How To Uncover Google Ads Secret Using Adwords Spy Tool?

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How To Uncover Google Ads Secret Using Adwords Spy Tool?

As a marketer, don’t you want to be ahead of competitors? Though online advertising has made it easier for marketers to grow their business reach, it is also the cause of intense competition in the market. In spite of your efforts to optimize your marketing strategy, you may still find yourself behind some of your competitors. But that’s not strange since there are also marketing tools that make it easier for marketers to analyze and optimize their campaigns.

Like you can use the Adwords spy tool to get information on some of the best Google ads. And by replicating their winning ad strategies in your own advertising, you can ensure getting more traffic and reach for your business.

In this blog, we are going to show you how to use the Adwords spy tool to uncover the secret of creating winning Google ads.

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Why Should You Be Using Google Adwords Spy Tool?

Being the most used search engine, the Google ads platform is always the first choice for most marketers. Not only that, it has been one of the most reliable platforms for more than a decade, making it the most desirable advertising platform for marketers.

Nowadays, every other brand with an online presence is running Google ad campaigns. You will find most of your competitive brands also investing in Google ads. While it is not easy to do search engine optimization to gain organic traffic, Google PPC advertising can easily catch sight of your target customers.

However, because of how effective Google advertising is, the competition is also over the top level. To be the best out of the best, marketers do a lot of competitive research and analyze campaigns of other brands and creators to gain winning ad insights.

Why do Competitors’ Insights Matter?

Competitors’ Insights To Check Using Adwords Spy: –

It is quite easy to search for competitors’ ads on Google, as you can just search for targeted keywords to find relevant ads. Though you might be thinking, what are the most targeted that you should be looking for? Of course, relying on manual search, you might be able to grab the information or some insights. However, using the Adwords spy tool will help you to learn specific ad details that would make ad campaigns profitable.

Shortcut To Get Your Website On Google’s First Page: –

If you want to increase your website visibility organically, SEO is the only way. However, optimizing a website is a time taking process. You will have to invest a lot of time and effort in content marketing just to improve the website’s ranking on the search engine result pages.

Instead, it’s easier to start your marketing journey with paid advertising, where you can ensure getting better visibility and traffic. Though investing in paid ad campaigns does not provide you the surety of getting conversions. In such a case, you can use the Adwords ad spy tool to search for marketing insights of the best ad campaigns. And replicating the same in your own marketing strategies may increase your chances of customer acquisition.

Scope The Market For New Opportunities: –

Marketers do competitive research to gain marketing insights, which helps them improve their own marketing strategies. They also get to know about the current ongoing trends and the advertising behavior of other advertisers. And based on the stats and analysis, they can prepare themselves for creating better ad campaigns targeting a wider group of audiences.

While spying on competitors’ ads, you may also learn intriguing data insights like new keywords, CPC stats, and other information. Having such insights will help you to improvise your campaign to the next level. So you can create innovative and appealing advertisements that will attract more clicks and conversions.

Get Ideas To Create Ad Copies That Stand Out: –

If you want to write perfect ad copy for your campaign, spying on competitors’ ads will definitely help you improve. Ad copies with higher CTR equate to better quality campaigns, which also results in reducing the CPC costs and lowering the overall ad expenses. Besides that, the Adwords spy  tool may also help you analyze the ad extensions from some of the best optimized Google ad campaigns. You can also use it to learn about negative keywords to avoid in your own campaign.

Best Google Ad Spy Tools

Google Ad Auction Insights: –

If you are already running ad campaigns on Google, you may already know about ad auction insights. Isn’t it? The Google ad insight report will help you compare your own ad strategy with other competitors. Access any active ad campaign that you are running on Google and select the Auction Insight tab. After opening that, select All. It will show you all information like: –

  • Impression share
  • Average ad position
  • Overlap rate (the frequency at which your competitors’ ads show up next to yours)
  • Position-above rate (the frequency at which your ads have outperformed your competitors’)
  • Quality Score
  • Outranking Share (how often an ad ranked higher in the auction than another advertiser’s ad)

There you will get the report of many of your competitors’ ads. Taking the inputs from there, you may decide to invest in ad campaigns more aggressively or stall down.

Under the Auction Insight report, you can also learn about the ads targeted on particular devices and plan your campaign accordingly. Based on that, make your bids increase or decrease while targetting devices to ensure better revenue from your campaigns. Also, there you have multiple functionalities to evaluate ads on the basis of keywords or quality scores to improve your campaigns.

But what if you haven’t had any experience running Google ads? What you need is the best adwords spy tool like PowerAdSpy.

PowerAdSpy- Adwords Spy Tool:

PowerAdSpy is an ad intelligence tool that allows you to find the most relevant ads using niche-based keywords. Along with Google ads, it will also let you spy on campaigns running on other ad platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, GDN, Native, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, etc.

Steps to Use PowerAdSpy Adwords Spy Tool: –

  • Login to the PowerAdSpy dashboard page.

  • Select the Google ads icon on the left side of the screen.

  • At the top, you have the search bar where you can add keywords to search for competitors’ keywords.
  • Click on the explore button, and it will show you the most relevant ads on the screen.

  • You will find various advertisers and their ad campaigns running on the screen with other relevant information like keywords and ad ranking.
  • Select an ad copy that you want to check, and on the right-most side, there is a redirect option that leads you to the ad detail.


To create winning Google ads, you need to consider several factors. Many marketers actually spend more than what they can gain from Google ads. While using the Adwords spy tool, you get the ability to learn about the detailed information that you can apply in your campaigns to increase your ad revenue.

Do you have any further queries or want to give your opinion on the Adwords spy? Please comment about that below.

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