How to Create Successful Facebook Ads

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How to Create Successful Facebook Ads

When businesses design their Facebook advertising campaigns, they must think of ways to create original ads that people won’t stop talking about. And with Facebook constantly growing and evolving, your advertising strategy has to evolve as well in order to attract as many new customers as possible. In this article, we want to lend you a helping hand by talking about some original ideas on how to get ads on Facebook.

Why uniqueness is important when you think of how to get ads on Facebook

Around 93% of social marketers are already using Facebook as an advertising platform and a way to present their products or services to a specific target audience.  Given the social network’s huge popularity, everyone who has a business wants to be on board with Facebook advertising. This makes the competition tight. That’s why it’s really important for businesses to create unique content. And always bring something new when creating their ads.

An effective way to make sure you stay on top of the competition and have leverage over them is to use a powerful tool to spy on your competitors’ Facebook ads. One such tool is PowerAdSpy. It provides users with options to search relevant ads, track competitors’ ad campaigns and use statistics and metadata to your own advantage.

However, brands that want to learn how to get ads on Facebook and register success with their campaigns need to know that Facebook offers great creative freedom. Meaning that anyone should be able to craft a catchy ad to promote their products.

For those who need a little bit of inspiration, we put together a list of 12 unique ideas. The purpose is to make great Facebook ads regardless of the template or ad format.

Facebook Ads best ideasFacebook Ads best ideas

Create original and catchy ad images

The image you include in your Facebook ad is the “bridge” between people and your offer. People will either like it or hate it. Depending on the reaction the image causes, people will read your ad copy or nor.

The news feed is usually pretty crowded. It’s important for your ad to grab the attention. Highly contrasted colors are recommended for ad images. As well as bold fonts, a combination of positive and negative space, and complementary colors.

Write new ad copy constantly

There are companies that prefer to use the same ad copy for each new ad. This is not a good practice. People tend to get tired of seeing the same text over and over again. The best idea would be to test several ad texts and headlines and see which are more successful with your audiences.  Also, you can insert some emojis in your ad copy, use action verbs and client testimonials that incite.

Add your value proposition in the ad image

For many Facebook ads, the ad image is the first thing your audience sees. It’s only logical for your key message to be placed right there in the picture. The text should be short and convey the main idea of your message. An example of a successful Facebook ad in this respect is one created by Upwork. The company uses the text “Find Your Perfect Freelancer” right in front of your eyes and you can’t possibly miss it.

Introduce something unexpected that might shock people

A little bit of craziness is always welcome when it comes to Facebook ads. They don’t need to be boring and follow some strict rules. On the contrary. You should let your imagination run wild and create innovative ads with catchy images. Crazy stuff tends to get the most likes and shares on the social platform.

Think of ad designs that spark emotions

Maybe you never thought you would have to choose between rational and emotional when pondering how to get ads on Facebook. But it has been proven that ad campaigns with emotional content were twice as successful as those with rational content. Regardless of the emotional response you provoke, be it happiness, melancholy, surprise, excitement, etc, always make sure it is in accordance with the message of your ad and the offer/product/service you are offering.

Ad a personal touch to your ads with hero shots

Client testimonials always work when it comes to ad copy. So, why wouldn’t the image of a happy, smiling customer work as well? Studies have shown that people feel safe and comfortable when they see a smiling person.

These “hero shots,” as they are called, are a powerful form of marketing imagery. When the image of a real person is associated with a product, conversions can increase by 35%.

Ask questions to incite discussion

Anyone asking how to get ads on Facebook actually wants to find out how to catch people’s attention from the get-go. Studies show that if you manage to captivate users’ attention in the first 3 seconds, they are likely to read/watch your ad till the end. One way to pique people’s interest is by asking questions. Discussion-based ads are a proven way to get people talking.

Call out your competition

People are curious creatures. If you manage to design an ad in which you call out a competitor by pointing out their shortcomings and emphasizing your product’s benefits, you will surely pique users’ interest and attract them to the comments section.

Create a Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live has become more and more popular lately. Mainly due to the fact that people enjoy watching what’s going on different places around the world in real time. Businesses can broadcast live different events and their audiences will be notified when you go live.

Tell a story with creative carousel ads

Carousel ads are a very successful way to get people to click through your ad. This type of ad allows advertisers to add up to 10 images/videos. They can show 10 successive offers or products, present a step-by-step process, or tell a story.

People enjoy great stories. You have the chance to tell a compelling story via Facebook ad campaigns. Thus, make people become interested in your offers.

Try Misdirection

You can use a girl in a bikini to create an ad about illiteracy. It has been proven in a real ad. So what if your product might be considered boring or too mundane? Attractive graphics can save any boring product and sell it to millions.

Include something creative/artistic/retro

If you want your ad to be unique, you must think out of the box. Don’t try to follow rules. Just let your creativity loose and think of creative ways to grab people’s attention. The simplest answer to the question “How to get ads on Facebook” is by being creative, showing your artistic side, being original and surprising people.


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