How To Get Your YouTube Videos On The Trending Section?

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How To Get Your YouTube Videos On The Trending Section?

Let’s just start by imagining that you released a new YouTube video at your usual scheduled time. The number of views soon increases from a few thousand to a few million. You receive a notification from YouTube informing you that your video is trending on YouTube!

How does it feel? You might have gone into the gaga land. However, there are a few myths and misunderstandings that are spreading. That is, your video trending on YouTube is only a stroke of good fortune.

Everyone has an equal chance to reach millions of people in the fast-paced online culture. It all boils down to the YouTube algorithm and a strategic video content plan in place. Longer, more relevant films, consistent posting, and a well-maintained YouTube channel can all help your videos go viral.

YouTube- the gigantic online streaming platform- provides content exposure on a massive scale. Thousands of creators have used this platform to build a fan base and monetize their online success.

Still in dilemma whether you can make it to the trending section or not? Well! Now you can! This blog will be your true ally and help you get trending videos on YouTube.

So, are we ready to put out our video on that trending section of YouTube? 

Hell Yeah! So let’s get started!

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How Does YouTube’s Trending section work?


So, what is trending on YouTube? You can view all the trending videos on YouTube’s homepage which might direct thousands of viewers to a video. Trending allows viewers to keep up with what is going on on YouTube and around the world. Some trends, such as a new song by a prominent musician or a new movie trailer, are predictable. On the other hand, viral videos may come as a surprise to you. Trending attempts to bring to light videos that a broad spectrum of people will enjoy.

Trending is not tailored, according to information from YouTube. Except for India, YouTube shows all viewers the same list of trending videos in each nation. In India, the trending section presents the same list of trending videos in each of the nine most commonly spoken Indic languages.

Every 15 minutes, the list of trending videos is updated. Videos may shift up, down, or remain in the same position on the list with each update.

With this in mind, how can you ensure that your videos satisfy the standards of YouTube? How does one move from a few hundred views to Trending on YouTube?

Well! Here is how to go about it:

1- Stick With Your Channel’s Niche

2- Optimize MetaData for Better Search and Recommendation

3- Leverage Ad analytics tools

4- Use Custom-Made & Engaging Thumbnails

5- Use YouTube Playlists to Double Watch Time

6- Promote Your YouTube Channel on Social Media

06 Ways to Make Your Video Trending On YouTube

To put it in simpler words: YouTube is on the lookout for content that will draw in new viewers and keep them on the platform for as long as possible. Let’s dive in deeper to take a closer look at some of the details:

1- Stick With Your Channel’s Niche:


It takes more than a single video to go viral. It pertains to your entire YouTube channel.

If you want to improve your YouTube marketing approach, you need to be very specific about the image you want to project and the culture you want to foster in your community. Your values, the types of videos you make, the clothes you wear, and your channel art are all aspects of your channel. The total of all of these elements will create your channel niche.

One thing to keep in mind is that your video will not appeal to everyone. You are not making videos for everyone, after all. You are here to entertain your specific audience that comes to YouTube to view your videos.

For Instance: Flying Beast- A Vlogger that gives a sneak peek at all its liveliness in one channel and simultaneously handles FitMuscle TV, where he presents fitness tips. He is just one of the thousands of vloggers walking people through fitness and vlogging content, but his ultra-inclusive concepts and attitude have struck a chord.

2- Optimize MetaData For Better Search And Recommendation:


Keep in mind that your videos will appear in Google search results in addition to YouTube. So, your videos must be easily discoverable. Therefore, make sure your YouTube video’s meta descriptions are optimized. It includes your title, tags, and description for easy Google search visibility.

The idea is to write something interesting without giving too much away in the video. Describe the video in detail, but do not overdo it. Remember to include a call to action link in your description. After all, that is what YouTube marketing is all about.

Content creators frequently make the error of including tags in their meta descriptions. That is not something you should do. For the tags- there is a separate field. It is best to use the meta description for its intended purpose: To improve user experience by briefly describing the video.

3- Leverage Ad Analytics Tools:

Take a look at your top competitor’s most popular video to get started. Use ad analytic tools to see the results before you launch your YouTube campaigns and commercials. Nothing beats the prospect of making smarter & better marketing decisions by analyzing which ads are already successful and investing in those that can provide you with higher results.

PowerAdSpy is a YouTube ad spy tool that allows you access to the world’s enormous YouTube ad library, with over 50 million commercials from 20 countries and thousands of new ads added every day.

 Let’s see how to see trending videos on YouTube Via PowerAdSpy

Step 1: Use the link to log in to PowerAdSpy with the login details.

Step 2: You can view all inbuilt social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Quora, Native, GDN, and Google, in the left corner. PowerAdSpy uses this technology to provide you with seamless choices for exploring advertisements.


Step 3: There is a filter option in the above navigation panel to improve ad searches, such as Keywords, & domain, & advertiser.


  • There are options for text in the image, brand in the image, object in the image, and celebrity in the image under the Search By option to maximize ad searching.
  • Likes, shares, and comments are the filters under the sort by option.
  • Call to action, search advertisements by nation, ad kind, and ad position are all categories under the filter section.
  • The final element for optimizing is lander properties, which include an e-commerce platform, funnel, marketing platform, and source.

Step 4: After selecting the YouTube option, PowerAdSpy will display all of the most current YouTube ads.


Step 5: Tap on the specific ad, which will take you to the Ad Analytics landing page.


4- Use Custom-Made & Engaging Thumbnails:


Thumbnails are a big part of how people pick what to watch while they are in discovery mode and scrolling through search results and recommendations. Thumbnails are like gold mines that will get your videos trending on YouTube.

Your video’s thumbnail graphics, headlines, and shortcut samples must all be compelling. Add images, such as emojis, to give your thumbnail a pop of color, and large, plain text if you feel your thumbnail needs to be contextualized (for example, ‘fall makeup look’ rather than just another beauty video).

Thumbnails, when done effectively, can pique the interest of viewers. However, you should avoid utilizing thumbnails that convey a message that is not necessarily a part of the video, as this can cause viewers to become confused. Therefore, choose a high-quality and vivid photo with limited and relevant text for a thumbnail – this will significantly increase curiosity and urge your viewers to click on your video.

5- Use YouTube Playlists to Double The Watch Time


Playlists are a terrific way to boost your channel’s watch time, as it is an essential indicator to make your videos trending on YouTube. If a user appreciates your video enough to watch it to the end, and then a related video begins to play immediately afterward, the user is far more likely to stay and watch the second video. When you start linking videos together, you will see an increase in views.

Playlists are also significant since they help structure your channel and make it easier for users to find the content they are looking for:

Let’s say you have a makeup tutorials channel. You could break down the video into makeup product reviews and endorsement videos into multiple, smaller videos rather than making one long one. Then compile a playlist of all your videos on makeup reviews and endorsements.

Bam! Now you have a playlist. This will help you get your videos trending on YouTube.

6- Promote Your YouTube Channel on Social Media:


Extending your brand’s reach and interaction beyond YouTube is frequently necessary. You may engage with followers in more ways by creating accounts for your channel on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Extending your brand’s reach and interaction beyond YouTube is frequently necessary. You may engage your audience more effectively by creating accounts for your channel on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. A beauty influencer, for example, needs Instagram, while a gamer does not.

Post a brief teaser video as a native video to your social media profiles, along with a link to the full video on YouTube. It is essential to remember that you can not share the same thing across your social media accounts.

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Set Your Videos Up for Success

Every YouTuber aspires to be successful on the platform and get their videos to trend on YouTube. Usually, all you need is one good video to give you that tremendous push. It is not a simple process, especially given the massive YouTube video flow, but it is doable.

Implement all the above tips & tricks into your YouTube strategies. I can go on and on, but I believe these are the top tips to make your video boost, be exposed and trend on YouTube, and eventually become a super successful viral video.

Before I sign off, go back and start over. Look for ways on how you can improve your video production & keep your channel fresh with more videos! 

I hope this blog was fun to read and simultaneously informative. I Will meet you with the next blog and will uncover some amazing tips & tricks. Till then, Keep going strong, and you will witness your video rocketing up the trending section!