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YouTube video ads: Everything You Need To Watch

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YouTube video ads: Everything You Need To Watch

Today, video consumption is rising more than ever! YouTube video ads are not a new idea. It has been the top marketing tool in advertising brands and big business for quite some time. If you are thinking of running YouTube advertisements, here are some remarkable facts about YouTube. 

YouTube is trending as the number 1 video platform, and it has 2 billion monthly active customers!

* Almost 15% of YouTube views are from the United States.

 * In Canada, 90% of YouTubers are between 18-24.

YouTube releases 500 hours of videos every minute.

 * It believes that More than 70% of YouTube video ads are watched on mobile.

 * Each YouTube viewer passes an average time of 11m 24s each day

YouTube videos for business marketing are using in business to receive advanced purchases if they are showing videos according to their viewer’s requirements.

* Their advertising profits are estimated to generate 5.5 billion dollars this year from the U.S.

 * YouTube’s top 5 most popular brands are running YouTube’s Google Preferred Ads.

When seeing these stats, YouTube ads is essential for your business. Target your users and give them access to YouTube rest it will work for you!

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What are YouTube Ads?

YouTube Ads are paid advertisements that run on the YouTube platform. The ads come in a variety of formats include banner-type ads and video ads.

Categories of YouTube Video Ads:


1. Skippable In-Stream Advertisements

A skippable ad will give a skip adoption after 5 seconds.

How do you consider them as a skippable in-stream advertisement?

Skippable in-stream advertisements are ads that run before, in-between, or after a video. You can skip these videos after five seconds. These advertisements can be extending up to three minutes, but it suggests preserving them below 30 seconds.

Where do you find skippable in-stream ads?

You can view them on YouTube watch sites, on sponsored site videos, and through the Display Network.

When do you invest in skippable in-stream video advertisements?

With skippable in-stream video advertisements, you can select either:

  • cost-per-view: Every time a viewer sees your ad for at least 30 seconds, or tabs on your ad.
  • cost-per-thousand impressions: Every time your advertisement is displayed 1,000 times.

2. Non-Skippable In-Stream Advertisements

A user can view these ads before they can watch a YouTube video.

How do you consider them as non-skippable in-stream ads?

Non-skippable YouTube ads can be showing during, earlier, or after the main video. These advertisements can be shorter up to 15 seconds but you cannot skip these video ads.

Where do you find non-skippable in-stream advertisements?

You can view them on YouTube watch sites, on sponsored site videos, and through the Display Network.

When do you invest in non-skippable in-stream video ads?

With non-skippable in-stream ads, you pay for only cost-per-thousand impressions.

3. Discovery Ads

This discovery advertisement is showing when scrolling over the YouTube homepage.

How do you consider them as discovery ads?

Not like in-stream advertising, discovery ads are a mixture of video thumbnails and are carried by some text.

Where do you find discovery advertisements?

The name already suggests, these ads view in places of “discovery,” which means you can view them on the search results site, mobile Web page, or associated videos on YouTube.

When do you invest in discovery ads?

You invest in YouTube discovery ads when a viewer tabs your ad thumbnail.

4. Bumper Ads

This bumper advertisement showed earlier when a video started and continued for six seconds.

How do you consider them as bumper ads?

Bumper ads are non-skippable advertisements that run earlier, in-between, or after a video ad. They can be continuing for six seconds long.

Where do you find bumper ads?

Similar to skippable and non-skippable in-stream video ads, bumper ads can view on YouTube watch sites, on sponsored site videos, and through the Display Network.

When do you invest in bumper ads?

With bumper advertisements, you will invest in CPM only.

5. Out stream Ads

How do you consider them as out-stream ads?

Out stream ads are quite different than the other forms of advertisements. These ads are made only for mobile phones and tablets. These advertisements run automatically without volume, but a watcher can tab on the ad to increase the volume of the video.

How do you find out-stream ads?

Not like other YouTube advertisements, you cannot see out-stream ads running on YouTube. Rather, they run on sponsor pages as well as in applications on the Display Network. 

When do you invest in out-stream ads?

Investing for out-stream ads is also quite different. Instead of the old-style CPM bidding, you invest money for these ads according to CPM bidding, which means you will be paying each time your video is viewed even for two seconds with over half of the ad screen displaying.

6. Overlay Ads

These ads view on the bottom of videos. You can view it on laptops or desktop computers. They will not watch on mobile phones, and the observer can stop the ad at any time. These ads have a tendency to create false clicks, in which a watcher tries to stop the ad, but unintentionally tabs over the advertiser’s video.

7. Midroll Ads

These ads only view longer videos of more than 15 minutes. The ads view frequently during the running video, in the same way as ads run on television. Viewers have no option but to views them to remain their video. 

8. Sponsored Cards

These display content applicable to the prime video, for example, featured products. The observer views a trailer for the card and then can tab an icon in the upper right corner to access the sponsored cards. 

What sort of businesses should be playing YouTube Ads?

YouTube is not the platform of popular brands. Due to vast amounts of users’ information and flexible budgeting choices, tiny companies are gradually running videos on this platform. The medium of video ads provides tiny companies managers a chance to raise their brands’ popularity in the markets and gather potential users in the crucial times of their search procedure.

YouTube has announced Director onsite, which provides tiny businesses a free-video establishment facility when they invest $150. It permits tiny to medium size businesses to share their business story reliably and subjectively with the viewers who care most about their stories.

How YouTube video ads work?

There are three parties behind a YouTube ad: video makers who form viewers, promoters who purchase ads to reach these users, and viewers who view videos and involve in ads.

It is a success for the whole team since the users become directly attached to a suitable brand or message when the promoter reaches their target users, and content creators get a chance to make money by permitting advertisements to be located in their videos, and the good news about YouTube is, it permits you to target your ad to users that are more involved in what you have to offer. By depending on the audience’s Google search browsing history, YouTube makes it easier to reach your target viewers and confirm an advanced opportunity that an individual who sees your ad, will tab on it. 

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With specific viewers and trackable objectives in mind, YouTube offers a prominent platform for promoters to reach their target audience.

Prefer the best YouTube ad formats above as a beginning theme, and you will be fine on your path to creating influential YouTube creative video ads that will get the victory for your business.

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