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How To Spy On Native Ads Affiliate Marketing Campaign?

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How To Spy On Native Ads Affiliate Marketing Campaign?

Are you looking for a low-risk and high-rewarding sales strategy? Then affiliate marketing is your way to go. However, if you want to succeed with affiliate marketing, you need to be updated with continuously changing trends. Since the competition is growing as quite a challenge for marketers, Native advertising seems to be overcoming all those challenges.

That’s the reason why native advertising is growing quite popular, especially among affiliate marketers. If you are not a veteran, you may face some challenges running native ads for affiliate marketing. 

In that case, you can spy on native ads of your competitors to gain more insights into affiliate marketing. And that will help you ensure a better return on ad spend from your native ads affiliate marketing campaign.

Let’s understand why native advertising became quite popular among affiliate marketers.

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Why Native Ads Are Popular Among Affiliate Marketers?


Compared to other forms of advertising, Native advertising is less expensive. On most advertising networks, the average cost per click is more than $1, but on native ads, the average CPC for targeting mobile users is $0.3, and for desktop users, it is $0.5 only. And if you can further optimize your campaign, the prices may go down more, getting you more edge in terms of better ROAS.

Not only that, but most other ad platforms have many rules and guidelines related to ad designs and landing pages. If you don’t follow them, your ads won’t be going live any sooner. However, native ads don’t have many restrictions. And that’s what makes it a more feasible choice for affiliate marketers.

On most native ad platforms, the moderator checks the ad content manually before making it live. Even if your ads are not getting live on a network because of some restrictions, you can easily find other platforms with fewer restrictions.

Are Native Ads Effective For Affiliate Marketing?


When it comes to generating passive income other than working on your own business, affiliate marketing is the best way. However, you might not want to invest in paid advertising for affiliate marketing. In such a case, native advertising gives you a safer option to promote affiliate links. Because with native ads, you don’t need to spend much and still get a better click-through rate compared to traditional display ads.

So we can say that by using native ads, you can definitely get more traffic on your website. And being an affiliate marketer, you may leverage that traffic to generate more revenue. But if you are not an expert in native advertising, there is a chance that you may spend more than what you can get from those affiliates. That’s why you need to keep in check with competitive marketers, who are already generating more value for their business using native ads for their affiliate marketing.

Spy On Native Ads Affiliate Marketing Campaign

If you are new to native advertising, there is no surety that it will help you generate good revenue. Sometimes, your ideas might not connect with your target audiences. And as a result, you won’t be getting much value for your investments. However, there are many expert marketers whom you can follow. And replicate their native advertising strategies to create a revenue stream for your affiliate marketing.

Also, other than Google and Facebook, there are many native ad networks you may not even know. Many of these platforms have fewer restrictions and can get you a better click-through rate. Just getting to know about a few more native ad networks would help you grow your reach with affiliate marketing. 

If you spy on native ads of other affiliate marketers, you can learn about many more native ad platforms. It would also help you get more ideas and be more creative with affiliate marketing. That’s where you can rely on the best native ads spy tool – PowerAdSpy.

How To Spy On Find Native Ads Using PowerAdSpy?


Especially if you are an affiliate marketer working with several brands, it would be difficult to plan everything and come up with new ideas every time. That’s why many marketers try spying on native ads of fellow affiliate marketers to gain insight, which may help them create leveraging ad campaigns.

PowerAdSpy is a very efficient tool to spy on native ads, as it lets you search native ads on 15+ native ad networks. 

Here are the steps you can follow to spy native ads from your competitors.

  • Open the PowerAdSpy application on your browser.
  • Login to the dashboard page.


  • On the right side, you can see the icons of ad networks.
  • Select native ads.


  • On the search bar, you can type the keywords that are relevant to the native ads you are looking for.
  • Below, you have filter options- Search by, Filter, and Lander Properties.


  • Under the Search By option, you can find native ads based on- Text in image, Brand in image, Object in image, Celebrity in image.


  • Next, you have the filter option. Under that, you have options to search ads by country, ad type, network, and language.


  • Under the network section, you can select any native ad network (Taboola, Twiago, Yahoo Gemini, etc) to spy on native ads.


  • Now coming to the Landing Properties section, you can select ECommerce platforms- Magento, Shopify, Click Bank, Woo-Commerce. Select the ECommerce platforms that fit well with your affiliate marketing.


  • Besides, you have three other options- Funnel, Marketing Platforms, and the source of the device.


  • For example- if you want to target mobile audiences only, you can select Android and iOS. Otherwise, you may select desktop.
  • You may select All to find ads that are targeted to both desktop users and mobile users.

Now, click on the Explore button. And you will see native ads on your screen. If you find some relevant ads, you have the option to bookmark them. When you click on show analytics, it will show you further details- Lander page, Target sites & advertisers, URL link, Source link, and other similar ads.

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Wrapping Words

Native ads can pay off really well for your affiliate marketing. For that, you need to be more creative with your content creation. Using the PowerAdSpy ad tracker, you can easily look for native ad affiliate marketing campaigns. 

It is a top-notch ad intelligence software that allows you not only to spy on native ads but can also help you find relevant ads on other popular ad platforms. For example – Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, GDN, etc.

If you want to know more about using the best ad intelligence software; PowerAdSpy, make sure to check our recent blog post.

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