Verified Methods to Spot and Avoid Facebook Marketplace Scams

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Verified Methods to Spot and Avoid Facebook Marketplace Scams

When several online networks have risen over the years, Facebook is one of the most well-known platforms among other social media. The Facebook Marketplace is a popular platform for buying and selling used or unused items. However, like any social media marketplace, it is also susceptible to Facebook marketplace scams perpetrated by fraudsters seeking to exploit both buyers and sellers.

Scammers currently mark those that utilize Facebook to vendor purchase items. In Australia, Many users usually purchase new products on Facebook because of their prices. Unluckily, fraudsters target all consumers and retailers to extract money and products. Discover the most usual Facebook marketplace scams described below.

Damaged products, do not hurry to pay until the retailer says it performs well. You may come back home and see that the item you just purchased with no cosmetic damage is faulty from inside. Confirm that you check it before planning to buy it.

Fake products, few products on the Facebook marketplace may not be new compared to their promotions. For Example, a Fake shoe will advertise by the creator for half the price value of the original product to grab attention. They can prefer words like hardly used, never to return, and shoppers will consider they got the best offer.

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Four Major Types Of Facebook Marketplace Scams

Frauds have reached digitally also an online network like Facebook is now on the top priority list of scammers. Facebook Marketplace, according to Craigslist, is the best platform to search for almost all products you could require. Unluckily, such similar platforms, Facebook Marketplace gets several fraud cases. Anybody could be prey to frauds on Facebook Marketplace like Scammers can be the purchaser or vendor.

You could stop yourself from being scammed by getting an overall idea about these common scams on Facebook Marketplace.

Fake Facebook Profiles

There are plenty of fake profiles on Facebook, and many are using duplicate usernames on their profiles to make them look genuine. These profiles are planned to mislead users out of their money or products for the deal. They will collect sensitive and private data like credit card information. Make it a practice to identify the Facebook account of anybody you’re transacting with on Marketplace to stop being prey.

Out-of-stock Items

Be careful of vendors who advertise out-of-stock products. They would generally take images of products from authentic retailers or photos from social media. For self-satisfaction, request them for other pictures or videos of the item. 

Unfamiliar Payment Gateways

Only go for authentic payment options like Facebook Checkout or PayPal. You can even choose cash on delivery instead of online payment, only to ensure and do some cross-verification of the background of the individual you’re paying with before knowing the person personally. Even select to greet in a public place or take somebody with you for the precaution. This fraud does not even mislead the vendor but the consumer as well. As much as you can avoid, do not permit a vendor who needs you to transact through unsafe means to stop yourself from being cheated.

Fake Products

Before you think of transacting, ensure that you spend on a genuine product or the correct one. In the case of out-of-stock products, few vendors make fake products – from legitimate brand copiers to items that are not generally what the vendor sells. Stop yourself from being scammed out of your well-earned money by varying carefully before purchasing. Don’t trust anyone blindly if you are getting an excellent offer.

Facebook Marketplace Shipping Scams



The Facebook platform has constantly been a part of purchasing vending equipment and other products locally. But if you stay in an undeveloped city or town, Buying and vending can be restricted. The Facebook marketplace currently offers a shipping opportunity for products published at any place in the US. But more options also increase the probabilities for Facebook marketplace shipping scams to authentic consumers searching for the best offer.

How To Avoid Facebook Marketplace Scams In Shipping

Now, we will give you some tips to ignore the Facebook marketplace scam locally. 

But here are a few other suggestions to ignore Facebook marketplace scams when you are about to place an order.

Don’t try unusual Payment methods.

Like several similar social media marketplaces, the Facebook marketplace scam has to buy a security for acquisitions that occurred inside the marketplace sales counter. Facebook’s vending cost is 5% for each shipment or a flat pay of $0.40 for deliveries below $8.00.

If you’re requested to pay to prefer a different option, through Venmo, PayPal Friends, Zelle, or some additional methods of private transactions, your buying is not secured. It does not value the 5% savings to bypass Facebook checkout.

4 Methods To Spot Facebook Marketplace Scams

Facebook Marketplace attracts over one billion users, some buying and some selling. But that’s not just your average seller cashing in.

More and more people are using Marketplace to scam innocent customers, using sophisticated techniques that can leave people hundreds or even thousands out of pocket.

However, we will show you different ways to spot scams and guide you to protect your money.

Never pay in advance for any products.

You should never pay in advance for an item before you receive it. It is a common trick where you will pay for an item that is unlikely to arrive, leaving you out of pocket. Instead, always keep in mind to exchange the money for a different product.

If the seller is sending the item, get the tracking details, you can stay stress-free. Unfortunately, that doesn’t guarantee that the item will arrive as described, so try to get photo evidence for the product after dispatch. You will always have to think twice when buying second-hand items.

Insist on tracking for items sent by mail.

If you are ordering an item by courier, the best way of shipping is that it permits you to check your package. By doing this, You can be sure of timely delivery.

Only communicate using Facebook.

If the seller wants to contact you outside of Facebook, beware and never provide your number or personal information. If you do, you will not be able to claim your money back if there are any failed payments or fraud.

Try to always communicate through Facebook and avoid if anyone is forced to connect on other channels.

If the listing price changes, be cautious

If you are eyeing an item and then the price increases once you show interest, In such cases, we suggest you walk away or at least think about why the price has increased now that you have shown interest.

It’s always a trick to fool you in and try to get more money, ensure that you decline such offers, and walk away if you aren’t sure about what you want.

Block and report any seller harassing you for money

Suppose you have shown interest in something that you like Marketplace on Facebook and Initiated communication with the seller, and now they are harassing you for money, right away block and report them.

If you want to report a seller, it’s easy to click on the three dots on their profile name and choose to block them, they won’t be able to connect with you again.

How To Avoid Facebook Marketplace Scams



Go through the security concerns when purchasing from any social media Marketplace

There are many ways a fraudster will try to get your personal information. If you give them your email or phone number, you may be inviting more trouble than you expect. People mostly prefer talking over the messenger app instead of giving out personal information. Giving out a phone number or email may result in fraudsters collecting more information about you over Google. 

We suggest you rely on Messenger you trust, and in simple ways, you can block sellers with whom you are no longer interested.

Identify what you want to purchase or sell and its cost value

If you come across any sellers who are willing to sell their vehicle on Facebook messenger, with remarks they have just moved into a new city and no longer need or for raising the money to pay a court fine or child support. Do not reach out to them even though they try to buy or sell. 

Do market research on similar items for a price check to avoid unnecessary spending.

Try to avoid meeting at your workplace, meet in public places

In case of Buying and Selling with someone, whom you don’t know, try to set up a meeting in public places, where there are crowds and Security cameras just in case anything happens, you can seek help from the local police with evidence. 

Also, call up your friends for any recommendations on a meeting spot with Facebook Marketplace buyers and sellers.

After the meeting, make sure that nobody is following you. The scammers will have more than one vehicle and may try to follow you. It’s always good thinking to deviate your route back to home to make sure fraudsters are not following you.



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