10 Tempting Restaurant Marketing Ideas To Entice Your Customer’s Taste Buds

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10 Tempting Restaurant Marketing Ideas To Entice Your Customer’s Taste Buds

A winning Restaurant strategy links up to three pillars: Taste, Location, and Advertisement. And as you already know, food never goes out of style regardless of the time, season, and trend. Everyone gets on the edge of their seat to have their favorite food. 

So, what was the best thing you have had in recent times? Well! I had ravioli with a pinch of crunchy chili at my favorite restaurant. 

While we talk about restaurants, what is the thing that grabs your attention towards a restaurant? Is It restaurant ads?

Well! The great mind thinks alike. ヽ(•‿•)ノ

It is always the internet where people discover new restaurants, browse menus, or of course, look at reviews to make reservations. While it is easy to get lost in an oversaturated industry, creative restaurant marketing ideas can draw customers in and keep them coming back for more! 

Earlier, it was only possible to pull off a marketing strategy if you burn the candles at both ends. However, those days are gone. We can automate practically every aspect of marketing with technology, and restaurant marketing ideas are no exception. 

We are breaking down some hand-picked creative marketing ideas for your restaurant to help you refocus, reinforce your commitment, and revitalize your marketing efforts. 

So, let’s dig in.

Advertising a Head Honcho For Restaurants

To stand out, restaurant owners have rushed online with ads. And trust me, it gets your customers excited to visit your restaurant. Following are some ads examples to help you get customers flocking through your door.

01- Geo-Targeted Ads


Let me get straight to the point. Do you prefer to eat at a restaurant close to your home or one that is far away? Your answer is probably the former one. 

That is why Geo-targeting is the best option for your restaurant business.  

You will get the greatest bang for your buck by focusing your restaurant marketing strategies on geo-targeted advertisements.

It can save your penny as it lets you deliver different information or advertising to customers based on their geographic locations. In simpler words, you can choose which audience can see your advertisement by filtering out the country, areas inside a country, set of places, and so on. 

In a nutshell, geo-targeting enables marketers to develop more relevant, customized advertisements for their customers, resulting in more engagement.

02- Social Media Ads


The appetizing view of food can soften the blow of every individual. Since social media is a gold mine for any business and is one of the most popular restaurant marketing ideas, it can help you expand your customer base and turn first-time visitors into potential regular customers.

So, how to do it?

Entice your customers with your restaurant’s most popular cuisine with aesthetically beautiful, high-quality, and mouthwatering photos. 

After all, visual content is doing wonders for all businesses and has become a go-to strategy for drawing hungry eyes. 

You can also make use of short videos that are like the trending form of content nowadays. Just record your videos before the premiere and broadcast them live on your restaurant page. The idea is to boost your increased visibility so more users can see it.

03- YouTube And Display Ads

You do not have to be a professional to make appealing ads. Even amateurs can nail the art of advertisements. 

Furthermore, leverage your social media, and the reason I brought that up is because many owners focus on only Facebook and Instagram. But Youtube is an excellent way of reaching out to your customers.

Restaurant owners that utilize YouTube videos in their marketing create income 49% quicker than those who do not.

You must ensure that your restaurant does not get lost among the many others in the area. So if you are still into traditional ads and magazine ads, explore marketing your restaurant with eye-catching digital signage. Consider placing a Google ad.

These advertisements can help you increase sales and leads by venturing and targeting specific search terms used by your target demographic users.

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Be On Board With Customers

Customers are your priority by every means, and the only way you can keep up with their interests is by following the restaurant marketing ideas I outlined below.

04- Give your audience what they want

There is no point in coming up with innovative and potential restaurant marketing ideas for your business if they do not align with the interests of your target customers. 

Consider what you are offering, along with understanding what the audience expects from you or wants more of or less of you and how you might begin to meet their needs.

Try to understand your unique selling proposition, aside from the cuisine, the experience, and the way you advertise your business? Believe it or not, it all revolves around your customers. You can also look out for marketing campaign ideas to get the coverage of what is trending and holding on to people’s interests.

05- Go Aesthetic with your interiors


It is always the interior that does 90% of your job. Better sales are the result of a well-designed interior. Whether you believe it or not, your restaurant’s interior design plays a role in attracting and retaining customers.

The fascinating appearance and feel of your restaurant can have a favorable impact on your business. It can offer you a better return on your investment.

Light effects that fit well with the tenderness of symphonic music can transform your dull walls into vivid color and imaginative walls. You can also opt-out for a unique masterpiece to their restaurant and cannot be easily duplicated.

The goal is to create an atmosphere that puts customers at ease while providing them with the best dining experience possible.

06- Go Online With Your Food Orders

No doubt, online marketing has taken a pace towards successful marketing. By saying that, you must focus on building a brand online by kick-starting it with a good website. 

Furthermore, with everything going online, it seems pretty odd to stay offline with your food orders. Let me make it clear!

Isn’t it easier to order meals while sitting on your couch and doing work than it is to physically walk to the restaurant and order the food while leaving the work unfinished?

Of course, it is, and that is why incorporating an online ordering system into your restaurant’s website will be a huge plus. With this, it will no longer only be a cost-generating visiting card; it will begin to earn you money!

07- Small talks play a massive role

It is one of the subtle, yet an excellent restaurant marketing ideas. Why?

The restaurant is a chill zone for people to enjoy soothing music with their favorite meal and relax. 

It will be a cherry on the cake if you try and remember the names of loyal customers. I am sure they will appreciate it. The key is to treat individuals as friends rather than clients to strengthen the relationships.

You can also tell your social media followers to like, share your post. You might be wondering how it is a great deal of asking them to like and share.  

Well! That way, you can enhance your restaurant and invite more customers as their followers will also come to know about your restaurant, giving you a whole heap of exposure.

Compliment Your Restaurant Marketing Ideas With Events

The next restaurant marketing tip is to engage your customers with events, holiday offers, and so more. Head on to best restaurant marketing event ideas.

08- Holiday Events


When a holiday season rolls around, tell customers about imminent special discounts to create some buzz. Your restaurant’s revenues will increase as word spreads about it. Alternatively, you may choose your favorite holiday and come up with inventive methods to celebrate it with your customers. 

Holiday events not only attract more visitors, but those who do will also share their experiences with others, tagging you in the process.

For instance, during Halloween, a giveaway can turn the tables on your plan, as you can give away or reward the winner of the mind-blowing costume. You can even put everything up in a creative way for the twelve days of Christmas or a Mother’s Day trivia event.

09- Charity & community events

People always have a soft spot for charity or community events and that is why it is one of the best restaurant marketing ideas. Along with increasing sales and boosting interests, You will draw more customers by promising to support a good cause. Furthermore, it is also the time for you to get creative with themed meals and drinks. 

Promotions that solve a community problem or address community challenges can also be beneficial in terms of generating business. Allowing locals to utilize your space entitles you to tap into their network, and as an added benefit, they will deliver all of the promotion for you. 

If you don’t want to host an event, consider donating a portion (or all) of your revenues to a charitable organization.

10- Music Night


There is something about witnessing live bands playing music while dining at the restaurant. You can also make this situation a win-win situation. How?

You can do it by giving a chance to a deserving local musician. At least a couple of times every week, consider booking local musicians who are always looking for their next gig. You also do not have to alter the band regularly because they can still work miracles if they bring in the clients. 

You can also let the customers run the show or an open mic night. I am sure your clients will appreciate the authenticity of the local talent, whether it is music, comedy, poetry, or anything that engages your customers.

Closing Thoughts:

Creative marketing ideas can help you reach more customers than ever before. Simply by using interactive and unique restaurant marketing ideas, such as the ideas above, you will quickly engage more customers than you ever imagined. 

PowerAdSpy can be your true ally in obtaining a complete overview of which ads are most effective. And in using those advertising for your businesses to improve your performance and to get better ROI.

I hope this blog helps you and will help you take your business to the next level and get attention from growling stomachs everywhere. If there is anything else I missed, or any suggestions, feel free to comment down below.