Top 7 Video Ads That Rocked Facebook in 2018

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Top 7 Video Ads That Rocked Facebook in 2018

Video use on Facebook is steadily increasing. Top online stores invest more and more in advertising to ensure growth and profitability. That’s because video ads are more engaging, can get thousands of reactions, comments, and shares, and obviously generate more sales. For those just now starting to design an ad campaign, we put together a list of the best Facebook ad examples to use as inspiration.

But before making the jump to the video ad examples, let’s see why you need to use video in your advertising strategy. First of all, Facebook videos give you a great opportunity to market your brand to a highly targeted audience and drive reach, engagement, and conversion. Secondly, video ads are now captioned, which increased view time by 12%. And because video ads can be viewed in silent mode on Facebook, they are less intrusive. Advertisers need to be original and focus on the visual effect to stand out.

Now check out these Facebook ad examples that rocked the advertising world in 2018:

#1 Chanel

facebook ad examplesChanel is the most social luxury brand with more than 57 million followers across all social media platforms and around 21 million on Facebook. It was only natural for the brand to create engaging, inspiring video ads for its audience. The Facebook ad example above has over 173K views and hundreds of likes. It’s so successful not only because celebrity Keira Knightley makes an appearance in it, but also because the content is familiar. Chanel also used the same content for television commercials and YouTube. This is a good example of how you can repurpose your content and reach a greater audience.

#2 Bluehost

facebook ad examplesBluehost’s ad above gets it right on multiple levels. It is designed to reduce cart abandonment and convince people to return to the website and complete their purchase.

The ad has a highly compelling copy. It starts with a question to remind people that they were thinking about building their website, along with a hint of social proof by mentioning the brand is trusted by millions of users. Besides that, the ad uses eye-catching visuals. The video used by Bluehost basically reinforces the social proof mentioned in the ad copy by giving examples and referencing different business owners.

#3 SkinnyMint

facebook ad examplesFor brands that don’t have the resources to film high-quality videos to put in an ad, SkinnyMint’s video ad is the perfect example that you don’t need sophisticated tools to create great content. The ad shows how you can repurpose appealing photos into a great video ad. You just need a little bit of imagination and you can create a video ad in less than five minutes.

SkinnyMint uses a simple checklist feature to create a sense of urgency with some still images and remind women that bikini season is coming up.

#4 Unicef

facebook ad examplesUnicef appears in our list of Facebook ad examples with this great video ad that focuses on the political debate following the Syrian refugee crisis. The ad tells the story of a cause by turning the headlines surrounding the refugee crisis into a heartbreaking video. It appeals to emotions and tugs at the heartstrings of its viewers.

This ad is a powerful example of how you can use a controversial event to spread brand awareness and turn the issue into a positive message.

#5 Simba

facebook ad examplesSimba is a UK-based mattress company that utilizes the carousel ad format to promote their products. The ad above is one of the best Facebook ad examples. It uses short, feature-rich videos to present the product they want to market, namely the Hybrid Mattress.

The ad is effective due to the short copy that incites curiosity. The suggestive card titles highlight either a specific feature of the product or a consumer benefit. It also works thanks to the visuals effects. The short videos catch the attention and make the ad more immersive. The use of a single image is also a good strategy as it breaks the pattern and grabs the attention by informing about the 100-day trial offer.

#6 Gousto

facebook ad examplesNext on our list of Facebook ad examples is this ad from food delivery company Guosto. If you’re asking why it works, it’s because it perfectly mixes value based video content with a direct response discount promotion. The video is shorter than 60 seconds. However, it manages to grab the attention. It shows how easy it is to cook one of the recipes they offer in their meal boxes.

Apart from the video content, the call-to-action is direct and consistent with the tone of the ad (Order Now). Also, the ad copy highlights some important consumer benefits. They are sure to convince people interested in this offer to order the meal boxes.

#7 The Grommet

The Grommet’s ad is a good example to follow for those who want to sell their product or services as a gift. The secret to its effectiveness is that it focuses on the emotional aspect of Father’s day, instead of the product itself.  The Grommet specializes in unique gift ideas and innovative products, so they surely don’t lack imagination.

For people who are looking for last-minute gift ideas, it could prove to be a lifesaver. It just goes to prove that anything will work if you spin it the right way.


The success of video ads is undeniable. Advertisers should keep in mind that the effectiveness of an ad is due to several factors, not only the visual part. Basically, aspects like the copy, the message, and the call-to-action should also be taken into consideration. Also, it’s important to endure consistency between the elements of an ad.

Facebook trends are constantly changing. It’s always helpful to take a look at what others are doing and find inspiration in their work. We hope the Facebook ad examples in this article give you some great ideas for your next advertising campaign.


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