7 Potential Mistakes While Doing Facebook Ad Management For Client

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7 Potential Mistakes While Doing Facebook Ad Management For Client

Facebook advertising is the most effective way to get in front of your ideal customers and make a sale. As such, it’s also the most lucrative form of online marketing for many companies. Unfortunately, many brand managers struggle with their Facebook ad management because it’s not easy to know which ads are performing well and which aren’t. 

Without this knowledge, you could waste money on ineffective ads and maybe even miss out on some stellar opportunities for growth. And when you are doing it for a client, then having the know-how of safe ad management is crucial. 

Most social media experts will agree that Facebook should be the cornerstone of your advertising strategy. A full-proof Facebook ad campaign management is the only thing that can help you. 

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What Is Facebook Ad Management?


It’s simply the process of managing your advertising campaigns that appear on Facebook. When you purchase an ad on Facebook, you are feeding it into an ad manager. From there, you can track the performance of any ads you run on this platform.

Facebook advertising has become one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools available, and many businesses employ it to connect with and grow their audience. Facebook ad management is a vital part of your digital marketing strategy because it gives you control over how your ad dollars are spent.

Seven Mistakes To Avoid During Facebook Ad Campaign Management


As a marketer, we all have had our share of mistakes during ad management. However, we all have learned so much from those mistakes, but sometimes these can prove heavy on your pocket.

Facebook ad campaign management is a task that requires time and expertise. Mistakes can be costly. We all know how important it is to set and achieve the right Facebook ad campaign goals. Unfortunately, there are a few mistakes that can fool even the savviest of advertisers. 

Here we’ve outlined seven critical mistakes to avoid while campaign management:

Using Your Personal Facebook Ads Account For Client Work

It is one of the major mistakes most beginners perform while doing Facebook ad management for clients. You don’t know, but this practice can lead you to troubles you cannot begin to count. Clients can persuade you to pay for ads from your account. Or could leave the project halfway before paying you anything. 

You must understand that the Facebook ad campaign is from a client, not from yours. Therefore, they have to have their own Facebook ads account where they can give you employee access.

You mustn’t ask for admin access unless it is necessary. Knowing what is not required can lead you to trouble. 

Doing Facebook Ad Management For All Clients From One Account

Every client is unique. As you have understood from the previous point, you have to have different facebook ad accounts for every client. Let me explain to you how it can benefit you. 

Since you are not in charge of that Facebook ads account, then if things go wrong then you are only to be blamed for things you had access to. Plus, if the client wants to discontinue the project, it will be easier for you to part ways from them, as they have their separate ads account.

A sound ad management requires you to evaluate the risk before starting any project. Therefore, my personal advice for all new marketers is to ask for the ad creatives way before you need them. It is for insurance. You do not know when and where things can take a wrong turn.

Not Optimizing The Facebook Ads Manager Settings

Do not set and forget. Not optimizing your settings can seem like less effort, but it might cost you more money than you think. You need to frequently update the settings so that your Facebook ads can create more impact at less expense.

Not Having Landing Pages

It is easy to get caught up in vanity metrics such as impressions and click-through rates. But the only metric that matters at the end of a Facebook ad campaign is conversions. If your goal is to get people to download your eBook, then you need to have a landing page on your site – where people can opt-in.

Make sure you know exactly how long your ads can be attributed to conversions and purchases, and don’t base the success of your ad campaign on something that happened days after its run. The sound Facebook ad management requires you to be discreet.

Not Doing A/B Testing

The worst mistake you can make while running multiple ad campaigns or optimizing like crazy is not testing. You have got to constantly be trying new things if you expect to get anywhere. 

Experimenting with the same idea in different formats can get you really closer to understanding the hook for your audience. This practice has the potential to benefit you in future ad campaigns.

Only Posting Static Ads

As you know, in present times, short video posts are performing better on social media platforms. So, you might want to explore all kinds of audiences who like videos, static images, and stories. 

Skipping Bidding Strategies

Most Facebook Advertisers do not use bidding strategies because they find them difficult to understand. The truth is that bidding strategies are crucial for any Ads Manager who wants to run efficient Facebook Ad Campaigns.

The gold mine for Facebook marketers is the Facebook Ad Manager. It is the place where you should go to see your cost per result, number of clicks, likes, and the ROI of the campaign. Without this data, it’s impossible to know whether your Facebook ad management was successful or not.

How To Ad Management Facebook? : (Steps For Ads Manager)


Social media advertising is a complex process that involves a lot of moving parts. You want to be sure that your Facebook ads spend is going to the most effective channels for engagement, bringing you the most value for your dollar

To achieve this, you have to use an ad management tool. A tool that allows you to monitor, optimize and report on your Facebook ad campaigns. It is specifically designed with online marketers in mind. And it has all the features required to give you a competitive advantage over your competitors, no matter what e-commerce niche you are in.

The basic steps for you to start with Facebook ad management are-

  • Log in to your Facebook profile and find Ads Manager. 
  • After clicking on the ads manager, make sure to click on ‘New Campaign’ to create one. Once you do so, click on the suitable ‘Objective’ to dictate your ad campaign.
  • With this step, you will fill the desired budget specifications on a respective form.
  • Now, schedule your ad campaign.
  • Next step is to decide who will be your audience. Fill in the specifications of your target audience and proceed with the next step that is ‘Placement of your Facebook ads.
  • After optimizing your ads concerning the Facebook ad campaign management instructions, create a new ad and name it.
  • Now is the time to upload media from your device and select the language and tracking options.
  • It is crucial to check the settings of your Facebook ad management form before publishing it. Also, preview the advert you have selected so that you can modify the post as per requirements. If everything seems fine, hit the publish button right away.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms and the number one place – where people spend their time online. To gain traction on Facebook, you need to use Facebook ads. The platform allows you to generate leads and promote your brand by choosing an objective and targeting your audience. However, managing Facebook ads can be time-consuming and difficult, especially if you want to keep track of your spending and optimize your campaigns.

That is why you need a sound ad management strategy, which includes everything from the beginning of your campaign. A strong Facebook ad strategy will help you achieve your prospects in the most effective way possible. But for that, you need an ad intelligence tool that will get you the necessary insights on any successful ad campaign in your niche. 

I am talking about PowerAdSpy. Let us know in detail how PowerAdSpy can prove to be a golden solution for all your Facebook ad management worries.

How PowerAdSpy Can Help You?


Don’t you ever wonder what happens to your competitors’ Facebook ads? Have you ever wished you could know if they’re getting clicks and conversions – and how much they’re spending every day on Facebook ads?

Facebook offers a range of targeting options for your ads. However! Without the right technology, it can be tough to decide which ads are profitable and which ones are not. 

Well, it is not easier to separate successful Facebook ads than the non-successful ones. The analysis of a successful ad campaign of your niche is crucial because there is no other way to know if your ad strategy will thrive or not. That is why ad intelligence technology is a must if you are hustling your way out to effectively do Facebook ad management.

Let me introduce you to the one and only ad intelligence software ‘PowerAdSpy’ that can help you decode the recipe of a profit-making Facebook ad. Along with that, you will discover the miscellaneous aspect of an FB ad that will help you get past the competition.

PowerAdSpy is an all-in-one Facebook Ad Campaign Management Software that allows you to spy on your competitors and create better campaigns for your business. Understand their audience metrics, their approach, the active days of an ad campaign, and perform better than your competition.

PowerAdSpy analytics are powered by advanced Facebook scraping algorithm technology so that marketers can manage their adverts with ease. Along with Facebook, this ad intelligence tool provides similar services for various popular platforms like – Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Native Ads, Google Plus, Youtube, GDN Ads, and Quora.

Have an effective grip on your Facebook ads. See exactly where they spend their advertising budget and what gets the most engagement.

Here are the ways you can pull it off!

Step 1:

Login or Sign up for your PowerAdSpy account.


Step 2:

Go through all the given tools to have comprehensive results.


Step 3:

Click on the most desirable advert.

Step 4:

Go through all the analytics to have better insights into your chosen Facebook ads.


Facebook Ad Management: The Wrap

Nowadays, Facebook ad campaign management is easier to cope with, thanks to PowerAdSpy. This Facebook advertising software provides the most sophisticated and powerful advertising and marketing voodoo available for Facebook business marketers and just about any other type of enterprise marketing professional. 

You can massively increase your marketing productivity and expertly watch over thousands of ad creatives 24-7 using this totally cool software.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself the convenience of this coolest ad intelligence tool once and for all.

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