7 Important Google Ads Updates You Need To Know

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7 Important Google Ads Updates You Need To Know

Google is consistently updating its ad platform with newer Google ads updates, making it more feasible for marketers to improve their PPC revenue. In the past few months, there have been so many updates that you might have missed.

Let’s face it! You might be missing out on some of the great features.

If you want to get better ROI results in business, you need to leverage the most out of the Google ad platform. And for that, you need to be aware of all the latest Google Ads updates and changes on the Google ad platform.

Google is far ahead when compared with other search engines. And being a marketer, if you can have your brand website on the top page of search results, it will definitely help you bring more sales and ROI for your business.

Stating that we all know the easiest way to get a website on the top page of search results. And that is by using Google ads. However, you must also try harder on the content marketing part to improve the SEO of your website.

But the fact is, online marketing is a highly competitive industry, and if you want to see some quick results, then Google Performance Max ads can be your answer.

Last year, Google brought this new update to improve the performance of Google ads and include additional optimization settings. It is a one-stop solution that gives you access to all Google ads inventory, using which you can target specific goals to achieve in your business.

So without further ado, here we will discuss some of the most recent Google ads new updates you must not miss.

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Performance Max-

It is one of the recent Google ads updates where marketers are getting better options to improve the deliverability of their campaigns. Unlike usual Google ads, you can use Performance Max campaigns to optimize and enhance your ads.

It will automate the process of ad creation (which is somewhat similar to Smart ads) based on the objectives and goals of the campaign.


The great thing is that you can run performance max campaigns for all Google ad inventory. That means that you may select any ad placement you want – whether it’s Google Search ads, Display ads, YouTube ads, Gmail, or Discovery ads.

Diagnostic Insights On Google-

This new Google ads update got launched recently only using which marketers can now check the ad insights to learn about the performance of their marketing campaign.

Suppose- you have created a Google ad. When you click on the Insights and Overview page, it will show you the diagnostic insights. Seeing that, you will be able to formulate where your campaign is really staying.

Further, when you click on “Show all campaign diagnostics” it will give you a more detailed breakdown following:-

  • Account status
  • Billing status
  • Policy review
  • Conversion tracking
  • Campaign budget
  • Bid strategy target
  • Campaign status
  • Ad strength

Also, if you want to improve the number of clicks and engagement on your campaign, it will also recommend suggestions you may consider taking to gain immediate results.

You can access this feature under the Performance Max campaigns, and maybe in the upcoming few years, this feature will soon be available with other ad types.

Travel Products For Hotel Businesses-

Another latest Google ads update is about the travel products launched for hotel businesses. After recovering from the pandemic phase, people are now ready to travel. And it also reflects that passport appointments have increased by 300% over the initial four months of 2022.

By checking these trends, Google introduced this product to help travel partners and hotel businesses get more people onboarded to take their services.


Hotel business advertisers that have hotel center accounts can directly connect their information with Google, where it makes available and suggest relevant bookings to guests.

But even without a hotel center account, you may run this campaign where you can set rates, and it will automatically select the highest quality feed for your hotel business.

Also, as a hotel business owner, you may use the Performance Max campaigns to boost your business. And doing so, you could cover Search, YouTube, Display, Discover, Gmail, and Maps to advertise your ads under a single campaign.

As we already know, Performance Max campaigns are goal-oriented, where they select the preset assets group for each hotel and select autogenerated images, descriptions, and videos to promote hotel businesses to the max.

Google Ads Updates Regarding Privacy-

Marketers have been heavily focusing on privacy-related concerns. Thankfully the latest iOS update and Google topic API replaced the third-party cookies to create a privacy-focused online advertising model.


The Topic API is a browser-based system that addresses the interests of users depending on the websites they have visited. And accordingly, it shares information with participating and relevant websites or tech companies to promote digital advertising.

Smart Bidding Options-

Another Google ads update is the smart bidding process which makes it simpler for marketers to manage campaigns without exceeding budget. When an advertiser creates a Google ad with a budget, the algorithm automatically optimizes the setup to get the most conversions. It aims to give better ROI to advertisers.

According to your business goals, it gives you the feature to enhance your sales by maximizing conversions with the target CPA. Or you may also focus on getting more profits by targeting ROAS and increasing the revenue of your business.

Experience Google Ads Scripts-

To make the advertising experience easier, Google has implemented Java script codes in your ad account. It automatically manages to bid, pauses ad groups, adds keywords, and does other advertising tasks as well.

Using this Google ads latest update, you can manage multiple things at the same time. Also, there is an option to check your script for any errors and ensure whether it fulfills to get the output you wanted.

Google Ads Update About Experiment-

If you would like to campaign for the top spot for your ads, you need to experiment with new things in your advertising. In this Google ads update, you have the option to experiment with new things that might help you in Google ad campaign optimization.


Previously for experimenting, you need to create a campaign draft and then test that draft. But now, after this new Google ad update, you can just select a campaign for example google holiday ads and create a custom experiment for that.

There you can also specify the time for how long it would run and how much ad budget you would like to spend on doing an experiment.

To further optimize your experiments, you may sync your experiment with corresponding campaigns. It would automatically make the changes based on your experiments (based on your ongoing campaigns).

That makes it easier for advertisers to improve the performance of their ongoing campaigns further ahead.

Important Takeaway-

With the latest Google ad updates, the paid advertising network is advancing. As an advertiser, you must keep yourself modernized and learn about those changes.

The competition to be on top is growing more intense, while you may also take the help of an ad intelligence solution like PowerAdSpy to keep yourself updated.

PowerAdSpy is a tool that let you check on the latest and oldest running campaigns on multiple ad networks like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Native, etc. Moreover, it also gets you the information about analytical details that you may utilize to optimize your campaigns.

If you want to gain more information or have some queries about Google ads updates, please write to us in the comments section.

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