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What are the Best Examples of Facebook Ads for a Better Product Promotion?

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What are the Best Examples of Facebook Ads for a Better Product Promotion?

Opting for Facebook ads for promoting your business can be a very smart step ahead in direction of your product promotion. This is an adventurous step in digital marketing field. And now this has been developed into a completely separate field where every business has to face, and give tough competition in order to make their product more known, demandable and popular.

In addition to it, Facebook ads have come like a revolution for the professional digital marketing world. Now there are so many types of ads that can add a great effect in your business. You can do great business just with the ads in Facebook, and Facebook welcomes it, though.

Facebook advertisements are a promotional event, that is designed in order to let people know about the product, and thus make them use it for their purpose. Normally the ads are about 30 seconds to one minute long, but can be different according to the product genre. In Facebook, there are certain categories of Ads that can help you out to make the ads that really work!

Here I will let you know about the most famous examples of Facebook Ads that are frequently used by the companies to market their products –

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Domain Ads –

This examples of Facebook ads which are at the right column of the Facebook, or in desktop are termed as the domain ads. What all the things you will have when using this ad, is a ‘Single Image’ and the optional ‘Text Description’ box above it. Means you can insert a single image only when opt for this ad creation. Along with this, you will also have a ‘Link Description’ below, that will link to your product’s website.

Popularity meter

It is the most frequently used ad forms in Facebook. Though there are some restrictions for you, to not stuff it with too much words, and you can use a single image only, but there are options you can have a good text for your image. So it’s suggested to have a proper set of texts for your image. As the ads will be right infront of the profile, in the desktop and the right side, so there are more chances for anyone to see it on quicker basis.

Here are the basic categories of the Ads under it –

Multi product Ads –

As the name suggests, the multi products ad is something not depending upon any single product for marketing. This is basically for the businesses that involve many products for sale, like the fashion brands etc. You can give wide prospects of the products you have through the pictures. The best part of it is that with the different products on the line, chances of anyone to see them automatically increases and thus they can find the ones they need.  

Offer Ads

Offer ads are basically for those which are familiar with your brands. Also are quite useful to target your potential customers. What an offer ad is, unlike the domain ads instead of sending the people to your website, it offers a discount code and barcode.

Discount code for the brands and products with an expiration date, and the barcode to use if you want to pop up shop for your business. These ads are the best for short term sales. The offer ads are unique in their own way, and so people love to see the latest offers available for their favorite products.

Video Ads

So here comes the great one, video ads are really the best ones for any business to get more fan following in a lesser time. They are the best ways to explain your product in a lesser time duration. Nowadays there has been a flood of video ads for every sort of product you can see and use. The ones with the better showoff, explanation and impressiveness will have the most watch and demand tag!

The video ads are very much dependable on the type of product, means as per the product category you can create video ads. You can use different human lifestyle actions and feelings to create the ads. The traditional ones involve the actresses and actors to create a maximum of one minute ad. Well there are highly technified options too, you can use the cartoons, robots, infographics as well.

Lead Ads –

The lead ads looks like regular ads, until you click on it. Basically these ads collect the information of the user without leaving them on the Facebook. You can get informations like user’s name, email address, contact number etc. After filling in the details and clicking on the ‘Submit; button, you become a lead. As the name suggests, these ads are created to generate leads for the product. Leads are equally important for the product to become popular and gain the potential customers.

Canvas Ad

If you like to create awesome images for your product and use them to promote your business, then the canvas ad is for you. With the help of beautiful, informative images, you can catch millions of eyes on your product easily. What you’re gonna do is to open the ‘Publishing tools’ of your page, then you can create your image with the canvas option present there.

As soon as the canvas is created, you’ll get a unique link which you can use in the Ads manager section, thereby pasting the link and creating the canvas ad.

You can use various ad spy tools like PowerAdSpy to spy on competitor’s ads and study those examples of Facebook ads to gain your online presence on social media.


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So in all these ways you can have a greater chance to promote your product and get more likes, followers, shares and customers for it. Here I have described the most popular examples of Facebook ads that you can use. Besides these there are dynamic ads and content ads which you can use as well.

All in all the center of every digital marketing business is the general public. Whatever you do, you must be able to impress and convince them to use your product. Then only your product can be the best one to know and go for.

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