Why Facebook Dimension Is More Important Than You Think?

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Why Facebook Dimension Is More Important Than You Think?

Have you ever thought if the dimensions of the images matter while posting them on Facebook?

Well, yes. The Facebook dimension of the images is a concern while uploading them on Facebook.

The brands willing to put up a post on Facebook need to keep in mind to use accurate Facebook dimensions in their post. Especially if they wish to make their posts stand out against the rest, they must try following the dimension guidelines on Facebook.

Facebook dimensions are not always the same. It keeps changing with new updates. But have you ever wondered how worse it would be if you create a perfect image for your ad or say a post, but it does not fit into the dimensions provided by Facebook?

We also know that there is a lot of competition among the brands sharing a similar interest in reaching out to more audiences with their ads. Hence the brands have to create appealing advertisements managing the Facebook dimensions.

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Complete Guide: Facebook Dimensions


The brands that put up advertisements on Facebook also have to take care that their ads do not contain more percentage of text than 20%. Facebook does not allow to post the ads with more portions of the document. Either it completely denies or stops the ads after reviewing it.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail the Facebook dimensions for different posts, starting from the profile photos to news feeds photos as well as the images of the ads.

Facebook Profile Picture

The Facebook profile photo is the most significant image that users or brands post on Facebook. The display picture is the most relevant image on the profile which justifies the page.

The profile picture is displayed everywhere on Facebook where the profile is linked. It gets shown on the news feeds, the comments from the page and even the search results.

As we have already discussed, the profile picture justifies the brand. Hence the companies should put effort into making it the most attractive image on their page so that it creates more engagement.

Now the question is, what should be the resolution to upload the profile picture on Facebook?

As we know the display picture is a square image, so the resolution approved by Facebook is 2048*2048 pixels with a ratio of 1:1.

The brands should also make sure that the image they are posting should also works within a circle which is the smaller version with a resolution of 168*168 pixels.

Facebook Profile Cover Picture

The Facebook cover photo is a long landscape image that gets put up on the top of the profile. It is not like the square image used in profile pictures. Hence it has a different resolution.

The cover photo generally displays the features of the products and services of the brand. So the brands have to create images that demonstrate the highlights of the stocks of their company.

The Facebook dimension set for the cover photo is 2037*754 pixels with a ratio of 2.7:1.

Facebook Page Profile Picture

Facebook has set similar dimensions for the personal profile and brand’s page profile picture which is 2048*2048 pixels with a ratio of 1:1.

Facebook Page Cover Picture

The cover photo serves a similar purpose for the personal profile as well as a brand’s Facebook page.

The brands generally put up their logo in the profile picture, which is of a higher resolution. Hence the cover photo that the brands pick out should contain their brand’s features and other traits.

The Facebook dimension for the page cover photo as recommended is 1958*745 pixels with a ratio of 2.63:1.

Facebook Group Cover Picture

Uploading a group cover picture can get a little tricky.

We know that the cover picture should be in the landscape, but in this case, the image has to get adjusted vertically.

Facebook dimensions recommended for group cover photo is 1640*922 pixels with a ratio of 1.78:1.

Facebook Event Cover Picture

The event cover picture is also the same. The brands do not have to adjust this image as it remains in the landscape.

But it provides a better dimension that is 1000*524 pixels with a ratio of 1.91:1. Hence the brands can create appealing images with a higher resolution.

Facebook Newsfeed Pictures

The images that the brands share on the news feeds are a collection of portrait and landscape images because some brands tend to share multiple pictures in a single post.

The Facebook dimensions for the news feeds should be 2048 pixels.


Facebook Newsfeeds Link Posts

The link posts are the feature images. So if the brand is actively posting on Facebook at regular intervals, then they should memorize the dimensions of the link posts.

The news feed link post dimension is 1200*628 pixels.

Here we have discussed the Facebook dimensions of each post in detail. To sum it up, let us now look at these dimensions in brief.

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Facebook Profile Pictures

Profile Picture
Dimension: 2048*2048 Pixels
Ratio: 1:1
Cover Picture
Dimension: 2037*754 Pixels
Ratio: 2.7:1

Facebook Page Pictures

Profile Picture
Dimension: 2048*2048 Pixels
Ratio: 1:1
Cover Picture
Dimension: 1958*745 Pixels
Ratio: 2.63:1

Facebook Group Pictures


Cover Picture
Dimension: 1640*922 Pixels
Ratio: 1.78:1

Facebook Event Pictures

Cover Picture
Dimension: 1000*524 Pixels
Ratio: 1.91:1

Facebook Newsfeeds Pictures

All aspects
Dimension: 2048 Pixels (Width)

Dimension: 2048*2048 Pixels

Dimension: 2048*3072 Pixels

Dimension: 2048*1149 Pixels

Facebook Newsfeeds Link Posts

Feature image
Dimension: 1200*628 Pixels

Facebook has also set dimensions for the brands that are willing to put up ads from their profile.

Facebook Page Ads Pictures

Link in Desktop News Feed
Dimension: 1200*628 Pixels

Link in Desktop Sidebar Ads
Dimensions: 254*133 Pixels

Link on Mobile News Feed
Dimension: 560*292 Pixels

Image Posts (Desktop)
Dimension: 2048 Pixels (Width)

Image Posts (Mobile)
Dimension: Up to 626*840 Pixels

Facebook Page Like Ads Pictures

Dimension: 1200*444 Pixels

Dimension: 254*94 Pixels

Dimension: 560*208 Pixels

So the brands can look up to these dimensions to post pictures and advertisements from their profile or Facebook page at ease.

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To Wrap It Up

Facebook dimension is a significant aspect that brands should consider while creating images or advertisements for their profile or creating engaging content for their Facebook page.

If they keep the dimensions into consideration, then they can create perfect advertisements and posts at once and do not have to recreate them as Facebook rejects the posts, if they exceed the limit.

I hope the article helped you know more about Facebook dimensions. Is there something that we can include? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!