How to Get Adsvantage Over Your Competition

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How to Get Adsvantage Over Your Competition

With the tremendous growth of social media in the last decade, there is no better time to turn your attention toward and invest resources in online marketing strategies. We’re referring specifically to social media advertising. It has been proven that successful ad campaigns on social platforms give businesses a competitive edge in terms of sales. For this to happen, it’s essential to gain adsvantage over your competition on the social front.


Many brands admit that social media enhances competitive advantages nowadays. It’s only logical for them to focus their attention and efforts on creating unique and captivating ads to post on social media platforms.

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Tips on How To Use Social Media To Get Adsvantage Over Your Competition

Here’s few tips to use social media to get adsvantage over your competition:

Emphasize why your brand and products are different

Any company that wants to draw in more customers has to put emphasis on what they do differently from their competitors. Their social presence must define these differences, especially through original and catchy ads.

Those who manage to do an effective job defining why the products/services they offer are different – and better – than those offered by other companies must then use these adsvantages to address any issues their customers might have flagged.

Relate to Customers

In order to stay on top of the competition, brands need to see social media as a place where they can build a relationship with their customers. And interact with them on a regular basis. A high level of engagement on social media helps companies increase their visibility in the industry. It also creates a sense of community for clients. This will also lead to stronger loyalty among customers.


Use special ad spy tools

PowerAdSpy is one of the leading Facebook ads spy tools on the market. It’s a great tool for those who want to gain adsvantage over the competition. It has some unique features that make it stand out from the crowd. Like the fact that it allows businesses to see their competitors’ ad’s target audience age, location and interests. It also has the option of tracking competitors success through PPC spy tools.

Besides this, the tool’s database includes more than 6 million ads from over 15 countries. The dashboard allows users to visit the actual live Facebook ad. Users can filter their competition’s ads by keyword, location, advertiser and other parameters.


Use Facebook’s lookalike audience feature

Any business that is on Facebook probably already has a custom fan base. And that’s a good starting point for growing your audience. The lookalike audience feature allows brands to set a custom audience as a source group. It lets Facebook find users who resemble the source group based on the demographic and behavioural information. Afterwards, the business can target the newly discovered audience with their ads.

Use Messenger Ads

Promoting your products/services or a special offer via Messenger presents a lot of untapped potentials. Messenger can give brands great adsvantage over their competitors as the chances of their ads being seen and initiating further interaction with customers. Conversion rates also improve for brands that use Messenger to send personalized sponsored messages to potential customers.

Optimize your Landing Page

Usually, social media ads direct potential customers to a landing page where they can sign up for an account, make a purchase, make a download, or take another action. That’s exactly why the landing page they arrive at must pique their interest in the first 10 seconds. In order for people who click on social ads to convert, they need to stay on your landing page for at least several minutes. Attractive visuals, a compelling message and a clear call to action can help your business not only gain adsvantage over the competition but also reach its goals and register growth.


Employ Interest Targeting

Interest targeting works in amazing ways to bring in new customers and be one step ahead of the competition. By using this targeting technique, brands can make sure their ads reach users whose interests align with their business. An advertising campaign can be directed to users who have a certain activity listed as a hobby. Or to those who like a certain brand, including competing brands.

Actually, this can be used as a perfect opportunity to discover similar target audiences. And create ads focused on the features that differentiate your brand from the competition.

Attack your opponents in ads

The use of comparison ads is a proven way to gain adsvantage over the competition. In order to show their products or services are better, some companies show comparisons and statistics in their ads. The disadvantage of this technique is that it gives competitors free exposure. But it can be used in clever ways to create a negative perception of the brand. A good example of successful use of this practice is in political campaigns.

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Some startups and small businesses still view social media advertising as a twisted marketing endeavour that does not guarantee growth. However, if you do it right, chances are high you will manage to increase brand awareness, attract new customers, and improve sales performance.

Having a strong social media presence is the key to driving growth. A successful advertising campaign can pay off by driving lots of new visitors to your website. Besides, those who use the right tools combined with marketing best practices will surely gain a significant adsvantage over their competitors.