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Competitor Analysis Tools That Will Improve your Traffic | Website Like Spyfu Alternatives

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Competitor Analysis Tools That Will Improve your Traffic | Website Like Spyfu Alternatives

You will certainly have competition if you own a blog, business or website of your own. And to those of you, who are totally new to this field, you should know that there are many tools, that will let you perform Competitor analysis of the top keywords and rank better than them. Some of these will simply let you find out the exact Google algorithm that worked well, for your competitors and also which helped them to rank better than you. These tools simply let you fetch all the keywords that they have used either organically or in paid ways to rank higher and better. So, more than spying, tools of such kind will let you analyse what works well for your top competitors, and what strategies take a longer time than usual to work well.

These tools can have an effective impact on you, if you start using it in the right way. First, you need to thoroughly understand about the tool, like what all it can do, and how well you can use it in order to gain a better insight about your competitors, and after that, you can really start of your work by spying on your top competitors. The main objective of this tool is to let you know how you will be able to find out and know, the winning strategies of your competitors. It is always good to have competitors and competition makes things more challenging and interesting for you.

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How Competition helps your business?

When you know the secret strategy to stack up against your competitors, then things begin to get easier. Here are some interesting reasons to have competitors in your business.

  • Avoids you being overconfident.
  • Improved brand awareness.
  • Develop Self Awareness.
  • Encourages differentiation.
  • Identify and employ new trends.
  • Mutual Learning.
  • Develop a niche of your own.

Competitor Analysis is one area where you need more focus, because they help you to analyse and know more about your competitors. As you analyse about your competitors, you will begin to find how well you can utilise those strategies for your own. There are many tools, that will help you to do the same, so just give it a try to some of the best tools, that are available for the same. Discussed over here briefly, are some of the tools, which will let you to analyse your competitors strategies and gain a better edge over them.



This tool has been regarded as an interesting tool by many Digital marketing experts or professionals to spy on your competitor activities. This tool helps you to analyse the trending Search Engine Optimization techniques for your business. So you will be able to spy on the SEO techniques of your competitors, and also this will allow you to spy on their keywords accurately, perform SEO audit and spy on their backlinks as well. So as you spy on the keywords of your competitors, you will surely get an idea of the best selling keywords, that people are more interested in.


This tool will help you find out the exact matching keywords of your niche, by comparing it with your competitors. You will also be able to find out those keywords that might help you to rank better. It provides you with options to find out those keywords that your competitors have probably missed out, giving you a chance or opportunity to hit on them. So this tool, will simply fetch you all top competitor keywords, which have been found to be successful.

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You can use this tool when you need to make a complete SEO report of how well you’re doing when compared to your competitors. It requires you to simply enter in your competitor’s website and analyse the reports. iSpionage lets you drive more targeted and focused traffic to your website, generate leads, and also to enhance your conversion rates.


This is a cool keyword competition checker tool. There are actually tons of things, that this tool lets you do, like competitor keyword research, tracking ranks by comparing all  competitors in your niche, researching all backlinks to your website, performing SEO audit, crawling logs etc. So as you begin checking out your competition rate, you will find out the competition that you are providing to your other competitors, and also the kind of competitive strategies that you need to add on, to attract more potential target audience into your business.


Reaching greater heights using low profitable keywords, is exactly what they help you do. They can also help you to get instant boost in your search ranks. Being very easy to handle and use, is one of it’s best features. If you are working for a niche associated site, then it is very mandatory that you should be using this tool to become fully fledged, and to check out those keywords of your competitors which are having more reach.



When you think about those websites like Spyfu, you should also be thinking about tools like KeywordSpy. This tool lets you spy on your competitors winning strategies and apply a better one on yours. So if you are completely into working on a website, then you should think of using this tool, to spy on those keywords which might help you to drive more traffic into your website.

#Can I Rank?

This is fully fledged competitor analysis tool, which is completely free and pretty easy to use. As you use this tool, you will get the complete details about how you need to improve on your website, to know and analyse what is missing on it and also to know more about your competitors as well. This gives you a clear and bigger picture about your competitors. There might be certain SEO ideas, that you don’t really know about, and you can use this tool to gain insights about your competitors and to better know and understand them.

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There are many reasons as to why Competitive Analysis can help you analyse and understand beyond your industry.


Moreover, you can also use ad spy tools like PowerAdSpy to analyze your competitor and make best strategies for yourself. It will help you grow your brand and drive engagement in your ads.

More Accurate Idea

Looking only at your industry, will not give an entire idea about your competition and may even show your rank to be a fake one when compared to others.

Learn From Other Brands

You can gain a lot of marketing insights from other brands. This might provide you with enough and more knowledge about your competitors as well.  To pull off any brand’s growth or to accomplish brand revitalization, you should gain insights about where you actually stand when compared to your competitors.

Everyone Is Your Competition

There is so much of innovation in marketing, distribution and communication, that your brand is actually competing with many other brands. You can know in real time, about how much competition your brand is going through. Also, about where your brand is exactly standing when compared to your competitors.

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Why Is Competitor analysis important for your business?

This is very important to sketch the marketing strategies of your successful competitors. No matter what kind of business you are into, you should always be in track of your competitor’s moves. Knowing your competitors will help you to get an idea about all the people in your field. Who are competing for the same product or service. The importance of competitor analysis can never be neglected, as it actually offers you many interesting benefits for your business. This will also give you a clear cut idea about the all the strengths and weakness of your competitors. And with this you can focus more on your competitor’s weakness, to gain a better insight and advantage over them. You will be able to better respond to market scenarios and changes, to reach your company or business goals.


Final Thoughts

So everyone is competing and if you want your brand to stay ahead of others. Then you need to think of smart ways to do so. Competitor analysis is definitely one cool way to spy what your top competitors are performing to get along with them and also to do better than the others. So today, there are actually many such tools, that will help you to analyse your competitors. Though at one time Spyfu was considered to be one of the best tools for competitor analysis. Today it has many better alternatives as well, which are mentioned above. So you can go through the tools, in detail and choose the most appropriate one for your business or niche.