5 Strong Reasons Why Video For Branding Can Help Your Business

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5 Strong Reasons Why Video For Branding Can Help Your Business

In today’s world, standing out in the crowd can be tough for any business. But here’s a secret weapon: video for branding.

It’s not just a fad, it’s become absolutely essential. Why? Well, think about it: nearly 9 out of 10 professionals agree that video is the king of content. And when over 7 out of 10 businesses are already using videos in their marketing, you know there’s something special about it.

Sure, traditional marketing still has its place, but videos? They’re like the superheroes of advertising. They don’t just tell your story; they take your audience on an unforgettable journey. With captivating visuals and graphics, they grab attention like nothing else.

So why should you use video for branding your business? We’ve got five solid reasons that’ll convince you why video for branding is the way to go. Stick around, and let’s explore how video can transform your business.

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What Is Brand Video Marketing?


Brand video marketing is an approach to marketing strategy and campaigns to promote their products or services. It involves utilizing and creating videos and visuals to promote a brand and product. It improves ranking and viewer engagement.

Video marketing does not solely emphasize promoting the product but narrates an engaging story with the viewers to establish a personal relationship between viewers and the brand. It creates an emotional connection with viewers which ultimately drives customer engagement.

Video marketing builds a brand image and shares a story that aligns with the brand’s motive and value to viewers. It strengthens the brand identity and goals through videos in various ways –

Brand storytelling videos

Brand storytelling videos share and narrate the brand’s history, goals, and values. Such videos build an emotional connection between the viewer and the brand.

Product showcase videos

Brands create product showcase videos to showcase to the audience their products. It usually emphasizes the unique features and benefits of the product or service.

Case studies and testimonial videos

These videos contain case studies of a client or customer who is utilizing their products or services. It includes genuine testimonials of their customers, making it more authentic and establishing its credibility.

Social media short video content

With the advent of TikTok, short format content has become popular and famous worldwide. It is easy to consume with less time and captures more engagement than long-format content.

Animated videos

Animation is one of the most creative ways to engage your viewers and convey your message. Animated videos simplify complex topics, making them easy to understand creatively.

Now we know what video marketing is for the social media branding and various ways of video marketing, let us delve into and explore some reasons why you should integrate video for the brand in your marketing campaign.

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Video For Branding


To stand ahead of your competition in an ever-evolving market landscape, you have to adapt new ways and strategies for advertising. Videos have emerged as a convenient form of advertising and communication.

Here are the five compelling reasons to adopt and integrate videos into your marketing campaign.

Highly Desired Content Format

Customers prefer video content to any other format. Videos are often more engaging than images, banners, or any other form of content. You may have top-notch and high-quality content, but you always need a medium to deliver your ideas engagingly.

According to the 2018 survey, 83% of the population admitted and demanded more videos from their favorite and admired brand. Thus, video for branding can be a powerful medium to get customer engagement. It is why social media platforms promote and prioritize video content more than any other format.

Wider Reach

Today, in the age of the smartphone era, it has become easy to share content and ideas. Optimize videos for mobile screens and other devices, making them easily accessible. Adopt videos into your social media marketing campaign to maximize your reach for your content. Social media platforms and their algorithms promote more video content.

Relevant videos have a high chance of sharing to increase their organic reach and circulate your message to a maximum no of audiences with minimum effort.

Easy To Consume

Interesting and engaging videos feed lengthy information in a shorter period. Reading a long article and information is often time-consuming, but on the other hand, videos are relatively lighter to consume. Understanding a topic through a video is more convenient than any other content format.

According to Liraz Margalit, a digital psychologist, our brain processes video 60,000 times faster than text. Reading texts requires more cognitive effort than simply watching and consuming video content. Craft a compelling video for branding to enhance and multiply your marketing campaign.

SEO Benefits

Google prioritizes video content and ranks it. Video content is more likely to appear on top and boost your ranking. Incorporate best SEO practices like adding relevant keywords and metadata to your video to rank. This way, brands, and businesses can improve their visibility, bring organic traffic, and drive conversion. Adding videos to your website helps you to acquire more engagement and reduces bounce rates by increasing time spent. It signals to the search engine algorithm that this page is relevant.

Increased Sales And Customer Loyalty

A brand video consists of the brand’s products with features that educate the viewers and consumers about the products. Videos allow marketers to showcase their products in action, and highlight features, address pain points, making them more engaging and informative.

Crafting a video for branding may capture the audience’s attention through eye-catching visuals and an emotional storyline, helping brands build a personal connection with that brand. When audiences find the brands’ voice and value appealing, they often associate themselves with the brand. It also builds customer loyalty by making customers adhere to the brand and increasing sales.

We’ve uncovered compelling reasons to integrate video branding into your marketing campaign. Now brace yourself! We bring you some mind-blowing and captivating video advertising examples you should watch.

Top 5 Brand Video Marketing Examples –

1 Star Bucks: It Starts With You


Starbucks is a leading American multinational coffee house brand.

In this video, Starbucks expresses itself as a brand as a part of your daily life and routine with its tagline: “It starts with you”. This ad conveys that Starbucks coffee is an integral part of your day.

2 Coca-cola: Real Magic


If a person claims he is unfamiliar with this brand, that person is lying. Everybody in this world has ever drunk Coca-Cola.

In this ad, Coca-Cola’s “Real Magic” added magical elements to demonstrate how it can serve as a refreshing beverage to enhance and spark your creative ideas.

3 Volkswagen: An American Love Story


Volkswagen is a famous German car manufacturer brand with a reputed market value.

In this video, Volkswagen shared a beautiful story: “An American love story” of its commencement in America in 1949 till now. It has shared its journey from its arrival and earliest cars to the modern one, binding you through an emotional song that resonates with its value.

4. E*Trade: Picklebabies from Morgan Stanley


Morgan Stanley is an American multinational bank that operates in 40 countries.
E*Trade is a financial corporation for e-trading and a subsidiary of Morgan Stanley.

This video for branding conveys the message through the depiction of two babies playing tennis in a team and illustrating how trading with Morgan Stanley makes them ready for whatever it serves.

5. I phone 15 plus


Apple needs no introduction. The iPhone has a unique and distinctive brand value in the smartphone realm.

Every year, Apple launches and unveils an outstanding iPhone. In this advertisement, apple used a song and lyrics “way too long” to highlight its new remarkable lifelong battery backup in its latest iPhone 15.

These were the top 5 best YouTube video ads and video advertising examples that promote their brand through a video with an emotional storyline, visuals, and a compelling tagline.

Suppose you want more such examples, we suggest a tool that can help you in your advertisement video for branding.

PowerAdSpy – Social Media Ad Spy Tool.


PowerAdSpy is a social media ad spy tool to spy on your competitors so you can derive ideas for your video ads and other creatives while keeping an eye on your competitors. It provides access to a vast database of ads on a real-time basis and helps you monitor your competitors.

This tool encompasses many advanced features, some of which are:

Filter By Ad Positions – PowerAdSpy allows you to filter ads based on positions such as newsfeeds and side locations so you can craft strategies for positioning your video campaign.

Complete visibility – PowerAdSpy lets you get analytical reports with real-time data and live performance from your competitors’ video campaigns.

Ads from 110+ countries – You can acquire your video ads library as it grants access to the latest ad campaigns from more than 100 countries.

Narrow your searches – It allows you to search ads on domain and niche-specific keywords and sort by call-to-action.

Precise algorithm – Its robust algorithm enables you to discover ad campaigns through exact keywords/ads/phrases used in the ad campaign.

Video and image ads – It offers various video and image ad formats to get an idea of ad creatives your competitors are using.

Geo-targeted – It has a vast database that enables its users to get precise information about your competitors’ geo-targeted ads.

This way, PowerAdSpy can help you learn from various video advertising examples so you can adapt those ideas and integrate them into your video for branding.


Today, video ads are an implacable part of digital marketing. Adapting this can strengthen your brand image and induce your brand value in the viewers’ or consumers’ minds.

Video for branding can efficiently convey your message in less time, making it easier to consume than a regular article. Videos have a wider reach than any form of content as Google promotes more video content and ranks on SEO.

PowerAdSpy is an ad spy tool to spy on your competitors and derive ideas for your video for branding. PowerAdSpy is an advanced feature-loaded tool that can help you in your marketing campaign.poweradspy