Top 7 Video Ads That Rocked Facebook in 2018

Video use on Facebook is steadily increasing. Top online stores invest more and more in advertising to ensure growth and profitability. That’s because video ads are more engaging, can get thousands of reactions, comments, and shares, and obviously generate more sales. For those just now starting to design an ad campaign, we put together a […]

How to Create and Deal with Your Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook, with its huge user base, has become one of the most important marketing platforms for many businesses. The large user pool represents a great opportunity for advertisers to select potential audiences and target their ads to people who are really interested in their offerings. Brands and businesses can do this by using Facebook Custom […]

Facebook Ad Types to Try Out in 2019

Many businesses want to increase the effectiveness of their social media advertising campaigns after a while and are looking for new strategies to implement. A good idea for maximizing the impact of your content is to try out new Facebook ad types. If you’re planning on creating some special offer ads for your audience in […]

Best Facebook Ads with Examples

Facebook advertising has proven quite effective for many brands and businesses that use the social platform for online marketing. But there is no surprise. At this point, Facebook’s user base is larger than the population of China. Competition is fierce for users’ attention, though, so it’s crucial to learn how to create some of the […]

Find Your Inspiration with These Top 10 Instagram Ads

Instagram seems to be at its peak in terms of popularity and is becoming a top channel for online advertisers. In the past two years, the social platform has greatly improved the advertising experience, catching its parent company Facebook from behind and showing tremendous progress. Instagram ads have great potential for marketers. This is proven […]

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