Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Cover Videos

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Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Cover Videos

When you are running your business page on Facebook, then Facebook cover videos is the main point of entry for your audience into that page. Art works have their own charm on Facebook but when it comes to a cover video there is nothing like it. They are capable enough to draw a massive amount of audience’s attraction than just still images.

It has been reported by Facebook that over 500 million users are watching videos everyday on Facebook. With such a vast number of viewers, you must not be left behind in creating your cover video on Facebook and leveraging the immense benefits it offers to its audience.

Humans are always more visual in nature. If there are moving images in the visuals then it adds some extra weightage to it than a still image. Hence, Facebook cover video is a great way to harness this quality of your audience and on the basis of that, you can advertise your brand upto a very large extent.

With so much content available online for the people to watch, their attention span is getting minimal day by day. To leave an impact on your audience, you need to speak more in less time.

Hence, through Facebook cover videos, you get a marvellous chance to speak your brand story in a matter of 30 or less seconds. You would want people to remember you for all they watched. Hence, make sure that your cover video is of utmost quality with greatest punchlines wherever you can include them.

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Why Use Facebook Cover Videos?


So, having said that, let’s see why you need a cover video on your Facebook business page. There are many benefits to it and you wouldn’t know until you start realizing them all by yourself. So, here’s point by point listed benefits of it.

Keeping The People On Page For Longer

Through videos, you have an immense chance of grabbing people’s attention. Imagine just keeping a still image on your page. People would give just a short glance to it, maybe not more than a second, and will scroll down it or maybe just close the page. But through videos, you can help them stay longer on your page. It also has a benefit on your page ranking through Facebook analytics that makes it higher based on the total duration people spend on a page.

It Is The Best Way To Tell Your Brand Story

Compare the video with a salesman in an actual physical shop. When you enter a physical shop, the owner of the shop or the salesman would make sure that you know every positive thing about their business until you decide to purchase the product from them. A cover video does exactly that. Through this, you get a chance to reveal every fact about your business in a nutshell and attract your customers. Your message should be crisp and powerful enough so that you tell all the good things about your brand in the least amount of time.

Following the Trend

A survey has shown that over 82% of content on the internet would be just videos by the year 2022. People are becoming more habituated to watching videos. The time has come where they are able to understand about a product, brand or a business more easily through a video. When so much population is preferring this mode of communication then why should you be left behind in using it? Through cover videos you would have a better chance to tap into the latest trend that people are following in terms of information exchange.

What Are The Best Facebook Cover Video Specs?


Facebook cover video specs keep changing every year. What is currently applicable was last updated in the year 2019. You want to follow the specs for giving the best experience to your viewers. So, let’s see some of the specs that you must follow while creating such videos.


Remember that you want to cover all kinds of audience through your videos. Now, out of all the audience, there might be few who would be running a slow speed internet at their usage. Hence, to cover them as well, you must always keep track of the size of your videos. The ideal Facebook cover video size should be around 1 GB but the maximum allowed size is 1.75 GB.

Make sure you adhere to such size limits for a maximum reach to your audience. You don’t want your video to keep buffering in your viewers’ window and make them wait, which mostly they won’t and would eventually leave your page.


For the best user experience, the dimensions of your cover video should be at least 820 x 312 pixels. For the most optimum results, it can extend maximum up to 820 x 462 pixels but not more than that. The default resize ratio for any video you upload would be around the aspect ratio of 16:9.


Your cover video should be in a format of mp4 or .mov file. This is the most preferred video format not just in Facebook but anywhere you post a video. The maximum resolution allowed for your videos is 1080p. If your webcam outputs a video in any other format than the two formats mentioned above then you can always use a file converter that is easily available online.

How To Make Facebook Cover Videos?


Having discussed the technical details, now you must go ahead and create your video. Keep it short and make it punchy so that it speaks volumes in a short span of time. Then use the right text, mostly in the center to give your message aloud. Take help of a professional video maker through hi-tech digicam so that the resolution of your videos is of superior quality.

Once you have your video ready then it is time to upload in your Facebook business page. Here’s the step by step process of making Facebook cover video on your business page.

Hover over your Facebook cover photo and you will see an icon on the top left of the photo that says “upload photo/video”. Click on that. Select the video from your local library and click upload. Facebook will automatically crop your video to fit the recommended specs that they allow.

And it’s as simple as that. Once you have uploaded your video, it is live for your audience to watch. No waiting time is required. Make sure to test your video on all devices that include a laptop, a tab, and a mobile phone. If there is any discrepancy you find then adjust the specs of your video and upload again.

Do Some Research Before Creating Your Video


This is something extra that is included in this article for a higher value addition. If you want to get some ideas about creating a video then would it be nice that you get a chance of viewing the most performing ad videos that are running in your niche? I bet it does.

Now, there are many ad research tools available in the marketplace but there’s none as comprehensive and cost-efficient as PowerAdSpy. This is a tool which will present you the best performing ads in your niche. Through this, you can know what kinds of audiences prefer which ads. And guess what, you can also know their demographic details like their age, gender, location and even their interests and likings.

Once you have a fair amount of ideas for the kind of audience you want to reach out through your Facebook business page, you would be able to create more appealing ads. And the ideas for the content of those ads you can also find through the comprehensive search on millions of ads on Facebook through PowerAdSpy.


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Final Take

When creating Facebook cover videos there are few more things you need to keep in mind. Remember that you would be posting many ads for your brand on your business page. But your cover video is the most promising ad that would drive maximum engagement from your audience. Hence, you need to give your best shot at it.

Always keep it unique but of professional quality. The cheap quality cover video would not even attract your customers to further scroll down the page. Also, make sure that it is concise and the message you want to give through it should be easily and quickly comprehensible. Always keep the text and images centre aligned so that they perform best on all devices.

Finally, if you will keep all the points mentioned in this blog in mind, you would not only create a high quality cover video but would also be easily attracting the right audience for the further marketing of your business.