouTube ads.

Using the next filter, you can search for ads based on a Call to Action, Country name, Ad type, and Ad position. Then you have landing properties, where you can select eCommerce platforms, Sales funnel, Marketing channel, and source devices to track the most relevant ads you want to see.

Now you might have got an idea- of how to use PowerAdSpy to spy YouTube ads, while you can replicate the strategies from some of the best ads to create your own campaigns.


Why should someone prefer Youtube Ads Spy Tool?

Wise advertisers prefer these AI-based tools to spy on social media ads since it saves their valuable time, hard work, and money. It not only helps you to search for relevant ads but also gets you the analytical details using which you can further improve your own marketing strategies.


Who can prefer this Youtube Ads Spy Tool?

Most advertisers prefer this type of network, but few other segments of marketers prefer this network too. These are:

  • Dropshipping Business
  • Advertisers
  • Product marketer
  • Content Creators 
  • Social Media Influencer
  • Affiliate Marketers


How to select the right Youtube Ad Spying Tools?

You can check hundreds of blogs and lookout videos to understand any new tools or apps. But you can’t be sure if it’s really valuable for you or not. PowerAdSpy has a massive customer base who really like this tool because of its special ad intelligence features.

We would not say that you should make your decision based on what others are saying. Instead, why don’t you try PowerAdSpy by yourself? And find out if it can really help you in creating better YouTube ad campaigns or not.



Social platforms are endlessly regulating changes in advertising. With respect to the same, it has been also becoming difficult for marketing to rely only on image-based social media platforms for their advertising. Video ads are performing much better, and YouTube is the number one choice when we consider video marketing. 
PowerAdSpy lets you spy YouTube ads to get you the most engaging and converting ads using which you could be able to generate better ROI.

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