How to Copy The Exact Audience That Your Competitors Are Advertising To

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How to Copy The Exact Audience That Your Competitors Are Advertising To

Do you want to steal your competitors’ targeting strategy? Or better, do you want to see exactly who are the people that are interacting with your competitor’s ads?

In this guide, I’ll show you how to do just that using an awesome Chrome extension I made, in combination with ScrapeBook, another tool I made.

Are you ready?

Let’s go.

Step 1. Find your competitors posts

Use these strings to do so:


Very important: you need to edit the string before, then copy and paste it into your browser URL field. Repeat the process for each new search.


Step 2. Install the Chrome Extension

Do you see that blue button on the screenshot above that says “DOWNLOAD UIDs” ?

That’s what my Chrome Extension does. It collects the UIDs of all the people who liked a particular post or ad.

Go download and install the ScrapeBook extension:

I’m taking this post by Josh Fetcher as an example. Just click on the blue button to download the UIDs in a CSV file.

This post has 80-something likes so it’s a decent post to get info on =) My advice is that you do this on posts that have hundreds (if not thousands) of reactions to get better results. I’ll explain this in more detail in a bit.

Step 3. Get Info (Name, Emails)

Even with just the UIDs, you can do many things. You can, for example, auto-friend everyone with this extension. What I like to do, instead, is getting even more info like name and emails and create a great custom audience based on the people that interact with my competitors’ ads.

Here ScrapeBook comes into play. It’s a tool I made to get info out of Facebook posts (and much more).  

→ ScrapeBook is an invite-only tool at the moment (and it’s not free). Ping me on Facebook and I’ll see if a spot is available for you:

Just go to the “Post Emails Finder” feature. Copy and paste the values from the CSV file that you previously downloaded inside the tool.

Enjoy results =)     (obfuscating for privacy reasons)

Important: The tool will not return results for each person who liked the content. The conversion rate is 1-5%. That’s because it only finds information of people with bad privacy settings. There’s no workaround for that, but you can do this on several posts to get enough data and create a great custom audience. On average, if you do this on 10 posts, you’ll be fine.

What’s better is that those emails are associated with the Facebook account of the person, so the custom audience we are going to create will not only be highly targeted but also have a very high match rate.

Step 4. Create the custom audience on Facebook

Download the enriched data from ScrapeBook and create a custom audience on Facebook.
You will just upload first names, last names, and emails so it’s just like uploading a list from MailChimp. =)


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