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The Best Facebook Search Tools To Find Ads

If you’re planning to set up a Facebook Ad campaign, the first thing to do is to research how your competitors are advertising online. Which ads do they choose – carefully crafted videos or footage, photos, and animation? Which creatives did they come up with? But how do you find the answers to those questions? With Facebook search tools!

Many people think that Facebook Ads Manager is the only Facebook search tool for ads you need. But did you know that there are a host of other Facebook search tools for ads that can help you improve your ad spend ROI?

Especially if you are a large company or are simultaneously running multiple ads campaigns or have a larger agency and work with a lot of clients, keeping track of your Facebook ads as part of your Facebook marketing can be a challenge.

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After all, there will be a wide variety of campaigns and each of these requires careful planning and execution. Here are some Facebook search tools that can really make your job easier – and improve your bottom line.

Best Tools To Search Facebook Ads:



One of the best tools to search Facebook ads in our list is PowerAdSpy.

PowerAdSpy is the first and the largest social media ads analytics tool of its kind. It offers to run the best ads to generate revenue on various platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, GDN, NATIVE, Reddit, Quora ads, etc. Moreover, it has the world’s largest database of over 50 million ads listed. It has thousands of people around the world watching and submitting the best trending ad copies.

PowerAdSpy has the fastest-growing section of Social Video Ads to offer insights into what kinds of video ads are relevant for your audience and allows you to download them for your ad campaigns. You can use it to search various platforms running to click funnels, lead pages, or opt-in offers in seconds.

Furthermore, PowerAdSpy has the fastest-growing data with Millions of Ads from all over the world. You can bookmark ad concepts to use in forthcoming campaigns. In addition with the ability to segment the social media ads based on position and side location to see which performs well in your niche.

If you are looking for the best Facebook search tools for ads to get inspiration for your ad campaigns, you can easily find them with PowerAdSpy!

Wordstream Social Ads:


Running a small business? That’s the strength of Wordstream’s Social Ads tool. This service aims to get 60% more leads while spending 10% less on advertising. How is this done? By spending the money more efficiently. Facebook social search tools like this provide a distinctive feature of this service is that they work with both Bing ads and other platforms, so they’re quite a bit less “territorial” than other programs. Of course, tools to search Facebook ads do many of the things other programs do, so you’ll want to be careful and avoid unnecessary duplication.

Wordstream also provides you individual advice and coaching from them for an added fee. No need to bring in another consultant.

Pricing: depends on what you want. They price based on monthly spending and what consulting services you choose to purchase. If you buy 3 months at a time, the minimal price is $299 per month.



Canva is an online graphic design platform with over 100M designs (and used by a whopping 10M users!), including templates for all your social media channels: Facebook posts, Instagram posts and stories, Twitter posts, YouTube thumbnails, Pinterest posts, and more. They provide a wide range of fonts and color palettes, the ability to upload your own photos, and download designs as PNG, JPG, PDF, or even an animation.

They have a huge collection of clip art available to premium users. You can also use the software for photo editing, and even create advertising goodies like infographics. Need to distribute something offline? Canva has a printing service, as well.

If you’re strapped on design resources, Canva is a great way to get already built templates for your go-to marketing channels to make the creative setup part much easier. Think of it like a tool that lets you create Photoshop-level beautiful images with zero design background – it’s super user-friendly.

Pricing: there are both paid and free options. Pay for the pro version annually for $9.95 per month.

SharpSpring Ads:


Sometimes placing ads and waiting doesn’t bring in as many sales as you’d like. After all, there are a lot of customers who will check out a website, and then “think about it” for a while. Maybe it’s part of their overall market research, but other times they just aren’t sure if they want something. That’s why retargeting is so important. Facebook social search tools like SharpSpring Ads is a program that allows you to carry out cross-platform retargeting.

They’ll place cookies on a device, and thanks to their proprietary technology, they know what other devices the same person uses. So, they’ll carry out the retargeting campaign on the same person, no matter how many devices they use. Users report an incredible 400% increase in ROI with retargeting efforts. This program works with Facebook ads as well as many other platforms.

Pricing: set a weekly campaign budget, and it pays as you go. No hidden fees.



Need a good scheduling tool for Facebook and Instagram? Qwaya is a Facebook advertising partner that maximizes your ad spend. This program is full-featured: you can schedule ads, do split testing, and take advantage of a comprehensive analytics program. One of the big advantages of Qwaya is that it lets you set rules on when to discontinue a campaign, and when to double down on more effective advertising.

This way, your business can save money by only continuing ads that are successful. Another awesome feature is the dedicated links for each advertisement. This helps your outside analytics track which ads are driving the most traffic, taking the metrics beyond simple engagement numbers. Not convinced yet? Qwaya works with Google Analytics, too.



This is what they say: “The best free stock photos & videos shared by talented creators.”

Pexels provides a library with hundreds of thousands of high-quality stock photos and even some videos, for all your ads or content needs. Every photo is part of the Creative Commons Zero license, which basically means unrestricted use.

Having strong creativity and images is key for boosting CPC and conversions in your ads. Pexels is an awesome, free resource if you don’t have your own repository of images, or need fresh ones to test in your ads, content, and landing pages. They do have paid options (e.g. you can buy Adobe Stock images if you can’t find a specific one), but their library of free images is expansive and great for everyday ads and content needs.

‍Pricing: Free or pay for additional Adobe Stock images



With a tagline of “know your audience,” Sociograph is a free analytics tool, especially for those who manage communities on Facebook by overseeing a Facebook Group or two. It works by gathering information on the people who watch your products, or who interact in your community. For instance, it might tell you that women under 40 are wild about those ballet flats, or that guys under 25 are gravitating towards these cool headphones.

With Sociograph Facebook social search tools information, you can place more targeted Facebook ads that help more people in a given demographic love your product. Or, you could discover that marketing efforts targeting women over 40 are failing, and you need to step up your game in that area or move on to another Facebook Group with that particular set of ads.

Pricing: Best of all, Sociograph is free.

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Wrapping Up:

Facebook search tools for ads can help you get your ad campaigns to a whole new level. These determine how well you are reaching your target audience. All the tools in the list are designed for social media marketing through various social media platforms. PowerAdSpy is one of the best Facebook search tools to find ads and spy on your competitors for people who want to stay ahead. Try it today!

If you have any thoughts or queries, let us know in the comments below!