09 eCommerce Advertising Strategies to Generate 5x More Leads

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09 eCommerce Advertising Strategies to Generate 5x More Leads

Take for granted you have come to the market to get a sequin saree for your loved one. When you search for the same product online, you will get many more options for the products you are searching for. From this, you can imagine how tough the eCommerce business competition and eCommerce advertising is.

To stand -out with a reputed business name is not easy. So, your company has to stay updated with smart eCommerce advertising strategies, with which you can continue getting qualified customers in your sales funnel, convincing them till they invest.

In this blog, you will get the latest ecommerce advertising strategies to generate leads in thousands. So without any delay, let’s roll into the blog.

What’s the hype with e-commerce advertising?

The only motive of the retailers and marketers is to spread awareness of their brand products or services with eCommerce advertising. People are more active with searching online products rather than stepping out and discovering the products.

With eCommerce advertising, you can promote your products through various ad formats like video ads, banners, media ads, etc.

While developing eCommerce marketing strategies, do focus on eCommerce advertising for your service promotion.

Generate leads with these 09 eCommerce advertising strategies:


1. Upgrade search engine optimization:

Nowadays, 71% of online consumers shop online. E-commerce marketers can take this as a lucrative opportunity to increase their sales by optimizing their sites.

Consider people who visit search engines like Google to search for the products they want to buy. Improve your eCommerce sites according to the searches to make your site rank on the result page. It will help your potential customers to reach you and buy your products.

2. High-quality content marketing:

Nowadays, customers are looking for the value and quality of the products before they purchase products online. They analyze the product performance with reviews from people who are already using this product. You can take the help of blogs and articles to make your customer aware of the advantages they can have with your products.

In the blogging section, you can add topics related to your products, purchasing guidelines, articles with the latest helpful tips about the brand and the products. This information can compel your eCommerce customers to take purchasing actions. Your words can define your products better.

3. Advertising on social media:

Nowadays almost all are using social media, I guess. Every eCommerce marketer is aware of the power of social media as a marketing tool. When you initially start a business, it is the social media through which you can reach your products to millions of people. Social media marketing is the best option for e-commerce advertising strategies.

The most interesting facts about social media are, you can directly interact with your customers, show ads of your products, ask them for feedback and improve accordingly.

Every social media platform has its effective marketing options. Like Facebook, where you can have your eCommerce business site and run ads for more engagement. It has targeting options with which you can target the audience you want to.

These targeting options include age, gender, interest, education, a career that will help you know your targeted audience to drive more sales.
So, using social media will be the best option for effective eCommerce advertising.

4. Search ads with the best ad intelligence tool:

To increase your sales, you need to have an online presence. And this is possible if you advertise your brand products and services that you want to provide to your audiences. Effective advertisements need quality ads. These ads you can get from an ad intelligence tool, PowerAdSpy.


It is an ad intelligence tool with which you can get as many ads as you want. Thousands of ads are added every day to its dashboard. To narrow down your search, you can search ads according to your keywords.

There are unique features of this software tool to make your advertising easier. With its latest ads, you can advertise your brand and enhance your eCommerce advertising strategies.

The best part is, it has a free plan! Yes, you heard the right. Now, you can get thousands of ads for free for Ten days. So, grab this offer without wasting a minute.

5. Email marketing:

Not every visitor to your website will take the desired action on their first visit. You have to remain in contact with them to make them know about your new arrivals, offers, discount coupons, and sales-related information through emails which they may find interesting. It can also make them return to your website.

If a customer has added a few products to his cart and does not proceed with further actions, you can notify them with a link sent to their emails to come back and complete the order placing process.

6. Personalization:

You cannot approach your customers with the same ads and offers. Tailor your ads, add more features to your products, make your offers more relevant and then reach as many customers as you want. Make things available for your customers. They will be more interested to make purchasing decisions.

7. PPC advertising:


Like search engine optimization, pay-per-click is also one of the best ways to generate leads. You can use PPC advertising on social media platforms and google ads to reach people searching in the search results. You can also use it for competitive keywords that are dominated by your rivals.

When you create marketing campaigns, search ads( you can use PowerAdSpy as the ad searching tool) relevant to the searches by the users on the search result page. Add offers based on the money you want for each click to your website and pay only that amount when anyone clicks on your ad.

This advertising can be unaffordable for many marketers, but this is an effective eCommerce marketing strategy to get clicks and generate leads.

8. Guest post:

You can approach new blogs and publications presenting your blog before new audiences. You can also add a few links that will redirect them to your blog site.

Always go for high-quality and authority publications with which you want your business to get associated. Engaged readership is also a way to get associated with.

9. Promoted pins:

When you use promoted pins, your ads will show to similar users’ feeds when they search for relevant keywords. A large number of pinners use the platform to make their purchasing decisions. So, it can be one of the best ways to invest in eCommerce business advertisements.

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To Wrap It Up:

When you generate more leads, you will get more sales. When you gain more sales in your marketing funnel, more revenue will roll into your eCommerce business store.

So, to make this possible, we have the best eCommerce advertising strategies with which you can attract fresh leads to your eCommerce business store.

I hope this article was helpful to fulfill all your expectations regarding eCommerce advertising. If you have any queries or anything which I can do for you, frame your voice in words and reach me through this comment box below. I would love to hear from you!